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After 10.05 I was inspired by some things in the episode, so I made some graphics/gifs and posted them to tumblr. I thought I'd put them here too.

Show celebrating the milestone eps by tagging the motels: )

Possible inspirations for the musical set: )

Gifs - Into the Sunset )

I think I would love the "driving off into the sunset" scene for the finale. It would leave open lots of possibilities for our fanfic writers to run wild with. I might possibly like the "going out in a blaze of glory" way also (the one the Js keep saying they want) and for their characters it would make a lot of sense (and would also leave things open because death never means death in the SPN 'verse). Jensen has apparently had a dream where Sam is dead and Dean drives off on a motorbike after leaving the impala behind. At first I hated the idea of that, but if it's meant that he's been able to let Sam have a peaceful death then maybe it might be ok (pretty sad though. I'd definitely cry!). Who knows how it will end. From the sound of it we've probably got a least a couple more years yet (*yikes* or *yay*?? I don't know!)
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you Saxxy thang...

Ok. So this happened on twitter and it's kinda hilarious and fun. And hot if you wanna imagine Jared doing a campaign for SAXX underwear.


more tweets )

I had to have some fun with it so, some gifs.

Jared trying out his modelling moves:


more of Jared's butt... )

Oh twitter can be so much fun at times. It will be quite something if Jared gets a SAXX campaign purely from the force of his fans. Though, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by that.

Jared gifs

May. 31st, 2014 09:57 pm
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I made some smiley, dorky Jared gifs from the JiB con. Just cause he makes me happy. :)

Jared-JIB-faces4 Jared-JIB-smile2
Jared-JIB-smiles3 JP-smiles-JIB


I don't usually watch the con footage (because it often makes me squirm), but I listened to some from Jensen's panel and I was impressed with how generous he was with his answers - and how thoughtful he his. They both give great answers even though they don't know the future for their characters. They must also hear the same question over and over and they still seem to answer it as though it was the first time. I love the answers in this Jensen panel about him getting "out" of character. He also mentions Jared a lot. I find that kind of sweet. :)
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This is a little later than usual. I watched the episode and then had to go out (argh...on a show night!). I had lots of thoughts about it and I wanted to make some gifs and use some caps, so I waited until I could gather that altogether.

the plot thickens... )
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This is for the awesome [ profile] counteragent who donated money to [ profile] fandomaid. In return she gets some gifs!

You've all watched her fan film The Other Side yes? If the answer is no then you really must. It's all kinds of awesome. And not ONLY because the actresses are amazing as Sam and Dean but the story is fabulous and there's a great alternate ending to Season 3. And of course there's the fabulous shots.

I was interested in the way she created similar shots and moments in the actual show. I thought it would be fun to compare them.


more under here! )

Also on tumblr Here and Here
The Other Side can be watched Here
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A little early, but I am going away tomorrow and won't be back until the new year.

I've made fewer vids this year compared previous years. I think mostly because I was busy with two major projects early in the year (neither have been released yet), and I also discovered tumblr (and gif making) and that seemed to occupy a lot of my time.

Fanvids )

Meta/Picspam/Gif sets )
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I did it. Thanks to those who gave me some recent advice. <3

I'm offering vidlets here and gif sets here.

I wish I could offer longer vids but my time is going to be severely limited over the next few months - unfortunately. I am open to discussions on what someone would want though. I'll do my best to give you something you will be happy with (even if it means being a bit longer than the mentioned 1 min ;D). I'm not terrifically artistic when it comes to gifs but I am happy to discuss any ideas (themed sets, AU story etc. etc) and I will do my best.

This works on a first come, donate immediately basis.
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I finally had some time to myself today. I worked on a vid (homg yay) and I played about with this gif set. It's for tumblr but I thought I'd post it here as well. I'm a sucker for seeing moments that would reflect the way Dean might have raised Sam. He's the bestest big brother in the world.



Moar here )
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Something I've been pondering...


Gratuitous bro touching gif ('cause h/c, Sam's hair and neck, Dean's face and hands <33) - though it is relevant to my question.

regarding Sam and angels )

Gif dump!

May. 29th, 2013 11:04 pm
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I think if I had lots of time, I'd spend all of it trying to get better at making gifs. As it is, I've been experimenting, making simple things and posting them to Tumblr.

Image heavy - Sam, broments and J2 )
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A post to celebrate Sammy's birthday.

Instead of making him a cake, I turned him into one.

After all, Sam is very tasty...;D

You want a piece of me? ) me some? (I'm sorry Sammy-cakes. I couldn't help myself ;D)
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My plan for today was to learn how to make gifs in Photoshop. After watching lots of tutorials and playing around with PS I think I cracked it! (yay I love holiday time!).

Trying to get the quality within the 1mb, 500px limits on Tumblr proved to be quite the challenge.

I decided to experiment with something close to my heart - hurt!Sam with his hurt and angsty hair. :D

more! Because this is fun... )

concrit very welcome. Only way to learn...
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Playing a round with gifs. :)

I was looking at this piece of footage recently (from 2.20 What Is...) and thought that the only time we really see Sam this happy and relaxed is in Dean's dream. Seems significant somehow.

Also, I adore this smile. His face lights up.

Compared to this one: )


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