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Happy New Year to all you lovely lovely people.

I've just returned from a wonderful break (even a break from the internet!) so I have a lot of catching up to do. I did a quick scan through all the posts I missed and I'm not sure I will ever get completely caught up.../o\ SO many! (YAY!). I also want to leave comments on some of the great fics I read when I was away. I will do my best!

I have a week at home before I go on another holiday. A "proper" one this time (to Queensland). I am hoping to get a few fannish projects done before I go (and finish answering some questions *g*). I will be away when the show returns but I will be seeking out a DL so I can watch and (hopefully!) squeeee….

I wish you all the best for the coming year. I hope each and every one of you have a great one.
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Work: I'm on holidays atm so work's great! In term 3 I'll be having a prac student which will either be very good (if she's good) or really bad (if she's bad). I'm meeting her this week to discuss the term so I'll have a pretty good idea what I'll be in for when I meet her.

Family: My daughter is learning to drive. She's been doing ok but she's convinced she will NEVER get the hang of driving a manual. I don't want her to give up on it as I think it will be a benefit to be able to drive both a manual and an auto. I know she can do it.

Fandom: My show, Project Macbeth, is over which means more fandom time (YAY!). As much as I've loved being in the show I really have missed having the extra time to vid and make things. Though I haven't been idle. We've been brainstorming ideas at [ profile] spn_littlebro - we now have a tumblr and a [ profile] hc_bingo challenge. I have vid ideas that I am DESPERATE to get to. The OTW vid is still in the works. I shall know shortly what's going to be (officially) happening with it. The J2 vid is taking FOREVER! Sooooooo much footage - but fun to look at. Those two are adorable.

Oh, I made this short video Turning Tricks for [ profile] virtualpersonal (for fandomaid). I think of it as a Video Story Banner. :)

Project Macbeth. I was a little worried that no one was going to understand the show (especially after some initial comments) but we ended up getting some great feedback and there were many that did actually understand it (it WAS pretty complicated - a play within a play). I loved being social again and I forgot how nice it is being part of the theatre family. I hope to do one show a year from now on.

TV: After consuming Hannibal I am now looking for another show to sink my teeth into. I'm thinking about giving Orphan Black a go (saw the first ep and it looks interesting).

I continue to have a love/hate relationship with Teen Wolf. I watch it. I look forward to watching it but there are equally amounts of stuff I really quite like about it (Stiles, Scott and Stiles friendship, Scott's mum and Stiles' Dad, the pack stuff) and quite a lot I do not like about it (um...pretty much everything else). But each episode seems to have enough to keep me coming back.

Movies Despicable Me was fun. Pacific Rim was...hee...hard to sum up in a few words. All I'll say is why didn't they use the sword in the first place?! (though Sam n Dean in the 'verse would be cool! And it's pretty bloody epic and HUGE!)

Hope you all are well. <3
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My holidays are over - it's back to school tomorrow. It was a great break - a highlight being my trip to to watch the premiere and hanging out with [ profile] missyjack, [ profile] ruby_jelly, [ profile] maenad, [ profile] mel_b_angel and some other lovely fangals. :)

The next 10 weeks are going to be mad. It's the Year 7's final term so there is a HEAP of stuff to do associated with that. I'm also organizing photo exhibition for my media students and preparing my choir for a number of performances. Then there's the school talent show, our graduation assembly item (ACK!), camp and graduation dinner. And reports. /o\

With all of that going on I've decided not to sign up for [ profile] festivids. It saddens me because I really wanted to join in the fun but I am worried about not completing a vid, so better to be safe. :(

I also have some lovely prompts for the [ profile] spn_j2_xmas exchange so I really REALLY want to make sure I get that vid done. (I will - it's on the top of my list!)

My hard drive crashed recently and I lost numerous fandom things I had been working on. Luckily I have been able to recover some stuff (including the last 2 vids I made). But I lost all the prep I had made on the Season 5 SuperWiki motel post (grrrr...) and some of the work I had some on [ profile] counteragent's awesome film. It mostly just means doing stuff over again.

There's also 2 other vids I would really want to make by the end of the year (one a project to help promote a band) - but they seem unlikely at this stage. We'll see. Show is far too distracting and any spare time I have I find myself wanting to do stuff on the new episodes.

In other news - I watched Arrow today and really enjoyed it. So nice to see Katie again. None of the characters irritated me (the way they do in Teen Wolf), so that's a plus. Plus there looks like some good story potential. :) I also watched Cabin in the Woods and that was an absolute hoot! What a way to homage horror films.

Hope you are all well. Another ep soon. I wonder if I will ever stop being nervous about what we might be in for.



Aug. 10th, 2012 09:23 pm
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Yay! Friday evening at last. Spent the day nutting out the draft Australian Curriculum for The Arts and now my head is mush. Time to kick back, have a drink and chat about television. :)

Before I do I want to say how warmed I was by all the lovely comments left at the love meme. It can't be underestimated how powerful and self assuring it is hear good things. I think in our everyday lives we don't always get that. It's a great reminder just how wonderful it is to be part of this fandom. Thank you. <333

Now for some television shows chat. Shows I've been watching...

Spartacus )

White Collar )

Leverage )

Teen Wolf )

Some other shows )

Er, I think that's it. I'm pretty sure there's a heap of other shows I should be watching but I just don't seem to have the time to sit and actually watch stuff. It's great when I can find a show that hubby likes also. All the above (except Teen Wolf and show that shall not be named) he likes to watch so yay.

I'll save thoughts about the other show for another day...;)

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... very random.

It's Friday night. There's no SPN tomorrow (again BOOOOO!!!! How is this hiatus worse than the last?!!), it's been a stressful week (I'm now feeling pleasantly buzzed though...) and I haz random thoughts...

How do I get those fandom "mood" style thingies? Those little rectangle mood gifs? Is there a place to go to get those? I can't believe I (still) feel so newbie about LJ stuff. What the? I've been here for 5 years... /o\

There are times I really want to comment on a flister's post but because I don't know that person that well I feel like I'm intruding. Weird.

I've been working on a picspam that has taken more time than any other fandom thing I have done. I thought vidding was time consuming (which it is...) but this has been such a massive learning curve that it's taken twice as long as anything else. I suppose if I look back to my first vid and that learning curve, then it's probably a bit the same. I've made picspams before but this is, idk...more thorough or something (and the coding has been killing me....)

I need a way to remember all the fic I want to read. I often save them to memories in my "to read" file...but then that file gets so big I'm too afraid to got back. In short....just not enough time.

I talked about fan fiction to my class today. I have a student who is obsessed with Twilight and she is writing stories about the characters. She is an amazing 12 year old who struggles to put pen to paper - (quite literally, as she has cerebral palsy). It triggered a discussion about taking characters we love and writing about them. Interestingly, I then had many of my boys writing Black Ops stories. (I take it there are gaming fics? I have no idea..). Anything that gets them writing or reading works for me. :)

I hope you are all well. I have been reminded lately how fragile life is. How intolerance and prejudice are possibly the worst of all human traits. But I've also seen how compassion and tolerance are the best. Man...if we could all only aim for the best....
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...probably because it's supposed to be an episode reaction. But it's not, because there's ANOTHER GODDAMN HIATUS!! Boo hiss boo!!

So instead, a completely inane and pointless post.

There are things that are said or occur in fanfic regularly enough that it makes me wonder if I actually missed the references in canon. (I have seriously wondered these.... )

1. Did John ever tell his boys to "suck it up"? (or direct reference made to him saying that in the past). Or has Dean ever said that to Sam?

2. Have either of the boys ever run out of hot water while having a shower?

3. Have either of the boys ever called first dibs on the shower? Or said "don't take all the hot water"?

4. Has Dean ever called Sam "Samantha"? Or Princess? (I know Dean's called Sam "Francis" but the others...?)

5. Have we ever seen their first aid kit?

6. Have they ever kissed which has led to amazing sex? yeah...ignore that...

ETA (another one I thought of) Has Dean ever complained about Sam's long hair?

See? Completely inane. (It's been a looooooooong day. Without my show to pick me up. That's my excuse anyway...)

Carry on.

Boo Hoo....

Jan. 7th, 2012 08:47 pm
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Whaaaaaaaaaa.... I can't watch my show. :( I'll have to wait until I return to Perth on Tuesday to watch as my parent's net is SO SO slow that it will take anywhere up to 24 hours to dl. (This is tough for an SPN addict like me..)

And double whaaaaaaaa because I'll have to avoid LJ so I don't get spoiled.. (I can barely log on anyway so that's probably ok. Sort of. though not really.. :((( ).

I HAVE been able to check out some festivids for beta'ing which has been keeping my chin up. (yay!)

I was also shown this vid which impressed me (it's a clever cover of Goyte's Somebody That I Used to Know)

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They say the older you get the faster time seems to go by. Certainly true in my case. I can't believe it's another new year. 2011 was pretty good to me. I'm looking forward to 2012.

My sister's baby is due in 3 weeks. She's having a boy, but hasn't been able to decide on a name. She has three favourites (which she is keeping a secret) but I mentioned Jensen as a name and it has HIT THE LEAD! \o/ Hee! Can you imagine. A member of my family being called Jensen. That was make me smile. I also mentioned Sam and that's being considered as well. :D *fingers crossed* for a SPN baby name.

Aaaanyway. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. It's been a fun fandom year for me. Particularly being able to met some real life fangirls. LJ is my happy place. The place I come to escape real life stresses. So THANK YOU for making it such a happy place. (I hope it continues to be that way - with all the LJ changes and all).

If you haven't all ready seen this I recommend taking a look at [ profile] missyjack's Supernatural's Top Ten for 2011. It's a fabulous summing up of the year in fandom. And if you want to put a HUGE smile on your face also check out [ profile] secretlytodream's J2 vid of JOY Everybody. Happy J2 place of happiness.

*heffa hugs* to YOU ALL. I hope 2012 is a great year for each and everyone one of you.
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My daughter showed me this. It's changed her mind about baking in the sun. I thought I'd share it in case you know any teenagers who think it's more important to have a tan than to protect their skin. It's sad in places, but really brings the message home.

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What I Got Up To This Year: (or... Do I Have a Life?!):


vid: No Bravery After the bravery comes the sorrow.
vid: Woo Hoo! Celebrating the return of Supernatural
vid: They Did What?! Reaction to The CW bumping SPN's return ep.
meta: Return to Me with graphics by [ profile] geckoholic

the rest of 2011 )
Plans for 2012:


I have an idea that I'd like to try for 2012. Something that I want to challenge myself with but also something that would involve other people (you guys!). I'm planning a vid prompt similar to the recent "tell me about a fic I haven't written" prompts. It would be a series of mini-vids (10-15 secs) inspired by vid comments about vids I haven't made. They would be presented in one post (so no spamming) and feature moments from vids you guys might want to see. There will be more about this early next year but at the moment this is one thing I would love to try. (Or am I really, really crazy to attempt this?!)

I'd also like to branch out to other fandoms or films.

I've beta'd a few vids this year and I've really enjoyed that process. It's not easy or straight forward so I'd like to keep that up and hopefully improve the way I view and offer feedback. (I'd also love to open up a vid beta discussion *adds to list*)

Meta: Dean and Sex is being written (follow up to Sam and Sex) so I hope that will be done. And even though writing isn't something I do well I love trying to improve it.

Picspams: I want to get better at picspams, so I hope to play around with that some more.

Yay! Fandom. I kinda love you a lot. <3


Dec. 17th, 2011 11:51 pm
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Firstly (and most importantly!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] maichan808. I hope you have an awesometastical birthday. <33

Speaking of [ profile] maichan808, we posted a vid recently and I want to say THANK YOU for the wonderful feedback. If nothing else, it proves that you are as nutty we are!. :DD

I feel like I can't thank [ profile] maichan808 and [ profile] deirdre_c enough for their input. <3

I remember emailing Dei when the idea came to mind (which actually came from something maichan had suggested in another vid we had collaborated on) and asked her if a US audience would be familiar enough with Monty Python. She linked this fabulous comment fic she wrote and it was enough to make me go for it. (And I know, *duh*.. of course everyone would be familiar because it's them!)

As usual I want to blab about it all but I get that that is pretty boring. IF you had any questions about how sections came about I would be more than happy to chat about them. *nods* But yeah.. that's self indulgent I know. ;)

Aside from that...

I'm off to Sydney in one week. I'm going to try and take a break from LJ in that time (though I'm sure I will fail). I have a couple more posts to make before then. One a "Top Five Things about SPN" post and probably a summing up of my works this year. I do the latter more for my own history and interest. I have no idea how many vids I've made this year. Less than the last two I suspect.

Hope you are all well. I'm on holidays now! \o/


Dec. 13th, 2011 10:04 pm
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Woot! [ profile] dotfic has made me the most perfect picspam: Got Your Back. It's no secret that I love how protective the boys are of each other. Dot has captured many of Sam and Dean's best moments. I love the quotes she has chosen also. *LOVES*

Crack vid of Doom is nearing completion. Yay! [ profile] maichan808 is performing her cracktastic graphic magic and I've been borrowing [ profile] deirdre_c's fantabulous crack brain. *hugs* them. <3

I'm watching Green Wing whilst typing this. Man. That show is OFF THE PLANET! So wrong. WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE GUYS ON?! I love it. This just happened: When asked when this character noticed his wife was dead he said: "It wasn't sudden. The sex was the same but I noticed the dishes were piling up". omg!

Also... TELL ME... Bedlam?? Saw ep one and I want MOAR! (do I? Any good? The slash potential looks promising ;D Maybe I am being distract by that lead guy's CHEST!)

American Horror Story freaks me out! I almost can't face new eps because it's so INTENSE. But awesome. I am torn.

ONE MORE DAY OF WORK BEFORE THE HOLIDAYS!!!!! \o/ \o/ I've never felt as drained as this at the end of the year. I cannot wait.
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and there's been drinking.

So now a post.. )

Evidence of the pretty! :D


Dec. 5th, 2011 09:52 pm
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The boys dropped their dacks to get us to vote so the least we can do VOTE VOTE!! :D

By my reckoning, if they actually win something we should get more vids. \o/ Also, it would be pretty damn awesome if they DO win - at least Best Sci-Fi. I'd love to see them get Best Drama but there's some pretty strong competition there (I assume. House is the only other show I've seen a little bit of).

Speaking of Supernatural (HA! When do I speak of much else?!)

a little thought that popped into my head re S7 )
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Dear Flist, (Jared, Twitter, Fandom, World)

You are NOT helping me keep my resolve to remain spoiler free for the next episode! I am just gonna have to watch that clip aren't I? Yes?

Yours breakingly,

eta: I caved. I watched. I WET MYSELF!!! Jeezee.... how the hell are we so lucky.

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I'm getting excited about our [ profile] spn_cinema entry. \o/ [ profile] geckoholic has been sending me updates of her story and I've started to mess around with some ideas for the vid. This is a new thing for me and I LOVE doing new stuff. Ooooh... and the story is AWESOME!

I'm dreadfully jealous reading all the [ profile] festivids letters. I would love to be taking part but after having to withdraw last year I didn't feel it was a good idea to sign up. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! <3

My CasnDean vid feels like it's (finally) taking shape. Here I was thinking I could just punch out a vid. But it seems I'd rather get it right than be quick. (Well, as "right" as it can be). I don't (can't! *g*) ship Cas/Dean, but after working with the footage I can see why people do. Man... the amount of gooey eyes they give each other...;)

Speaking of jealous. Wincon happened! ([ profile] ruby_jelly I am expecting ALL the gos!) Man... we need one of those in Australia. I'm sure it would be awesome fun. And I could actually afford to attend one here! (how many fans does it take to make an Auswincon I wonder?).

I'M RUNNING OUT OF PODFICS TO LISTEN TO! Arrrrgh... this is awful. /o\ I surfed audiofic and I have pretty much listened to all I a) want to and b) all I can (as in audiobooks not MP3). I shall go into withdrawal if I don't have someone reading me a story. :(((

Though I have just started listening to one that is J2 and I'm actually really liking that it doesn't feature all the other personalities that usually accompany those fics. I don't mind them (I really can't because most J2 fic has Chad and Tom and Sandy and MIke and Chris and Steve etc. etc. ) but it's refreshing to have some original names and personalities. I think I might have squeed just slightly when Jared's best friend was Missy and not Chad or Sandy. :) It's not a deal breaker having them all in there, it's just so RARE for them not to be (for the stories that are podficced anyway), it just makes a nice change.

I have a HEAP of fics bookmarked to read though. (oh for the time....)

I'm pondering opening up a discussion on porn in fanfic, but I'm just not sure how that will go. I've been having some interesting discussions behind the scenes and it seems that there's some stuff that would be interesting to discuss. suspect it would get personal, so not sure it's a good idea *head scratch*

In RL (yeah I actually have a RL in between all this) I'm back at work. As much as I love my job and my kids I do love my holidays. Mainly because it means more time for fandom fun. *g*

*hugs* to all.
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Season 7 is rocking my freakin' world at the moment. \o/

I know a teeny bit of 7.4 (just from pics) but other than idea. I am both excited and terrified going into each new ep now in case the bubble of happiness bursts. I'd forgotten what it's like to actually feel good after watching an episode. The last one opened up some awesome thinky thoughts and I've loved discussing them with you all. *smish*

I particularly love these observations by [ profile] missyjack. Something our show does extremely well is give us food for thought. It raises lots of questions, with no easy answers.

Like... how are Sam and Dean so hot? :)


Catch ya on the flip side. (I must not peek at ep reactions, I must not peek at ep reactions,I must not peek at ep reactions)
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Those on my flist doing the 27 question meme thing... I have requested #7 for a reason. One, I am an educator and two, I have a daughter I need to convince that education is important. I know she is at the wonderful age of 14 where her social life is WAY more important than behaving (and listening!) in class but still. I need words of wisdom. Hence the choice. (parenting is HARD!)

Update on school film: I kinda have to share this because I was a little filled with squee. So. I had HEAPS of trouble burning the film to a DVD. I made the mistake of using the knowledge I have about uploading vids to YT and sending to Wincon to try and do this. It required a new skill set, which I now have. (yay for learning new things..)

But that's not the exciting part. The competition organisers actually called me to say that the DVD I sent wasn't working and they want me to try again (they talked me through it) because "the film is really good and they want it to have the best possible chance in the competition". WOOT!! He said.."If it was crap we wouldn't be asking you to send us a new copy. And congratulations on the work btw". \o/ Of course this doesn't mean anything really because there are 50 films in the comp. but at least it was some positive feedback and we have been shortlisted :D

My love for Jared increased AGAIN after watching the Vancon footage. And Jensen too. In fact, it was wonderful to see such a relaxed Jensen. And you know what?! He totally LOVES Jared. And I mean in a platonic (of course!) friendship, bromance kind of way. At the end of the breakfast footage you should see the way he watches and waits for Jared to come off stage. He TOTALLY has his back. It's like he IS Jared's big brother. I NEED FIC! Jensen watching out for Jared is FACT!

(That last bit seems totally random but Jared vid is now complete. *phew* Will post sometime soon. :) )
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Mixed bag of stuff...

I did my first ever friending meme thingy recently. I was curious about how these things work so I thought I'd throw myself in there. (I also just fancied answering the questions..*g*).

So. Welcome new friends! *hugs* (though you might want to run a mile once you see the blah blah I'm capable of! *g*)

[ profile] geckoholic and I are teaming up to claim a film for [ profile] spn_cinema \o/ NO idea how it's going to pan out yet. But if we get the claim we want then there should be a fic and a vid in the making. :) ( what's in the box?!)

Heffa huggles (and totes gratitude) to [ profile] deirdre_c and [ profile] amnisias for allowing my inner teenager / fangirl to um.......well, let's just say frivolous vid is on the way. :D

Speaking of vids, receiving positive feedback can't be underestimated can it? Especially when they come out of the blue or a few weeks later. I probably wear my heart on my sleeve in that respect but *shrugs* I'm not ashamed to say they make me feel good.

in other RL type news )
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Well, not really... but see, it takes me ages to figure out how a site works and just when I was kinda getting used to You Tube it went and changed everything.

It's looking very swish and all's have the profile comments gone? /o\ I feel so lame now. I like to respond when peeps say nice things... and I don't know how to!

And, um... I've also just noticed a Sam vid I made a while back has a ridiculous amount of vids and I'm not sure why. As in... I'm wondering if it's been posted somewhere that it generate views because it's improportionate to my other views. *shrugs* It doesn't matter, but it's made me *head scratch*

And next time I mention making a vid using convention footage remind me NOT TO! It's damn hard. Though I am getting very familiar with the different conventions around the place. I wonder if they ever get sick of doing them. They do a remarkable job. (though Jensen is pretty scary sometimes I've noticed. And protective. Especially of Jared *hearts him* but I think I would be way too scared of asking him a question. Though he'd be awesome to have a genuine conversation with I reckon (as in late night D&M's *dreams*. And Jared... well, I just want to pounce on him).

Blah, blah. Clearly I am chatty tonight. Time to search out some podfics. I've just finished all the ones I recently listened to. And god damn! Listening to [ profile] juice817 read [ profile] thenyxie's Homework 'verse *GUH* That needs to come with a combustion warning. Hottest damn thing ever.

ETA: Comment Vid Meme is still on my mind and once I've cleared the decks I would really like to try and get that happening. Hmmm... before show starts again might be good....


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