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I'm struggling with my feelings on this, so I thought I'd post some stuff and see if anyone else had some ideas. Mostly, I can't figure out if it's "harmless fun" (and shut-up and stop worrying/whinging/fretting) or if there's going to be some major fallout in the future that will harm Jared and therefore worry lots!

I am also aware that it really isn't my concern. He's a grown man and can make decisions for himself. But I also seem to care quite a lot about him and so I feel protective. I would HATE to see this take a bad turn (and from what I've been reading, this has happened to celebrities in the past), and knowing how personally Jared takes things, this might not help him.

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A little something for [ profile] jessm78 (and for me too!)

Confirmation that Jared's hair is still long. AND looks layered and flowly and natural (that said, he'll probably collide with his hairdresser and she'll get out the bowl and cut and paste his hair back to S10 style. Still, it's confirmation that he didn't go short back and side whilst on holiday...;D And maaaaaybe, we'll get a new, perhaps more natural style this coming season...;D

this is apparently from July 1st )
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Snagged this from [ profile] casey28, who snagged it from here (and I wanna know where she snagged it from, because it looks like last season's promo shoot. Have they released it just now?)


HOT DAMN DAMN! Just…EVERY DAMN THING! (particularly the look - if looks could kill! *thud*)
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I know these pics are everywhere (as they should be!) but I had to have my own copy here.

The thing I love is how beautifully they created this mini story. There's been quite a bit of thought put into these companion pics and I love that they seem to know fandom well enough to know how to tease us with it. First Jensen's tweet - (and seriously…including "humpday" "lonely" and "Jared" in the same tweet?! *ded*), followed by Jared's with him adding "my ass" to the mix. Totally playing us - but with so much love.

The geek in me adores the comparison between the image that can be created for the screen (lonely Jensen) and the reality of behind the scenes (all that equipment!). Another "love letter" to fans perhaps? I have a feeling there'll be more to come, leading up to the season opener. ;)

I don't think these are spoilery at all. On set, but no real idea of what's going on )
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you Saxxy thang...

Ok. So this happened on twitter and it's kinda hilarious and fun. And hot if you wanna imagine Jared doing a campaign for SAXX underwear.


more tweets )

I had to have some fun with it so, some gifs.

Jared trying out his modelling moves:


more of Jared's butt... )

Oh twitter can be so much fun at times. It will be quite something if Jared gets a SAXX campaign purely from the force of his fans. Though, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by that.
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Argh! I want to marry the person who made this!

44 Times You Couldn't Deny Your Jared Padalecki Crush

So much beauty and adorableness in one post! Of course, I never deny my Paddles crush. And really? Only 44? This is worth a peek even you if (think) you're not a Paddy fan. :))

Jared gifs

May. 31st, 2014 09:57 pm
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I made some smiley, dorky Jared gifs from the JiB con. Just cause he makes me happy. :)

Jared-JIB-faces4 Jared-JIB-smile2
Jared-JIB-smiles3 JP-smiles-JIB


I don't usually watch the con footage (because it often makes me squirm), but I listened to some from Jensen's panel and I was impressed with how generous he was with his answers - and how thoughtful he his. They both give great answers even though they don't know the future for their characters. They must also hear the same question over and over and they still seem to answer it as though it was the first time. I love the answers in this Jensen panel about him getting "out" of character. He also mentions Jared a lot. I find that kind of sweet. :)
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There are HEAPS of pics around of the new promo shots. But I have to post these two here so I can DROOL over them until my heart's content! (which will probably be never because LOOK AT THEM!)

pinched from here

One of Jensen. Cut for TOO MUCH HOT! )
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Direct Link

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Jared hair!!

Dimples! Hair! Smile! Skin! JARED! \o/

This pic is by @timtolbin and edited by [ profile] redteekal. (Thank you!!)

I am sure you've seen the AMAZING pics taken by [ profile] redteekal and @timtolbin of Jared during Nerd HQ, but just in case you haven't go HERE and HERE (The second link is massive! \o/).

Happy Birthday Jared! I sometimes wonder how you are even real. <3
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Holy hell...I can't breathe...

I just. I'll be in my bunk...

Snagged from [ profile] all_spn who snagged it from here

In other news... Sons of Anarchy is still blowing me away (into season two now) and I see there's a new Game of Thrones ep (\o/). As much as I can't wait to watch, I am also nervous as hell because... *guh* that show!

"Missing" just started here. Can anyone say if it's worth a look?

*goes back to drooling*
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[ profile] raloria posted this on her awesome [ profile] spn_ontheset comm and it really made me wonder....

another Jared talent..? )

Also... I deserve a friggin MEDAL for not checking out the preview for the next ep. YOU GUYS!! Is it Saturday (well, you know, Friday...) YET?!?!
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And yep! This is what I picture.... I JUST CAN'T HELP MYSELF!

Congrats to Jared, Gen and Uncle Jensen!! (hee...#unclejensen was trending on twitter at one point. So was #welcomepadababy I have a feeling fandom may well 'cause the internets to explode!)
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'cause I'm home alone and somewhat bouncy.

I'm EXCITED like you wouldn't believe because ONE MORE SLEEP PEOPLES!!!! (some of you will be just waking up with means.... TODAY!)

Warning: This is my brain firing all over the damn place.

I just finished re-watching 6.22 in preparation. \o/ (why didn't I pick up Balthazar's "How’s Sleeping Beauty? You didn’t steal any kisses I trust?" before?!) Oh Show... you do tease. <33

So. First a question. Why are Big Bangs called Big Bangs? Just curious.

Second: Look what I bought today! (I'm such a dag). I didn't get my act together to send one to the set so I bought myself one (so I could smile fondly and think about my show when I look at it) because...

Devil Duck keyring!... )

Third: Did you see this :koff: is that a gun in my pocket picture of Jared?! Holy that for real or do I have an over active imagination? *blush*

Do they make socks big enough... )

And finally.

Connection between then and now )

Right. I better shut up. Too much random for one night.

To think. This time tomorrow we shall have had SHOOOOW!
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I like the way you move
Banner by [ profile] maichan808 *smish*

Title: Jared Padalecki - I Like the Way You Move
Vidder: [ profile] ash48
Song: by Bodyrockers
Category: RPV (Real Person Vid) J1
Length: 2.05m
Size: 29.8 mb
Summary: The ball of energy and joy that is Jared Padalecki.

Links: You Tube | Sendspace | 4Shared

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..on the one hand I hate it when you go down... on the other hand.... thank you!! I had time to watch the AWESOMENESS that is Jared Padalecki!! (link to SuperWiki and the Comic Con Nerd HQ YT posts)


ok... so.. here's a snap shot of the chat because I am so full of GLEE I had to DO SOMETHING! (without spoilers for eps... just what's in the vids...)

ranty ranty squee love inside... )

*phew* that's better... I usually get squicked when watching this stuff. And I did worry in the beginning but once it started I was totally enthralled. <3
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*GUH* Sooo much love....

Pic unashamedly snagged from [ profile] deirdre_c's post here because HOLY HELL!! LOOK AT HIM!! He's positively lickable...and his HAIR! *thud*

I wasn't going to do a birthday post thing but then I saw pics and posts and my heart swelled and then I became a wee bit teary thinking about the sheer JOY this man and my show has given me over the years. He's responsible for soooo much fun and love and... discovering YOU ALL!

Thank you Jared (from the bottom of my heart) and Happy Birthday. <3333333

Check out [ profile] wendy's Jared's Birthday Love Post... for pics and wonderful real life meeting Jared stories and overall love that this man inspires.


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