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My darling friend [ profile] redteekal (who is currently at the JiB con - lucky duck!) tweeted me something about one of Sam's lines in the finale that I'm not entirely sure what to do with.

Because clearly my attempt to not think about the show OR the finale is not working...

for those who are still in thinky mode... )

In other news fandom seems to have exploded over Jensen saying there's nothing more than friendship between Dean and Cas. I'm not venturing too far out there because, boy, emotions are high. I am, however, proud of Jensen for finally saying something that's clear about the relationship. I'm a little confused how this is any sort of deal breaker though. Nothing has changed. Not a thing. Fans can still read whatever they like in the relationship. Same way they do for Sam/Dean. Dean/Cas has never existed in the text, same way Sam/Dean hasn't. Don't mean you can't ship it! :)

Ooh, conventions do stir things up a bit (mostly by people not actually there it seems). :)
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Please don't enter if you don't want to read ranting, swearing, sarcasm, wank inducing comments and general lack of positiveness.

I'm not even kidding guys. It's probably due to the bad mood that I have been carrying all day and the lack of wine I drank during the episode. It's not even that I totally hated it. It's just that realisation (like the one I had in the middle of last season) that it's not going anywhere near where I was hoping it would. I'm mostly just venting (but please heed the warning. I am more than happy to hear your positive comments though - if fact, I probably need some cheering up).

I think I've figured out the one thing I really want from this show... )
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I just had a thought (as you do).

I have a feeling the Show sees what Dean did as saving Sam. Purely, just, saving Sam. Many feel (me included - now) that Sam didn't actually need saving (aside from the fact that he did so he didn't die etc etc). He was ready to die so the only reason he was brought back was because Dean couldn't live with him dead. So if this is the case they really won't feel that there is anything to address in the way Dean actually went about saving him. It's just what you do to save your family - they are the boundaries you cross and it doesn't matter because at least you've saved your brother. It's pretty simple really (and therefore solidifies the fact that the manner in which Dean saved Sam won't be addressed because it doesn't actually matter. To them).

(you all knew that already didn't you? I'm just slow it would seem.../o\)

And now for a wee rant.

spoilers! (no pics, just promo tag lines )
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This may not be a "smart move".

But dang it, I'm home alone tonight and I've been wanting to chat about this so I'm posting it.

please scroll on by if you'd rather stay blissfully unaware of SPN controversy surrounding that last episode, or you've had enough of it... )
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There was a time (about 3 or 4 years ago) that hearing a fan say they are no longer enjoying The Show made me feels all sorts of sad. I even used to try and convince people that it would be ok and DON'T GOOOOOO! "but just will get better for you..." (/o\)

fannish ponderings )

No idea why I spewed that all over my journal. I just felt like getting that off my chest.

(I love the new "collapse". Thanks LJ.)
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[ profile] maenad has written the most incredible meta on Supernatural and the Soul. It's wonderfully detailed and provides some plausible and interesting insights into the way the soul is used in Supernatural. It's one of those pieces where you need to set aside some time and absorb the thoughts. But do! It's well worth the time. ;)


[ profile] runedgirl recently wrote a piece addressing some of those S8 spoilers. Resurrection It's a fix it for spoilers. :) It's absolutely wonderful and makes sense of everything that has come out in the spoilers. Go read if you are feeling in any way worried. Even if you're not it's a fab read. (Wincest)


Have you discovered [ profile] badbastion yet? She draws all those things you imagine when you read porn. ;D Friggin' hot! Here's her latest - Look at yourself Sammy (totally NSFW!)


I know you have ALL seen the gag reel, but here's a link just in case. It's full of J2 love and I adore it but... why so short? There has to be hours of outtakes. Only 6 mins? Boo. I remember hearing an interview by Guy Bee saying that during Hello Cruel World there was enough gag reel material to run for ages. *grabby hands* I want it!! Anyway...the Js love, respect and trust each other SO much... (no tin hat required!).


[ profile] missyjack has written a great summing up of the show that could. Did! It made me a little teary and a little proud. It's a lovely reflection.

Fandom stuff:

This is an interesting article I snagged from a link provided by [ profile] yourlibrarian. It's something that I've been thinking about a lot lately. The various fandom platforms and the (perhaps) decline of LiveJournal.

It stresses me greatly that a forum like LJ might be in decline. I mean, I know it is, but what else or where else provides a platform like this one? Tumblr seems to be the fandom sweetheart at the moment but it just doesn't fulfill those connecting with "real" people needs that I have. I see pretty pics and I think WOW and I "like", but it just doesn't seem enough. I want to say that to the actual creator but figuring who that is seems to be a trial. I get that they receive the stats on who has liked and reblogged but, idk, seems impersonal. Also, reblogging just means that everyone who keeps seeing the same stuff over and over. Then there's all the pics you really don't want to keep seeing! Argh...nothing makes me feel my age more that not understanding something...

I will say that I didn't get twitter for ages either. But I do now, so maybe it's just a matter of spending some time there. Or not. ;)

Wow...that turned into a rant. Ooops.


Nov. 15th, 2011 06:58 pm
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MAN! What a day! The kids are freakin' feral. It's battle to get through the day with my sanity intact. I actually banged my head on the white board in frustration today. It was either that or shout SHUT THE FUCK UP! ::koff:: Needless to say, I took a deep breath and reminded myself that I do actually love my job. Most of the time.


a bit of stuff re 7.08 )

Ack! Far too heavy for a Tuesday night/morning. Ignore me.

Let's look at something more positive.

Check out this post by [ profile] galwithglasses. She makes some great observations on the colour episode 7.08. I love that sort of stuff. :D

Oh and there's a bottom!Sam/Jared meme happening here.'cause I have a "thing" for that also. And um... well... other stuff too it would seem. \o/
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What the fuck?!

How the hell can they reschedule Supernatural until NEXT WEEK!!!

Didn't they see my vid?! Don't they know how excited I am?!! (WE are!!!)

That SUCKS!! And it is NOT FAIR!! *stamps foot*

(Yes... I am totally 12 when it comes to this show. You've probably figured that out already).

*lays on the floor and kicks legs* and bawls...

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... :((((((((((((((((((

(tell me that's a typo someone. Nikita is listed 3 times in one week. Surely they would schedule a repeat instead of OUR SHOW!!)

ETA: Looks like their reasoning is to give Nikita (who will be competing against American Idol when it opens), a better chance in the ratings by repeating it on Friday. SUCKS!!! So getting SPN on the cover of TV weeks means nothing - obviously! (fan rants and info are CW lounge) *still mighty pissed*
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God damnit! I RESISTED. I did. It took a lot of effort and I was proud of myself. I really didn't want to know what was going to happen in the next ep and now someone just posted it as a SUMMARY to some meta - all over the place!! (avoid hurt_sam and oh_sam comms if you're trying to avoid them btw)


I suppose I should just go an watch it now. :(((((

(It's definitely easier not avoiding spoilers. I think I will go back to checking them out from now on).

No more spamming. Time to put my head down and do some vidding. Gorgeous Dean is awaiting me... *G*
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and so I wondered if my knowledgeable flist could shed any light...

Spoilery only for S4 )


Feb. 24th, 2009 11:20 pm
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God DAMNIT!! I hate it when a video gets the better of me.......

I think I've just discovered my limits and I iz not pleased!! :(

And it was gonna be wincest and all. :) The friggin' idea is there but I just can't seem to execute it.


But I'm like a dog with a bone - it's unlikely I will be able to let this go ....... but, damnit!, I may just have to....


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