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Hi guys. I'm starting this request on LJ and see how it goes. If I need to I'll branch out to twitter/tumblr etc but I thought I'd start here first.

I would like to gather some photos/footage of fans enjoying the company of other fans - so maybe fans hanging out at a con together, fans hugging each other, laughing smiling etc (being generally supportive etc). I only want photos with permission - as in your own personal pics that you would be happy to share (in a public vid). I appreciate that not many fans would want their pics in a vid, but if you didn't mind then I'd love to be able to use them (with the disclaimer that if I get a lot I won't be able to use them all ;D). I'd also love some pics/footage of fans reacting with the cast if anyone has that (like photo ops etc).

I have screened this entry if you would like to attach a pic or I can be contact by email at or via a LJ private message. Please feel free to ask me questions if you'd like.

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Hey guys. I need some advice from anyone savvy with the technical aspects of LJ.

I was looking through my Motels and Accommodations posts and noticed that all the entires are messed up - in terms of the formatting. It's annoying because I remember when I posted them (all those years ago) they looked fine, but now the formatting is all over the place. When I made them I used tables so I could control where the images and text was (centred, neat, in block text etc). I think, when LJ went to their mobile version, everything got skewed.

The advice I need is on how to fix it. How do people go about formatting complicated image and text posts these days (though I suspect the answer is - nobody does!). I am thinking I probably need to create all the information in Photoshop and post as one big image (or several blocks of pre-formatted images)?? Or maybe there's a more basic form of formatting I could use? I have a mix of small and large pictures and text I want in blocks.

I am inspired to fix them (somehow) and hopefully update the resource to include Season 8-11. :)

Thanks if anyone has some ideas. <33

ETA: From the comments below it seems like it depends on the browser. Firefox is fine but maybe other browsers aren't? I use Safari and Google Chrome and they look yuk. Why the difference?! Stoopid technology...


Jul. 3rd, 2015 08:23 pm
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Hey guys. Anyone clued-in on Vine? It seems like the new "thing" and the idea of mini vid loops is rather appealing. Not sure how it works though. I looked at the site and from what I gather they can only be made via an app and therefore only on phones and tablets? Curious if anyone has thoughts on these or ideas on how to make them.


May. 29th, 2015 02:27 pm
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Can anyone help me by telling me what SPN challenges are on at the moments. As in, ones that have either just been announced, about to start posting etc etc. I'm being a bit lazy I have to admit (and, I'm not sure how to go about finding the state of all the challenges).

I think [ profile] spn_cinema is on again yeah? (awesome challenge!). What else?

Thanks! <33
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So, I'm thinking of doing a wet!Dean gif spam but when I start to think about all the eps Dean is wet (minds out of the gutter please! or not...:D) my head goes into spasm (not sure why, but in my mind Dean appears wet more than Sam does?).

If you can think of eps where Dean is wet I'd be grateful. I've already got Dead in the Water, Mystery Spot and Red Sky at Morning.

What else?

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Signal boost for the lovely [ profile] lyryk who has set up a fundraising for a fan in need.

[ profile] cillab42 has posted about her situation on her LJ. You can help raise funds for her by making a direct donation, participating in the auction, and/or spreading the word among your friends.

The auction started, November 20, and will run until November 29 (next Saturday). The last date for the auction is not the date by which you need to deliver your work. It's just the last date for people to bid on offers. You can talk to your winner and decide on the details/due date.

There are some wonderful people offering works. If you have a chance pop on over and check it out!


Nov. 7th, 2014 05:10 pm
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Hey guys.

Can anyone think of con footage (or maybe even gag reel?) where some says "freaks" - as in "you're all freaks" or anything like that. I there's a line in the show (something where Sam says something about being a freak and Dean says "i'm right with you"?). Any audio with "freak" in it would be good.

Cheers! :)
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So, just say I was considering making a podfic what recording program should I use? And how would I go editing it (because I know I'd make lots of mistakes). I have Audicity. Would that work?

Any advice (including tips!) would be most welcome. :)

(though I'll probably chicken out before posting anything, but I'm on holidays, with a little bit of extra time on my hands, so I thought I'd have a play).


Dec. 28th, 2013 11:16 am
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I know I said I was going (and I am!) but I thought I'd sneak this in before I go. I am determined to get the S7 motel post done early in the year.

Does anyone have any insights (or, you know, contacts higher up in the SPN world :D) as to what these motel names might be called? They were obviously given names, but the camera never captured them clearly.

fairly large images under cut )
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I'm thinking I'd like to offer myself for [ profile] fandomaid but I'm not sure how to do "buy it now" for vids. Have any of you offered vids? Maybe it could be 3 x 30sec- 1min vids? Does that work? Or just one vid..but at what price? Ack! I wanna help and I like making vids for other people but maybe it doesn't work so well in "buy it now" style. (I'm not sure I could commit to 3 full length vids - even though I'd like to).


Nov. 2nd, 2013 04:49 pm
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Anyone have any ideas on how I could create a list of movies that could be checked of if (and when) they are seen?

what I'm playing with )
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Just want to make sure I haven't missed any...

The times Sam voluntarily leaves Dean (as in he makes a conscious, un-supernaturally affected choice to take a break or do something by/for himself). And same for Dean...

the lists )


Apr. 12th, 2013 06:16 pm
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*hands* I am done searching!

Can anyone recommend a good tutorial on making gifs for tumblr using a Mac. I found lots for PC, but Mac seems harder to find (this baffles me completely!).

I need it from capturing (and the best program for that) through to making the gif. Photoshop is cool, I just need to be shown (or told) how to.

I will crack this dammit!

Thank you if anyone can assist. <333
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... you know the one where you can zoom in on a photo and can suddenly read very fine text.

Anyone got magic equipment like that? Or can make out what the name on this motel card says? It's from 6.08 All Dogs Go To Heaven.

"Over the Rainbow" maybe? Not sure the pyramid design supports that, but the stripy colours might (which, on second thought, is probably a prism and therefore supports "rainbow" even more...hmmmmm). Also the episode is about a dog looking for a home...just like Toto. (stretch...?)

6.08 motel name card
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as I do...

makeup artists are rather unsung - are they not? I mean... these guys/gals are artists like actors and set designers etc, so I'm considering a (spn) makeup artist appreciation post. (yeah I know... too much time on my hands.../o\) Possibly not enthralling viewing but these guys deserve some lovin'!

So, if you can rec me some makeup highlights over the last 7 years I'd appreciate it (and no I'm not talking about the time SamnDean have made up... sheesh...). Off the top of my head I'm thinking Dean after Lucifer!Sam beat him to a pulp in Swan Song. Even Sam in Born Again Idenity. Maybe some of the monsters...? I think Dean's transformation in Skin has to be up there... that was pretty amazing.

In other news... I ordered the Vote Winchester & Winchester T shirt. I ordered large cause I wanted it nice and baggy. It arrived today and seriously? That's a large? I would hate to see medium or small. I reckon it would be about an Aus size 8. I guess returning it isn't possible. Looks like it might be an incentive to start jogging again...
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HOMG! There's actually an episode tomorrow! *thud* and \o/. We have a straight run to the finale now. Can't wait to see what they have in store for us. Hopefully we'll get confirmation about S8 next week.

Check out the new Super Wiki fundraising badges. We all know how awesome SuperWiki is. It cost $$$ to run so purchasing some merchandise helps (and yay.. they're awesome) or a maybe a straight up donation if you don't want the stuff.

Couple of help requests:

1. Can anyone think of the episode (if there was one) when Dean says only he can "wail on Sam". Or something to that effect. Something about Dean being allowed to beat him up (in a joking sense) but no one else?

2. I'm currently putting together some meta on the boys physically fighting, so I'd love a beta. Someone who can sound me out on my thoughts and pick me up on my S&G. Someone not afraid of the boring thinky...;)

And on a different note...

Sons of Anarchy is CONSUMING me at the moment. I'm devouring Season One. I love it. \o/ As much I spend most of my time drooling over Jax and the club environment it's the women who amaze me. I love 'em all. Remarkably strong in such a testosterone driven environment. Edge of your seat viewing.

And Game of Thrones! WOOT! It actually had some boy on boy action recently. They ain't afraid to go places other shows fear to tread. I have to confess I spend most of it wondering what the hell is going on but the pretty is so consuming I just sit back and enjoy the ride. And what a ride it is. Another show where the women are amazing.

Hope you're all doing well. Last day of the holidays today (boo!) but I have the house to my self over the weekend so YAY! Lots of time for fandom pursuits...
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Holiday is made of awesome. Enjoying my beautiful nephew and I'm loving catching up with my family. :D

Watched an ep of Sons of Anarchy last night with my sis and discovered she's a bit of a fan (first time I've even seen it. Wow... intense). She wondered if there were some good fan vids out there? I could do a YT search but I'd rather show her some really good ones. I've been talking about vidding and fandom and how awesome people are at making things. I've also mentioned slash (hee... nothing like coming clean about what I like to read...) and she's totally cool to see any SoA slash vids (if they exist?). I'd love some recs if you have any.

Speaking of reading...

Just finished reading [ profile] checkthemargins When It Happens (and the two follow up fics). A-MAZING! It's gut wrenching and powerful and Sam's hurt is made even more brutal by not knowing exactly what happened. But the boys' relationship is beautiful and believable and makes all the hurt bearable. (The most recent installment, may not be for the faint hearted though, so check the warnings). Oh boys. :(( Oh fic... \o/

How's the new lj cut scissors? I suppose that might be helpful for newbies to LJ. *shrugs*
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Anyone know where [ profile] bellanut has gone? Or how I might get in touch with her?

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I know. I ask a lot of questions. I've learned over time that that's the best way for me to learn and a great way to get info relevant to LJ.

This time I have one for the picspammers.

I have actually opened up Photoshop and I AM PLAYING! \o/ I have figured out how to size and colour and I'm damn excited about that.

The question is. What is a good and reasonable size (kb/mb) for an image? I have no idea if I should be aiming for a say 300kb file or lower. Higher? Obviously the higher the better for quality, but what is consider too big? I suspect if a picspam is too big it would take the average person too long to dl the images. Yeah?

And umm... png or jpeg? Argh! New learning curve.

Also *HUGS* everyone for the show/tell info. SO awesome. I learned heaps. Mostly that writing seems hard!
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I often hear "don't tell, show" when it comes to story writing.

Can someone provide an example of what "telling" looks like compared to "showing". Um.. I don't mean story links. Just maybe a sentence or two. I think I know, but I'm not entirely sure.

Or maybe a link to a workshop on this?

Many thanks.


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