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Dear Supernatural,

More like that!
Please and thank you <3

Yours lovingly

Welcome to new writer Davy Perez. Clearly he'd done his homework. Not only did he know about past events but he had an understanding of the characters and how to create the essential "feel" of Supernatural. Well done!

10 things I Loved About You:

1. "Then" flashing back to S2 and Sam's powers and the special children and and and...*hyperventilates* I thought I had died and gone to heaven (the one with Winchesters in it). Ok, so it gave away the MoTW, but I don't care. It was great to see. <3

2. Boys in costumes! How GORGEOUS did they look?! I swear to god they are getting younger (and Dean looked so damn cuddly in that sweater he was wearing <33).

3. CREEEEEEPY story! It was highly disturbing and scary. I was biting my nails! I love it when I feel that way during an episode.

4. Dean trying to cope with Mary leaving. I love the way the whole episode gently teased this out. I thought Dean's man-pain was going to play out over a few episodes but it was addressed sensitively and then beautifully resolved. He carries so much pain with him in regards to his family. It was nice to see his smile about it in the end. Jensen does that quiet, internalised pain so well.

5. Sam. I mean...SAM! OMG. Not only did we get lashings of Sam POV we also got him connecting to the victim (like in the good ole days). I still can't believe he referred to his visions and powers - I never in my wildest dreams thought they'd be brought up again. SO GOOD!

6. I was thrilled that Sam got to say "God doesn't care what life you live. Trust me". It nearly made me tear up because it reminded me that God allowed Sam to suffer in hell - God allowed a good, decent man to suffer for a reason we never really found out. His hurt and anger was so clear - once again Jared knocked it out of the park.

7. BROTHER MOMENTS! So many little brother moments throughout the episode. I love Sam's gentle attempt to get Dean talking. He doesn't let up - he knows Dean is hurting and knows that it will help him to talk about it. As usual, Dean stoically soldiers on, but eventually he opens up and shares his concerns. I also love that Sam understands Mary's decision (perhaps because he's had to walk away himself a few times?). <3

8. Sam in peril! Shuddup. I know Sam in peril usually means Samsel-in-distress, but at least it gave him a chance to connect with Magda and help her in the end (and we got worried!Dean and some "Sammy"s). But also, poor Sam! How much trauma does this poor guy have to endure?! He had to watch Magda being abused and then witness two cold blooded murders. :(

9. BMoL lurking in the background. I can't recall the last time I was genuinely revolted and scared for the "big bad" (maybe since Mark P's Lucifer). I am a little nervous about the way this will eventually play out but I'm liking how cold and ruthless they are - because it's a great contrast to the compassion of the Winchesters.

10. Dean teasing Sam about "loving" Vince. Dean struggling over the gate while Sam walks around it. All those lovely little moments.


11. EVERYTHING ELSE! (seriously, I can't think of anything I didn't like \o/) I love that after the episode I was left with that wonderful warm fuzzy feeling that only SPN can give me. *G*

Seriously. I could wallow in eps like these for ages. I immediately re-watched it (rare for me these day). I like that they have nothing major between them - no secrets. Neither of them is "other" (possessed or otherwise). And they're talking. <333
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