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Some stuff I've been meaning to rec for a while (time! that damn elusive thing. One more week and I have a lovely 2 week break).

recs- communities, vids and a fic )

And if you love the AO3 (which I figure MANY MANY do as there are now over ONE MILLION works posted there \o/), you might consider donating to help keep this brilliant site going.
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Here's a few things worth checking out!

If you're on twitter you probably already follow @FangasmSPN (If not I recommend following because it'll keep you up to date on all things SPN). Or, you might follow their blog Fangasm. It's run by two super Supernatural fans - Lynn Zubernis and Katherine Larsen.

Well, they are now on LJ - [ profile] fangasmspn. They have recently created a new community here (though they have been involved in fandom for a long time) and have posted some information about their latest book Fangasm: Supernatural Fangirls

If you're a fan -- of SPN or anything -- we think you'll recognize yourself in Fangasm. At the very least, you'll laugh at our misadventures as we fall in love with Supernatural, discover the wonders of online fandom, and then hit the road (and the books) to figure out what the heck is going on with us!


This is Jared doing his impression of a 'Fangasm' for them. (ha! I love Jensen's face!). I think I have a fangasm every time I think about how generous the cast and crew have been with their time - not only for this book, but for the future ones also. AND when I think about how much work Lynn and Katherine have done to create these wonderful works for us.

I haven't read it yet, but I love the idea of a journey through fandom and what it means to be a supernatural fangirl. And I think for anyone who feels that fandom has changed them for the better (me me), then this will be a insightful and enjoyable read.

Also! The lovely [ profile] growyourwings's photography is in the book! \o/ Check out her post for more information.

It's available from Amazon if you want to grab a copy. :))
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YAY! Show is back this week! \o/ Even though I have been struggling a bit with this season I still miss my show when it's not on. I also miss the chat. :))

In the meantime...some things going on...

Check out [ profile] growyourwings post at [ profile] spnroundtable for a succinct guide to Tumblr and LJ. The Tumblr roundup has been added to the monthly roundups at this awesome community. If you are anything like me (um..still slightly bamboozled by Tumblr) then this will be a great intro. If you are a Tumblr pro it might just alert you to some peeps to follow.

I put the call out for voice artists today. Ideally I'm looking for a variety of accents to reflect the international nature of the OTW (and I'd love a male voice too!). This is an exciting project I am about to embark on. (What? Shuddup...I do not have too many things on my plate...;D)

Did you see [ profile] galwithglasses amusing PCA's color meta? We can find meta in color no matter where it is!! :D

Speaking of the matching colors at the PCAs. This wee fic explains perfectly why Jared had on a tie that matched Jensen's jacket perfectly and why that thing in his pocket didn't. I believe this!

(I seriously hope we get the story on these coordinating outfits. Next comm can someone PLEASE ASK THEM! In the meantime I'm sticking with this fic's explanation).

Oh and YAY everyone signing up for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang!!! Great to see fan works alive and kicking!! \o/
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I recently filled up my iPod with podfics. I often take a chance on what I'm dl'ing - readers I don't know, writers I don't know, fics I'm not sure about. Sadly I gave up listening to 3 fics because they just weren't my thing (one because I find POV changes every paragraph really hard to connect with). But there were a few I can highly recommend:

Story: And Indeed There Will be Time
Author: [ profile] gretazreta
Reader: [ profile] painted_pain

Readers are artists and this reading is a very fine example of that artistry. She understand the poetry in a story and her voice matches this particular story perfectly. I got completely lost in the telling of this fic. Seriously, when you can actually see the ocean rather than the park you are walking in you know the reader is doing a great job.

And the story itself is beautiful. I adored Dean's voice and the underlying pain is palpable. It's mild Sam/Dean - but don't let that put you off - be it that you're not into Sam/Dean or want something more than "mild". This fic seems to work either way. It's curtain fic ... without the curtains. I adored it.

MORE recs! )

I love that there's so much going on during this dreadfully long hiatus. <3
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I'm off tomorrow. As in.. flying to the other side of the country. (Is it wrong that the thing I'm most concerned about is that all my electronic devices - phone, ipad, laptop, ipod -are charged? Oh lordy.../o\ I need a life...)

I hate flying. (ack...[ profile] redteekal more evidence I'm more like Dean than Sam!) I ALWAYS think this will be the last flight I'll take and the plane is going to ditch into the sea. Bring on teleportation. PLEASE!

Anyway. I'm in Sydney for a week visiting my little sis and my new nephew. Yay cuddles! (And handing him back when he cries..*g*)

I'm wanting to write some meta on the boys fighting (I've even prepped the screencaps) but I doubt I'll have time to do much while I'm away. (But watch me try!) I also have a Garth vid I want to do (hee... fat chance) and then there's the hell in Sam's brain vid, the ACDC vid, the [ profile] spn_bigpretzel challenge vid, and all those vid prompts... Oh and S5 motels AND a meta/picspam spoof on over-thinking in fandom (yeah.. I want to make fun of myself...) Yep!... my muse kills me...

Right. Enough about me. Here's some recs )

ETA.. meant to say. THANK YOU for the feed back on the cello vid. I was surprised and heart-warmed I have to say. *smishes* you all.


Sep. 1st, 2011 09:13 pm
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I have to start by going....

Squeeeee! Remember a vid I made a little while back called No Bravery? Well, [ profile] stillwaters01 has written an amazing story inspired by the vid. (And I'm not just saying this because of the vid connection). It's also called No Bravery and it's an incredibly beautiful and heart wrenching story. It left me numb with the feeling of overwhelming grief. It's Bobby's POV and it takes place immediately after Sam's death in S2. I challenge you to read it and not be brushing away the tears. It's simply wonderful.

Speaking of which...

community and podfic recs )
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Further to getting some encouraging feedback to this idea yesterday, I thought I'd conduct a formal poll to really gauge interest. If you have a sec I'd love to know what you think.

Mixed bag of recs! )


Jul. 15th, 2011 09:55 pm
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A mixed bag of recs..

picspam, art, comms, podfics and vid rec...oh my )


Jul. 3rd, 2011 09:21 pm
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I'm in the mood to rec some stuff so....

let's do it...fics, vids & a comm... )

Hope you all are doing well. I on holiday in a week so I'm hoping to get some more reading done. *g*
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Happy birthday [ profile] callme_k! Hope it's a great one sweetie. <33

Also.. Happy Easter to those who celebrate it.:D

Some randomness:

reading fic on LJ )

2. I found community that provides links to stories related to creatures - so, werewolves, vampires, shapeshifters etc. Kinda neat if you suddenly fancy a werewolf fic (which I have of late..*g*).

It's [ profile] spnnightcrawler. Very neat. I'd be really keen to know of any other comms that categorise fics like this.

3. SUPERNATURAL ANIME!! I've been watching some more episodes and man, I love 'em. Animated Sam and Dean has less personal space issues so there's a lot more bro!touching.

Pictures that have a tiny spoiler for Crossroads )

It's Anzac Day here today. A day for remembering the fallen in past wars - namely in Gallipoli but for all wars really. It's sad that we still have to have wars, but it seems the human race doesn't know how to learn or negotiate peacefully.

It's here!!

Sep. 6th, 2008 09:06 am
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Yay! Introducing [ profile] spn_sceneit - your ultimate Supernatural vidding resource! =D

Go check out the welcome post to see what's on offer - and feel free to leave a suggestion of what else you'd like to see made available =)

This Supernatural vidding resource is open to one and all, so feel free to browse or lurk as almost all posts are open to everybody.
However... all good hunters keep their best stuff hidden and to gain access to the full arsenal we keep in the LOCKED TRUNK you'll need to join the club ;)

This site isn't just for vidders folks. If you know Supernatural like the back of your hand then we need you!

Thanks again to [ profile] the_muppet and the others mods who have worked hard in bringing this comm together.


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