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Checking the dates it's been nearly a month since I posted anything. I think that might be some sort of record for me. /o\ I've been busy with stuff (some of it fandom focused) and, to be honest, I haven't really had anything to post about (this hellatus is taking forever!).

Yesterday I had a day off due to a rotten cold and I FINALLY had a chance to catch up on some fic 'n general LJ stuff. So I have a few recs. :)

See my new icon? How gorgeous is that?! It's by [ profile] dephigravity and it's part of the wonderful artwork to the equally wonderful fic, Refracted by [ profile] dugindeep. This is such a tender, delicately handled story and if you haven't read it I urge you to do so now. The art is a perfect match to the story.

I always love [ profile] zubeneschamali's work and I finally had a chance to read her latest story Astatine. Wow. I suppose I don't really need to say how amazing her world-building is because I'm sure you already know that (and if you don't perhaps you've been living under a rock or something..;D). This is a wonderful continuation of her first story in this 'verse, Palladium. Her observations about the human race are spot on, and the characters are fab.

While I'm here I can't neglect to mention [ profile] deirdre_c's glorious fic The Heart Must Yield. SO MUCH LOVE for this story. Dei creates a rich and beautifully textured world. The characters are absolutely delightful (and so many of them!). Love love love it.

I'm sorry I haven't been very articulate with this recs. My head is still a bit fuzzy (well, that's my excuse anyway).

Hope you're all doing well.
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[ profile] amber1960 wrote a stunning poem some days back and I mentioned how it would look good with some art. Ha! And guess what?! She then created some gorgeous art! Check it out Breathing In, Bleeding Out. I love it!

[ profile] cerului filled my prompt at the J2 Mockumentary and Gag Reel Comment Meme. And it's hilarious! It's called the The Golden Wig and the mockumentary characters are perfect. (I have SO much love for that mockumentary. I can even tell you. Each time I watch it (and it's been a few times I can tell you!), I see something new - and end up grinning like a loon all over again. Now THAT's a love letter to the fans...). Check out the other fills too. There are still some awesome prompts to fill if you feel so inclined.

[ profile] missyjack (aka @superwiki) is hosting a SPN Season 10 poster competition. In case you don't know, the CW is holding a poster competition but it's only for US fans - which cuts out a HEAP of international fans. So if you feel inspired to make a S10 Supernatural promo poster, there's an opportunity to still enter a competition. She's offering a super cool prize too (and honestly, this feels more in the fandom spirit than the CW one. Can't help be a little cynical that they are just after some free art. Though, I suppose it would be pretty nice to win something like that. And I do keep hearing proclamations that fans could do so much better than their own (Photoshop) artists. And I agree!).


Aug. 17th, 2014 07:02 pm
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Finally had a chance to look at some stuff, so here with a handful of recs.

[ profile] el1ie has posted a beautiful Musketeers vid Long Black Cloud. It's an AU about Athos, so even if you don't watch the show you can still enjoy the vid. :)

[ profile] sockkpuppett has created a crack vid to end all crack vids. Wrecking Ball (Warning: Hitler!) It's unique and brilliant constructed.

[ profile] amber1960 has created some wonderful hurt!Sam and hurt!Dean art. There's definitely a story behind this image (it just needs someone to write it! *bats eyelashes*).

[ profile] superkitte and created an AU vid about Sam saving demon!Dean, Slow Down. I have such admiration for people who can construct alternate realities videos.

[ profile] blackrabbit42 is a writing genius and has created a highly entertaining (and hot hot hot) fic! Jared Padalecki and the Kinky College Adventure- A Choose Your Porn Story. If you haven't already read do so! You can chose one adventure or ALL OF THEM!

[ profile] keep_waking_up's world building in her story Tails is fabulous. I got completely lost in the world of kitsunes and werecats. Kitsune!Jensen and werecat!jared are an absolute joy to read. There's action, adventure and awesome secondary characters. Even after over 67,000 words I didn't want to leave this world.

I have so many big bang stories and art to catch up on. Maybe that might happen this week. :)

Fic rec!

Jun. 30th, 2014 10:35 pm
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This is a MUST read "fix-it" fic that everyone in fandom should read (*koff* my humble opinion).

Touch and Go" by [ profile] themegalosaurus (PG-13, Gen, 3188 words)

It gets into Dean's head and gives us Sam's perspective at the same time. There's also original tattoo backstory (and damn if this ain't calling for art because, wow, those visuals!). Beautifully written also. go go go...GO!
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Has everyone seen this?


Isn't it beautiful?! It's by [ profile] quickreaver. The original post is here, A Deliberate Life.

I absolutely love the way it captures Sam. It makes me what to cry and smile at the same time. There's an inner peace that Sam struggles to find and I can see him taking this time out to heal his heart and soul. It's such a beautiful candid moment. And I love the beer by his side. I just want to sit and stare at this forever *guh* (and hence the icon I made - I want to see keep seeing it).

It's from a lovely prompt by [ profile] de_nugis for the [ profile] ohsam comment meme.

other recs from the meme )
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Some stuff I've been meaning to rec for a while (time! that damn elusive thing. One more week and I have a lovely 2 week break).

recs- communities, vids and a fic )

And if you love the AO3 (which I figure MANY MANY do as there are now over ONE MILLION works posted there \o/), you might consider donating to help keep this brilliant site going.


Jan. 27th, 2014 06:58 pm
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'cause close up Sam does things to me. (also here on tumblr)

speaking of doing this to me… )
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[ profile] bertee has written a wonderful snap shot of Amelia from a little prompt I left. It's not only a great outsider POV of Sam, it provides a depth to Amelia that I was craving from the show.

[ profile] counteragent has written a beautiful and unique alternate ending to 8.23 - Catharsis. It works as a "fix-it" if you need one, or simply as a great visual journey as Sam and Dean find themselves on an alternate plane.

[ profile] cheebles has been hosting a lively, yet sane and surprisingly wank-free discussion on Dean's (bi)sexuality. Hosting something like this isn't for the faint hearted - it's a very controversial topic in fandom, but she's done a great job presenting arguments and remaining articulate (and sane!) in the course of the discussion. I really enjoyed reading the alternate points of view on the topic.


Aug. 10th, 2013 03:46 pm
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Pondering the need for a spn_gifs comm? You know, somewhere to link gif posts, or rec tumblr gifs...Or is enough that there is tumblr all ready...?

Oooh ooh while I'm here. If you a fan of The Professionals (you know that CI5 show that was on forever ago featuring the dynamic due of Bodie and Doyle) AND a Supernatural fan you HAVE to read [ profile] callistosh65's crossover fic Beam Me Up. It's an absolutely delightful meshing of two completely different worlds. I was curious how on earth she would plausibly get Sam and Dean into the 80's spy world - but wow! she did - and did so brilliantly. Go read!!


Jul. 3rd, 2013 09:56 pm
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Comment memes = YAY!

Check out some awesome fills I've been lucky enough to get:

From the bottom!Jared meme two awesome (and hot!) fills! \o/

Game Beloved by [ profile] counteragent (JA/JP, JDM/JP)


Relax and Release by [ profile] julieshadow (JDM/JA/JP)

There was also the delightful The Greatest Discovery In The History Of The World by [ profile] linvro21 at the To Boldly Go Where No Man has Gone Before comment fic meme.

Fans are awesome!
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I have only managed to read one BB fic so far (boo only one...) but boy!! I picked a goody to start with. :))

The Witch is Dead by [ profile] dear_tiger is absolutely fantastic. It's got it all - creepiness (I got shivers!), fabulous visual descriptions, possibly the most fantastic monster I've ever come across, wonderful charactisations (I want these witches in the show!), gentle wincest that rings true, a touch of the macabre, action, adventure .. ack! Go read if you're looking for a fic that will suck you in and keep you turning the page from the beginning to the end.

Right. *rubs hands* what's next....
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Oh YouTube. Changing your layout means I need to think about a header and..what..? a channel trailer? Really? Would anyone even watch that? So like a promo for your own channel.. YIKES! Hmmm.....might be fun to make but self prompting has never been my thing (has anyone made one for themselves?).

Does anyone have links to ready made SPN headers? I suppose I should make myself one that reflects my channel, but I really couldn't be bothered. Also...useless at good looking graphics. And too busy making vids and stuff.

Oooh, while I'm here. A MUST READ!!! Thirteen ways of looking at a blackbird by [ profile] de_nugis. *guh* Stunning writing and a spot on coda for 8.23.
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Fic rec! This completely broke my heart - but in a way that I love it to be broke. THIS! This is what I needed to know about Sam's lonely year. I've been living on the edge so long (where the winds of limbo roar) by [ profile] clex_monkie89 Beautifully written and...just...yes.

And now I have to share some SPOILER pics that has me all sorts of excited. Call me a shallow but...WOOT!

spoiler pics for 8.13 (doesn't give too much away... )
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YAY! Show is back this week! \o/ Even though I have been struggling a bit with this season I still miss my show when it's not on. I also miss the chat. :))

In the meantime...some things going on...

Check out [ profile] growyourwings post at [ profile] spnroundtable for a succinct guide to Tumblr and LJ. The Tumblr roundup has been added to the monthly roundups at this awesome community. If you are anything like me (um..still slightly bamboozled by Tumblr) then this will be a great intro. If you are a Tumblr pro it might just alert you to some peeps to follow.

I put the call out for voice artists today. Ideally I'm looking for a variety of accents to reflect the international nature of the OTW (and I'd love a male voice too!). This is an exciting project I am about to embark on. (What? Shuddup...I do not have too many things on my plate...;D)

Did you see [ profile] galwithglasses amusing PCA's color meta? We can find meta in color no matter where it is!! :D

Speaking of the matching colors at the PCAs. This wee fic explains perfectly why Jared had on a tie that matched Jensen's jacket perfectly and why that thing in his pocket didn't. I believe this!

(I seriously hope we get the story on these coordinating outfits. Next comm can someone PLEASE ASK THEM! In the meantime I'm sticking with this fic's explanation).

Oh and YAY everyone signing up for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang!!! Great to see fan works alive and kicking!! \o/
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You have GOT to see this ridiculously adorable picspam of Jared and Genevieve by [ profile] cherie_morte.

And before you say...oh I've seen all those photos, or..I'm not really interested in those two... just STOP! You can't even imagine the level of cute and heart warming, life affirming adorableness (the commentary actually wins the day!). GO! Smiles are assured. (Seriously...take a peek and see if you're not swept away by it all...)

And while I'm here - if you haven't read her incredible fic Oh, My Queen! then GO NOW! It is as heart warming as the picspam (though of the J2 kind) and the kind of fic that just makes you feel better about EVERYTHING!

And er... why did it take me so long to discover the awesomeness of [ profile] cherie_morte? *head scratch*
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I have to rec this (and not just because it was written for me ;D).

My [ profile] spn_j2_xmas fic (A History of Violence, written by [ profile] lyryk) is perfect.

I imagine it would be really hard to write the brothers at this point in their story. They are in such a complicated, messed up place. The author does an amazing job of capturing both of them in this fic. It's bleak and sad but it holds an undeniable truth that's both hopeful and heartbreaking. It's also beautifully layered. Go read! (It's very mild Sam/Dean).

S8 Recs!!

Oct. 17th, 2012 09:20 pm
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RUN! Do not walk! [ profile] zimshan has written the most thorough and brilliant meta on S8 Sam and Dean. It's mostly about Sam but anything about Sam has to include Dean. Snippet because...THIS!:

For much of fandom, one of those questions is, 'What happened to Sam to make him not look for Dean?'

Here is where I'm going to go out on a limb and say, I don't need an answer for this. There might very well be one. Maybe he was under the influence of the angels or Crowley who had an interest in keeping Dean down in purg all year long. Maybe he really DID do something and he's playing it cool and hiding it from Dean. I look forward to the unraveling of Sam's flashback stories as the season progresses. But I don't feel like I need some big REASON. A "human story", as Carver has called it, will work just fine. Because a "human story" for this just makes so much sense.

I have been holding off my thoughts on what might be going on with Sam this season because we just haven't been given enough information yet. I have desperately wanted something to be up - something major to have influenced Sam's decision, but after reading this the something is no longer a "must have" for me. Mainly because it's already in plain sight.

I love it. I would love to think Show has been this thoughtful about the boys character arcs this season. After the first two episodes I have a feeling they just might have. (YAY!)

While I am here I've been meaning to rec a wonderful story written by [ profile] cherie_morte - Minotaurs Inside a Maze. It was posted before 8.01 aired but I didn't read it until after I saw that episode. What I love about it is how much it has STUCK WITH ME ever since I read it. It is such a refreshing, interesting and clever idea and it works on so many levels. It is also possibly responsible for my skewed look at the nature of monsters and purgatory now (which is good!). Go read!

And if you like looking at all the little details in an episode (like me!) check out [ profile] galwithglasses 8.02 picspam. I had no idea there was so much (well placed) red in that ep!

I'm really looking forward to the next ep. Jensen directing excites me and I am reeaally keen to see how they are going to be moving everything forward. I'm thinking this one has to be a good indicator.
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[ profile] maenad has written the most incredible meta on Supernatural and the Soul. It's wonderfully detailed and provides some plausible and interesting insights into the way the soul is used in Supernatural. It's one of those pieces where you need to set aside some time and absorb the thoughts. But do! It's well worth the time. ;)


[ profile] runedgirl recently wrote a piece addressing some of those S8 spoilers. Resurrection It's a fix it for spoilers. :) It's absolutely wonderful and makes sense of everything that has come out in the spoilers. Go read if you are feeling in any way worried. Even if you're not it's a fab read. (Wincest)


Have you discovered [ profile] badbastion yet? She draws all those things you imagine when you read porn. ;D Friggin' hot! Here's her latest - Look at yourself Sammy (totally NSFW!)


I know you have ALL seen the gag reel, but here's a link just in case. It's full of J2 love and I adore it but... why so short? There has to be hours of outtakes. Only 6 mins? Boo. I remember hearing an interview by Guy Bee saying that during Hello Cruel World there was enough gag reel material to run for ages. *grabby hands* I want it!! Anyway...the Js love, respect and trust each other SO much... (no tin hat required!).


[ profile] missyjack has written a great summing up of the show that could. Did! It made me a little teary and a little proud. It's a lovely reflection.

Fandom stuff:

This is an interesting article I snagged from a link provided by [ profile] yourlibrarian. It's something that I've been thinking about a lot lately. The various fandom platforms and the (perhaps) decline of LiveJournal.

It stresses me greatly that a forum like LJ might be in decline. I mean, I know it is, but what else or where else provides a platform like this one? Tumblr seems to be the fandom sweetheart at the moment but it just doesn't fulfill those connecting with "real" people needs that I have. I see pretty pics and I think WOW and I "like", but it just doesn't seem enough. I want to say that to the actual creator but figuring who that is seems to be a trial. I get that they receive the stats on who has liked and reblogged but, idk, seems impersonal. Also, reblogging just means that everyone who keeps seeing the same stuff over and over. Then there's all the pics you really don't want to keep seeing! Argh...nothing makes me feel my age more that not understanding something...

I will say that I didn't get twitter for ages either. But I do now, so maybe it's just a matter of spending some time there. Or not. ;)

Wow...that turned into a rant. Ooops.
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I recently filled up my iPod with podfics. I often take a chance on what I'm dl'ing - readers I don't know, writers I don't know, fics I'm not sure about. Sadly I gave up listening to 3 fics because they just weren't my thing (one because I find POV changes every paragraph really hard to connect with). But there were a few I can highly recommend:

Story: And Indeed There Will be Time
Author: [ profile] gretazreta
Reader: [ profile] painted_pain

Readers are artists and this reading is a very fine example of that artistry. She understand the poetry in a story and her voice matches this particular story perfectly. I got completely lost in the telling of this fic. Seriously, when you can actually see the ocean rather than the park you are walking in you know the reader is doing a great job.

And the story itself is beautiful. I adored Dean's voice and the underlying pain is palpable. It's mild Sam/Dean - but don't let that put you off - be it that you're not into Sam/Dean or want something more than "mild". This fic seems to work either way. It's curtain fic ... without the curtains. I adored it.

MORE recs! )

I love that there's so much going on during this dreadfully long hiatus. <3
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A mess of recs.

recs and a wee bit of thinky on S7 )


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