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I'm torn between not wanting to think too hard about this episode and actually thinking too darn hard about it.

The problem for me with episodes like this (read that as episodes by The Duo) is the amount of questions (and holes) it creates. I don't mind "good" questions - like what are the BMoL up to, who are they etc (because we haven't been given all that info yet) but it's the stuff that doesn't make sense that frustrates me. The Duo are notorious for developing "handy" solutions for their narratives. That magic egg suddenly making an appearance just smacked of a lazy solution to me. I mean, I loved that Sam got to wield it and the effects were pretty cool but I had trouble letting go of my eye-rolling on that one.

Also, what powers does Cas actually have? He can exert mind control it seems but he can't use any power to, say, keep doors shut or toss people round? There were so many opportunities for Cas to use some sort of power but he never did. I mean I GET IT. They can't have Cas fully powered up but, once again, Cas came across as ineffectual. When he got out of the car (when the boys were confronted with the secret police) I thought we were going to get some of that bad ass Cas we saw earlier - but Dean stopped him and Ketch saved the day.

Something else that irked me was Sam reaching out to the BMoL. I'm just not sure why he'd do that. After what they out him through I'm pretty sure he'd never want to have anything to do with them again. I suppose he was desperate but still. Again, it was a "handy" way of getting the BMoL involved. It would have been more natural if they appeared because they had been following them (as was set up in earlier episodes).

Sam and Dean being caught in the end of sloppy (they must have realised they had to get out of there quickly), the boys touching surfaces in a murder scene is always frustrating (don't open a door with ungloved hands boys!) and Cas losing Kelly was also sloppy.

All that aside there were some interesting developments. The boys going to prison (didn't see that one coming) and the potential of the Nephilim is intriguing. I'm wondering now if that will create part of the season finale. I suspect we'll hear no more of that for a while - probably more of the BMoL and Mary etc and then back to that part of the narrative.

Sam getting to say "go to Hell" to Lucifer was satisfying and the boys thinking they actually got Lucifer was a bitter/sweet moment. I have no idea what actually happened at the end - I'm assuming Lucifer is still around because going down a vent surely doesn't mean he's gone back to hell? Or did he get kind of split up? It looked like some of him went into the egg thing and some down the vent? I dunno.

The President being possessed is far too damn close to reality - though it didn't feel like the show was making any comment about the current political situation. I loved the "just nuke 'em" line.

Overall, I'm not a huge fan of the ensemble episodes (hmmm, though maybe that depends on the ensemble..). I get why we have them (and I'm glad the boys had an easy schedule for this one), but I'm happiest when my screen is mostly filled Sam and Dean *g*. I'm kinda shallow like that ;D

Side note: I'm a bad LJ fan at the moment. I hardly ever pop by. I'm genuinely sorry about that - life just seems full of other stuff atm. :/ *hugs* to you all.
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