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Happy New Year lovely peeps!

At the beginning of each year I wonder what I might vid in the future. I know I'm going to want to do something, but at the moment I have no idea. I can't see me signing up to challenges this year because I'm finding the time constraints a little too stressful. But, that doesn't mean I wouldn't love to make a vid for someone.

So, if you have any ideas (a song, an idea etc) here's a chance to let me know. It doesn't have to be a vid either - it could be a picspam or maybe even thinky thoughts on a particular topic. Of course, it doesn't mean I'll actually get to do it (/o\), but it might spark my muse and you never know! :D

So. Have at it! A wish list! <3
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Warning. Potentially triggery content.

The rapier wit... )
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The reason I love discussing the show is that it helps me get to grips with something I might have missed or not understood.

One thing that has been a kind of revelation to me is a new view on why Sam didn't tell Dean he was dying. I realise I could be way off base here, but at the moment it's actually getting me excited again. And yes, I KNOW it could all get chucked out next episode but even if it does, I think this will be my head canon on this.

perhaps S9 is still in play after all )
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Warning. Don't click if show crit concerns you. Please. I want to be able to say some stuff and invite others to do so if they want to, without retribution (not that I ever get that *hearts you all*, but I just want to warn that I want to create a space for people to chat about Show concerns). It's really about getting stuff off my chest - and yours too if you want to.

Disclaimer: I still love the show. I love Dean. I love these characters. Wanting more for a character I adore isn't me hating on the show for no reason.

Is my bitter Sam!girl showing? )
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It seems the simple sandwich plays quite a significant role in Supernatural. We already know how important food is to Dean - we know he loves pie and burgers (extra onion), and we know Sam loves his salads, but sandwiches also feature rather a lot. I thought I'd gather together all the moments sandwiches are used and take a light hearted look at their significance (gif heavy).

Take a bite... )

Done! Now wipe your mouth Dean...

7.09 wipes mouth
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I was going to post a couple of my favourite shots from the episode and as I was looking for the screen caps I noticed a visual theme running through the episode. I've always like Guy Bee's visual story telling. He made some wonderful choices in the way he framed his shots and used a recurring visual element.

Behind Bars )
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On Fandom Reactions and Reacting. And why the request to "...just stop watching" is difficult.

Please note that this is not in response to any one person's comment. My husband said it to me recently and it got me thinking. Also, I started writing up a disclaimer for my reaction posts and realised I had some things I wanted to say about negativity and episode reactions. I've also been tussling with Twitter and trying to figure out how to successfully "play" over there.

What do you mean I should stop watching? )
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A couple years ago I was approached by [ profile] fangasm to see if I would be interested in compiling some screen caps (no more than 20 from seasons 4-8) that could highlight the cinematography of the show for their book: Fan Phenomena: Supernatural (edited by Lynn Zubernis and Katherine Larsen). I leapt at the opportunity (of course! *g*), not least because it's one of my favourite things to talk about.

In order to do this I created this post so I could share my thoughts with some fellow fans. I didn't feel like I could do this by myself so I asked [ profile] galwithglasses, [ profile] el1ie,and [ profile] missyjack to help me with some suggestions and provide feedback on my choices and text (thank you ladies!).

This helped provide a backdrop to an interview by Lynn Zubernis with cinematographer, Serge Ladouceur. Much of this is speculation from me about what might be represented in each shot. During the interview (in the book), Serge was asked about these shots and he shed some light on the cinematic process.

I loved putting this post together so I thought I'd share it with those who might be interested in the visual meta of Supernatural.

Cinematography of Supernatural

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a Supernatural fan is being able to appreciate the gorgeous cinematography presented in each episode. It is obvious how much thought and care is taken when considering shots and it's always great fun analysing the possible meaning behind certain shot choices.

The last four seasons have given us some absolutely fabulous moments and I'm thrilled to be able to present some of my favourites.


6.08 All Dogs Go to Heaven
Director: Philip Sgricca

I have to start with one of my all time favourite shots. This is a brilliant use of architecture. The bridge feels like such a huge and heavy weight above the boys - symbolising the constant weight they have on their shoulders. It looms above them and makes them look so small and alone. The lines of the bridge, the fence and even the angled stream of light, draw the viewer's eye to the centre of the frame.

More here )

Fan Phenomena: Supernatural can be purchased HERE or at most conventions.

All caps from Home of the Nutty
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As there is no episode this week I thought I'd post some thinky of one of my all time favourite TV characters - Dean Winchester.

I was replying to a comment on my last reaction post and I typed (about Dean) "He was once a hero to me, I just don't see that Dean any more. Sadly".

It really made me stop and consider what that actually meant. How could Dean not be a hero to me anymore? He's always held that place in my heart. My LJ profile has forever stated "I'm a Sam!girl, but not without my hero Dean".

What changed? When did I stop seeing a hero? I decided to write this down to make some sense of it.

This isn't about Dean "bashing" (seriously? How could I ever "bash" a character who has been dear to my heart since the show began?). This isn't about loving one brother over the other, or thinking one is in any way better than the other. At all!

This is actually about trying to piece together Dean's journey and find out when he went from being my hero to someone I don't recognise that quality in any more.

Before I start I will say that I fully understand that Dean's heroism isn't why everybody loves Dean. We all have different aspects of a character that we love. For me, his heroism is an aspect of his character that I have always loved and admired and the thing that I find I am really missing now.

I Need a Hero: Missing Dean Winchester. )
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It's been announced that Bloodlines is not being picked up. I was only going to write a few lines about it and then I got thinking and it turned into an essay (of sorts).

Supernatural: Bloodlines. How to misread your audience )
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A little early, but I am going away tomorrow and won't be back until the new year.

I've made fewer vids this year compared previous years. I think mostly because I was busy with two major projects early in the year (neither have been released yet), and I also discovered tumblr (and gif making) and that seemed to occupy a lot of my time.

Fanvids )

Meta/Picspam/Gif sets )
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Made for the lovely [ profile] deirdre_c! Happy birthday sweetie!!


Title: Perversion for (non) Profit
Vidder: [ profile] ash48
Graphics and sound effects: [ profile] maichan
Beta [ profile] counteragent
Category Crack, meta, wincest
Footage: Perversion for Profit at the Prelinger Archives and Supernatural
Music: Tracey's Theme by Spencer Ross
Length: 3.30m Size: 64 mb
Warnings: wincest, porn, snails, ponies, tentacles oh my! (probably NSFW)
Summary: A very serious and important video for [ profile] deirdre_c exposing celebrating "perversion" in the SPN fandom.

Watch/DL: You Tube || sendspace || 4 Shared

embed, thanks and notes )
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This is my broments entry for [ profile] theheartofspn. I needed to say a lot more about this one so I have created a separate post - which became meta. I suppose everyone will have their own take on that scene. Here's mine.

8.06 broments 1

That's not Dean, Sam. )
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I can't stop thinking about how familiar many of the scenes were in episode 8.01. I love the deliberate choices to "call back" or mirror past episodes. It not only uses our past knowledge of those moments but it also gives them extra significance by being used again.

I thought I'd take a little look at those moments.

Where have I scene that before? )

There may be some others but they are the ones the came to mind on the first viewing. I do love that they have chosen to present the scenes like this. It raises the question...what will be different this time and why?
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Meta by [ profile] ash48 (with [ profile] zimshan) Artwork by [ profile] zimshan

Compiled for [ profile] theheartofspn

A while back I examined the number of times the boys have been separated and reunited during seasons 1 to 6.11 of Supernatural (Return to Me). As season seven ended with another separation it seems an appropriate time to revisit this theme and take a look at why separations and reunions are so important in the Supernatural 'verse.

(NOTE: There are NO S8 spoilers in the text. I am somewhat spoiled for S8 so I don't mind discussing them but please note if your comment will contain a spoiler so others can avoid it if they want to).

LINK: Separations and Reunions in Supernatural

Huge thanks to [ profile] zimshan for the beta, the extra thinky thoughts and stunning graphics. I love the way her choices and juxtaposition speak volumes. <3 Thanks also to [ profile] maenad for the beta and for her wonderful thinky ideas. *hugs*
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Bromance 2

I am totally wearing my heart on my sleeve here, but stuff it! I love the SamnDean bromance in the Show and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I've been thinking about the broments in S7 and thought I'd share.

Top Bro!ments in Season 7 (image heavy) )

We may not have had the heart wrenching angst or overt bro!moments in S7 but the overall feeling of them working as a unit, figuring out their trust issues and demonstrating their CONSTANT LOVE FOR EACH OTHER made this season enjoyable for me.

I may have missed some moments (or yours might be different) so feel free to let me know!

Screencaps from [ profile] homeofthenutty. Colouring and cropping by me. Thanks to [ profile] el1ie for the twice over and suggestions. (though I've tinkered a lot since the last look /o\) <3
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This is pretty self indulgent I know, but after a couple of requests for the "essay" I thought I'd do this.

These are my thoughts and reasons behind each clip choice in my recent vid Maybe I could be saved. Completely boring I'm sure so please feel free to pass on by. I was thrilled with the response it received and this is just for those die hard enthusiasts who might want to know about this stuff.

Making a vid - Behind the scenes )

That's it! Man.. if you made it this far congratulations!! And if you didn't... I don't blame you! :D

I get that my ideas behind each clip may not be how a viewer might see them - or interpret them. I was curious that one comment I had said the vid showed "hope." At no point did I think about it being hopeful but I love that it could be interpreted like that. I don't think there's any one way of viewing something. A bit like the Show. No one can ever see something "wrong" because it's so personal and we each bring our own experience to it. (/here endth the wanky stuff...).

(tomorrow - light and fluffy vid with no deep and meaningful behind it! *g*)
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I recently made a vid of the Winchesters dueling and some of the responding comments got me thinking about all those moments the boys come to blows.

Nothing says I love you like a punch in the face )
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WELCOME BACK SHOW! \0/ (Stop going away and making us addicts suffer so.... )

spoilers make for psychopathic bosses )


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