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Oh good lordy! There's delicious hurty Sam stuff going on over at [ profile] ohsam. Excuse me while I wallow! (and dammit, I came too late and left a prompt buried deeeeep. But boy am I enjoying the works. Like [ profile] cassiopeia7 awesome art work here).


Mar. 1st, 2015 11:10 pm
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I'm slowly catching up on my flist's work... (damn slowly! /o\)

Some recs:

If you haven't seen this amazing graphic art by [ profile] chomaisky you MUST check it out. It's NSFW so be warned... but damn! It's glorious. I ADORE the style and soulless!Sam and reluctantly tempted Dean is absolutely wonderful.

[ profile] quickreaver has posted some more thinky thoughts on Sam and highlights something great points in the storytelling.

And now I have the urge for someone to post some Dean thinky! We're seeing Dean's story deliciously unfolding. I know Dean fen are happy (I think!), and I'd love to know what the thought are on that. Dean is fighting his inner demons (and the one forced upon him) and I'd love to know if this is fulfilling hopes and expectations for Dean's story.

In other news. I've been making a happy J2/SamnDean vid (Jam and Jean I've been informed *g*) and whilst making said vid I got distracted by Jensen and his damn hula hooping antics at the last con. So I started another *mini* vid and I think it's the weirdest, crackiest vid I've ever made. Even I'm thinking "I'd like some of what she's on!". That said, I'm know I'm going to need someone to look at it and question the planet I'm on. If you think you're up for it, let me know! It will probably fulfil one of my experimental bingo prompts I thinking...
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Here's a few things worth checking out!

If you're on twitter you probably already follow @FangasmSPN (If not I recommend following because it'll keep you up to date on all things SPN). Or, you might follow their blog Fangasm. It's run by two super Supernatural fans - Lynn Zubernis and Katherine Larsen.

Well, they are now on LJ - [ profile] fangasmspn. They have recently created a new community here (though they have been involved in fandom for a long time) and have posted some information about their latest book Fangasm: Supernatural Fangirls

If you're a fan -- of SPN or anything -- we think you'll recognize yourself in Fangasm. At the very least, you'll laugh at our misadventures as we fall in love with Supernatural, discover the wonders of online fandom, and then hit the road (and the books) to figure out what the heck is going on with us!


This is Jared doing his impression of a 'Fangasm' for them. (ha! I love Jensen's face!). I think I have a fangasm every time I think about how generous the cast and crew have been with their time - not only for this book, but for the future ones also. AND when I think about how much work Lynn and Katherine have done to create these wonderful works for us.

I haven't read it yet, but I love the idea of a journey through fandom and what it means to be a supernatural fangirl. And I think for anyone who feels that fandom has changed them for the better (me me), then this will be a insightful and enjoyable read.

Also! The lovely [ profile] growyourwings's photography is in the book! \o/ Check out her post for more information.

It's available from Amazon if you want to grab a copy. :))
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OH MY FUCKING GOD! I have just watch the S9 sneak peak and I am so FUCKING EXCITED! (So excited I am swearing...)

Here's the sneak peak (massive spoiler alert!! I haven't checked tumblr yet but I figure there will be gifs and pics EVERYWHERE! No good for spoilerphobes that place..../o\)

lots to be excited about I think! )

*bouncy bouncy* Who would have thought after 9 years I could still be this excited!

Oh and if you haven't seen this wonderful article: Why we're excited about SPN S9 - a chat with Jared and Jensen over at Fangasm, you got to check it out! It's wonderful to get a close-up fan perspective on the Js and how they are feeling going into S9. More spoilers, but not as many as the sneak peek...). Warm fuzzy making! :)
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This is on tumblr here.

I've uploaded the images here because I NEED these stats on my journal. I can't get over the amount of work that would have gone into researching all this stuff. And then making all the cool graphics. This fandom can be batshit crazy (and yeah, I gotta say I'm seeing it now that I'm hanging around tumblr more) but wow, there are many more who are simply A-MAZING and take the time to give us this incredible stuff!


more awesome stats here )

Those graphs are amazing! I particularly love the way they provide a great comparison between seasons. Look how much Dean drank in S7! And how many times he said "Sammy" in S2! LOVE IT!


Mar. 7th, 2013 10:38 pm
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Who said fandom was dying on LJ?!! Did you see the Newsletter today? CHOCK FULL 'o goodies! \o/

The Supernatural Shake vid is made of win!! (no need for me to link because I know you ALL would have seen it a million times by now). What I LOVE is how much it confirms what an awesome set SPN is. Everyone keeps saying it's a great place to work and seeing stuff like that just confirms it. And double YAY to Jensen for suggesting it. *hearts* him.

If you're interested in the machinations of putting an episode together (in particular Trial and Error) be sure to check out [ profile] missyjack's interview with director, Kevin Parks. It's very interesting and insightful. We are so lucky that the crew are prepared to give us their time like this. They obviously appreciate the passion we have for the show. I

Boo, no show tonight. Though it actually ended up being a good thing. I was able to work on some fannish projects that I've been wanting to get finished. :))
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Yesterday was a day of SPN! \o/ I spent the day with the lovely [ profile] redteekal and we talked all things S8 (and re-watched a couple of S8 eps). I need to jot some of it down because we sorted it all out!! ;D

There's a lot of scattered thoughts here. It's my attempt to capture some of yesterday's discussion but also it works as a reflection on S8 so far. It's not negative, it's just musing about some of the unanswered and problematic moments in S8. I know I'm probably flogging a dead horse - it's likely all been said before (and over and over), but I want to get it out of my system before Act II commences. (Lots of points under the cut. I don't claim we answered these for everyone but it certainly helped me).

Nothing like some real live chat to mull it over... )

While I'm here have a rec! [ profile] missyjack had the wonderful opportunity to interview Mark Meloche, who is the Visual Effects Supervisor on Supernatural. It's a great interview and it gives you a real insight on some of the behind the scenes stuff. Check it out here. You can leave feedback here.
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I know SPN is just around the corner but I wanted to chat briefly about Les Miserables.

I watched Les Mis a few weeks ago. Since then I've read a some reviews and have spoken to a few people about it. I've needed to do this because after I watched it I was left with a mess of reactions to it and I haven't been able to express what I actually thought about it. I was at once in awe and bored. I was in tears and then looking at my watch. I loved it and hated it. I was entranced but also incredibly frustrated by much of it.

I am posting now because I've come across a review that nails it for me. I want to share this because it's not only a comprehensive and entertaining review of Les Mis it's also a FABULOUS lesson in cinematography (and Film Making 101).

more of this stuff if it interests you... )

oh, and a quote from this review I really liked...."And thus it brings us squarely into one of the most vile and misused words in the intellectual canon: pretentious. When talking about movies, or art, or individuals people seem to use the word pretentious wrong all the time. Most of the time they mean esoteric. Sometimes they mean ostentatious. But when someone is pretentious it means they are reaching for merit that is undeserved.

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Because...yes. That episode was just that good.

Just a couple of tiny observations and a rec.

I love it when show is clever.. )

I'm off to Sydney (again *g*) next week. Not a holiday this time though. I hope to have time to be on-line but I have no idea how busy I will be. (not too busy to watch the next ep I hope!)

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I recently filled up my iPod with podfics. I often take a chance on what I'm dl'ing - readers I don't know, writers I don't know, fics I'm not sure about. Sadly I gave up listening to 3 fics because they just weren't my thing (one because I find POV changes every paragraph really hard to connect with). But there were a few I can highly recommend:

Story: And Indeed There Will be Time
Author: [ profile] gretazreta
Reader: [ profile] painted_pain

Readers are artists and this reading is a very fine example of that artistry. She understand the poetry in a story and her voice matches this particular story perfectly. I got completely lost in the telling of this fic. Seriously, when you can actually see the ocean rather than the park you are walking in you know the reader is doing a great job.

And the story itself is beautiful. I adored Dean's voice and the underlying pain is palpable. It's mild Sam/Dean - but don't let that put you off - be it that you're not into Sam/Dean or want something more than "mild". This fic seems to work either way. It's curtain fic ... without the curtains. I adored it.

MORE recs! )

I love that there's so much going on during this dreadfully long hiatus. <3


Jun. 21st, 2012 09:54 pm
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I was lucky enough to have a sneak peek at this vid a couple of days ago and it blew me away.

In Your Darkest Hour by [ profile] callme_k

It impressed me not only because it is so beautifully vidded but also because I didn't expect for ONE MINUTE that I would be as moved as I was about a Cas vid. This isn't JUST a vid about Castiel though, it's about how he is there, and has always been there for our boys. It's as much about the Winchesters as it is about Cas. It's an AU and the way [ profile] callme_k has manipulated the footage to look like Cas is watching over them is wonderful. It's also works as an outsider POV of the boys and I always love that.

Damn it. Just trust me on this. Whether you love, hate or are indifferent about Cas I recommend this vid. I can't remember the last time a vid with Cas in it has moved me so much. It adds another layer to the meaning of "Team Free Will". I also love it when Cas is represented as being there for both Sam and Dean.

Go. Go!... and tell [ profile] callme_k how awesome she is. <3

While I'm here I also have to rec the A-mazing [ profile] secretlytodream's latest vid - Lonely Souls.

*guh* This gal! Her skill just...well, leaves me breathless to be honest. If she could bottle that she'd make a fortune. The timing of the edits in the vid is INCREDIBLE and the theme encompasses so much of what Supernatural is.

I'll toss in another rec while I'm here....

Check out [ profile] missyjack's poem dedicated to [ profile] spnstoryfinders - Can You Rec Me?

It's HILARIOUS and very clever. Read the blurb to find out how this was constructed. OH FANDOM!!!

And now for some gorgeous art. There has been some wonderful art posted in the recent [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang postings and reccing all those would take another post. But this one you've got to check out NOW!!

Artwork for 143 Alice Grim Lane by [ profile] fanlay (Sam/Dean, probably nsfw). BEAUTIFUL AND YUM!!


Apr. 16th, 2012 09:26 pm
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Hee... I won something! \o/

[ profile] wendy has been running an autograph give away for the last few weeks. There were two winners and I was one! \o/ How cool.

I get Kim Rhodes, Chad Lindberg, Rob Benedict, Guy Norman Bee, Mark Sheppard, Richard Speight, Jr., Rick Worthy, Matt Cohen, and Misha Collins autographs. There's no way I'd ever be able to get those in person so I'm thrilled.



In other news...

Met up with the lovely [ profile] ruby_jelly for lunch yesterday. :DD I'm having such a great holiday...

I've just starting watching Sons of Anarchy and well, I think I might be hooked. I watched the first 3 eps in a row and I'm hanging out for more. Man... so intense. I'm loving the intrigue and the characters are so dynamic. And there might just be a wee bit of drooling over Jax...(thanks for those who recommended it).

Speaking of recommendations. For those who like action flicks with a hearty dose of bromance (and cheese) then you might like Battleship.

snip..more about the film... )
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Sometimes I miss posts. I'm not sure why but I'm wondering if it's because of the way I use LJ. I'm not sure about anyone else but I when I log on I scroll down my flist's posts until I come to the first one I can remember seeing. Then I stop there.

I know that posts are time dependent. If you work on a post and save it and post it the next day it will end up buried and the chances are no one will see it. So I figure the time something is posted needs to be absolutely current (I suspect even an hour later would make a difference to where it appears on other peoples flists).

I wonder if it's a time thing. Perhaps I should scroll down further maybe? Is there another way of "doing" LJ?

I nearly missed THIS AMAZING post re the last episode 7.16. If you love looking at the meaning of colours and FLOWERS and scenery and all that juicy stuff then you have to check out [ profile] galwithglasses post. Looking at posts like this make you realise how damn clever our is.

a wee bit of RL stuff )
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...just makes me want to BURST!!! \o/


from receiving PMs recommending fic, to someone taking the time to beta stuff you've done, to receiving comments on stuff you've made, to someone offering to make PDF's of fics you want to read off line, to knowing that someone is making a film (A FILM!!) based on SPN, to reading delightful (tucked away) J2 fairy tale fic , to people making art work that makes you want to SING (there's far too many to link, so instead just look HERE (at every post!)), to chatting about vid ideas with awesome peeps, to being excited and nervous about SPN renewal, to following peeps tweets, to being completely geeky about lamps and wall paper that may or may not be re-used in certain eps (oh lordy...) , to drooling over gifs that get posted, to being asked to beta stuff (and see it before anyone else! \o/), to people taking the time to take pics from recent cons and uploading them for us to see (and here), to having a wonderful comm that has the most AMAZING people contributing to it, and to people just sharing the SPN love!! \o/ (oh shut up... it's been a crazy weekend. Fandom is like, idk, respite from all that... truly...)

I just.

It's friggin' awesome is what it is.
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Motels of Supernatural Season 2 is now up at SuperWiki.

I meant to say in my last post that if you see any errors or have additional information please feel free to tell me. I figure these will be a work in progress and can be updated or changed if needed.

Special thanks to [ profile] missyjack for the additional information (check out the room full of room dividers in the art department \o/) and to [ profile] galwithglasses for the check over. Also thanks to [ profile] bellanut (whom I have not been able to get hold of unfortunately). Much of the information is gathered from her amazing motel picspams.

(I'm now feeling glad that S3 has only 16 episodes *g*)

And (completely unrelated to that) I've just seen this article (care of [ profile] all_spn) discussing the possibility of Supernatural graduating to the big screen. How AWESOME would that be? I think it would transfer brilliantly. (I doubt it will ever happen, but if there's people writing about it maybe TBTB will at least consider it).

Though in the article he (Darryl Jasper) states:

Kripke’s original vision was five seasons and while “Swan Song” would have been the perfect ending to the show (similar to ‘Buffy’s’ season five finale, “The Gift”) I for one am thankful it didn’t end there.

Oh man! So am I. And not because I wanted more seasons but if the series had ended with Sam rotting away in the cage and Dean attempting to carry on a "normal" life I would have been MOST dissatisfied. (what?! "perfect ending"...whaaaaaa) Happy to say I'm not. :DD

*sigh* back to work tomorrow. As much as I love my job and look forward to getting stuck in to it, I will miss the extra time holidays give me.
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They say the older you get the faster time seems to go by. Certainly true in my case. I can't believe it's another new year. 2011 was pretty good to me. I'm looking forward to 2012.

My sister's baby is due in 3 weeks. She's having a boy, but hasn't been able to decide on a name. She has three favourites (which she is keeping a secret) but I mentioned Jensen as a name and it has HIT THE LEAD! \o/ Hee! Can you imagine. A member of my family being called Jensen. That was make me smile. I also mentioned Sam and that's being considered as well. :D *fingers crossed* for a SPN baby name.

Aaaanyway. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. It's been a fun fandom year for me. Particularly being able to met some real life fangirls. LJ is my happy place. The place I come to escape real life stresses. So THANK YOU for making it such a happy place. (I hope it continues to be that way - with all the LJ changes and all).

If you haven't all ready seen this I recommend taking a look at [ profile] missyjack's Supernatural's Top Ten for 2011. It's a fabulous summing up of the year in fandom. And if you want to put a HUGE smile on your face also check out [ profile] secretlytodream's J2 vid of JOY Everybody. Happy J2 place of happiness.

*heffa hugs* to YOU ALL. I hope 2012 is a great year for each and everyone one of you.


Nov. 15th, 2011 06:58 pm
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MAN! What a day! The kids are freakin' feral. It's battle to get through the day with my sanity intact. I actually banged my head on the white board in frustration today. It was either that or shout SHUT THE FUCK UP! ::koff:: Needless to say, I took a deep breath and reminded myself that I do actually love my job. Most of the time.


a bit of stuff re 7.08 )

Ack! Far too heavy for a Tuesday night/morning. Ignore me.

Let's look at something more positive.

Check out this post by [ profile] galwithglasses. She makes some great observations on the colour episode 7.08. I love that sort of stuff. :D

Oh and there's a bottom!Sam/Jared meme happening here.'cause I have a "thing" for that also. And um... well... other stuff too it would seem. \o/


Apr. 29th, 2011 09:49 pm
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Are you voting for [ profile] juice817??

With only a couple of days to go every vote counts to keep her in the top 20. So if you haven't voted so far now is the time to start. It takes nothing to sign up and place your vote. Even if you don't know her amazing talent she's a fangirl and gives a lot to fandom. She totally deserves our support.

So... go HERE to vote.

*gulps* The hurt!Sam/Jared fanfic archiving and reccing community has been created. It'll be a little while before we can announce it because there's still a bit of work to do but... yeah. Wow... the discussion group has been AMAZING. No way it would have happened without them. <3333

I've just exceeded my damn download limit for the month. Which is total crap because SHOW TOMORROW! It'll only take about 3 hours to DL. Oh well... and you know. I do not have a clue what we are in for. Not even the title. (been far too busy with new comm thinking...vidding if so much easier!)

*hugs* don't forget to VOTE!!!!

INSTA REC: You have to see this post from [ profile] missyjack. Hearts ALL OVER IT! It's all about our love for the Js... brilliant!
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I haz some shiny new icons. \O/

After seeing this cracktastic post from [ profile] missyjack I was granted permission to have them made into icons. A talented fan came to my rescue (as I has no skillz in this areas) and produced these wonderful icons (this links to [ profile] missyjack's lj who has icons available for snagging if you wish).

Thanks gals. :D


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