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It's lovely to see discussion still happening on LJ. [ profile] dugindeep has posted a discussion on leaving feedback on fanworks and about fandom in general. Worth a read - some interesting thoughts have been shared.

Hope you are all well. I know I am guilty of not posting anything lately but I am enjoying my hiatus. The play is keeping me busy *g*. I'm looking forward to S12 now - I miss seeing my boys on the screen. <3
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Checking the dates it's been nearly a month since I posted anything. I think that might be some sort of record for me. /o\ I've been busy with stuff (some of it fandom focused) and, to be honest, I haven't really had anything to post about (this hellatus is taking forever!).

Yesterday I had a day off due to a rotten cold and I FINALLY had a chance to catch up on some fic 'n general LJ stuff. So I have a few recs. :)

See my new icon? How gorgeous is that?! It's by [ profile] dephigravity and it's part of the wonderful artwork to the equally wonderful fic, Refracted by [ profile] dugindeep. This is such a tender, delicately handled story and if you haven't read it I urge you to do so now. The art is a perfect match to the story.

I always love [ profile] zubeneschamali's work and I finally had a chance to read her latest story Astatine. Wow. I suppose I don't really need to say how amazing her world-building is because I'm sure you already know that (and if you don't perhaps you've been living under a rock or something..;D). This is a wonderful continuation of her first story in this 'verse, Palladium. Her observations about the human race are spot on, and the characters are fab.

While I'm here I can't neglect to mention [ profile] deirdre_c's glorious fic The Heart Must Yield. SO MUCH LOVE for this story. Dei creates a rich and beautifully textured world. The characters are absolutely delightful (and so many of them!). Love love love it.

I'm sorry I haven't been very articulate with this recs. My head is still a bit fuzzy (well, that's my excuse anyway).

Hope you're all doing well.


Mar. 16th, 2015 07:07 pm
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I haven't had a chance to check much out lately, but here's some wonderful things I have come across:

Gorgeous J2 vid:

from HERE (thanks to [ profile] redteekal for the heads up on this vid).

art, meta recs and gorgeous con pics under here! )


Dec. 23rd, 2014 11:10 pm
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If you're looking for some holiday reading and viewing check out [ profile] spn_littlebro's latest newsletter. It's Sam focused but there's also some great Dean works mixed in. We are blessed to have such awesome writers and artists in fandom.

If we've missed any PLEASE let us know.


Oct. 24th, 2014 11:37 pm
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I really have the urge to read fic where Sam returns with Dean's food, he gets drunk and then we get ALL the feels between the two of them. We're unlikely to get that in the show (especially the wincest-y version I imagine), so I think I need to read it! (if anyone has any recs OR wants to write one *hint* I'm just here waiting).

While I'm here I'd like to rec this great vid by emerging vidder [ profile] justmep2: Does That Make Me Crazy. This is only her 7th vid and she's done a wonderful job. This is about Demon!Dean - I love the way she's tied in relevant moments from Dean's past ago highlight the demon story. The editing is snappy and the song is great for d!dean. Check it out!

I'd also like to rec this tumblr post. I wouldn't normally do this but I think this highlights just how passionate SPN fans are. Even though this is probably WAY off course (not least because there's no way the writers would have even considered John's blood type), I think just the fact that it's caused a stir and got people talking and thinking is fun enough. It's a shame some peeps have been rude about it (come on! it's just a theory!) - but that just seems the way it goes these days. Sadly.

If fact, I've seen a few interesting things about S10 floating around. The biggest discussion point seems to be more )


Aug. 17th, 2014 07:02 pm
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Finally had a chance to look at some stuff, so here with a handful of recs.

[ profile] el1ie has posted a beautiful Musketeers vid Long Black Cloud. It's an AU about Athos, so even if you don't watch the show you can still enjoy the vid. :)

[ profile] sockkpuppett has created a crack vid to end all crack vids. Wrecking Ball (Warning: Hitler!) It's unique and brilliant constructed.

[ profile] amber1960 has created some wonderful hurt!Sam and hurt!Dean art. There's definitely a story behind this image (it just needs someone to write it! *bats eyelashes*).

[ profile] superkitte and created an AU vid about Sam saving demon!Dean, Slow Down. I have such admiration for people who can construct alternate realities videos.

[ profile] blackrabbit42 is a writing genius and has created a highly entertaining (and hot hot hot) fic! Jared Padalecki and the Kinky College Adventure- A Choose Your Porn Story. If you haven't already read do so! You can chose one adventure or ALL OF THEM!

[ profile] keep_waking_up's world building in her story Tails is fabulous. I got completely lost in the world of kitsunes and werecats. Kitsune!Jensen and werecat!jared are an absolute joy to read. There's action, adventure and awesome secondary characters. Even after over 67,000 words I didn't want to leave this world.

I have so many big bang stories and art to catch up on. Maybe that might happen this week. :)
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I want to share this great review of 9.13 at SpoilerTV: The Problems with Saving Each Other

It's an even handed and well observed look at the final scene (was there actually anything else in that ep? I seem to remember a tank top and a hair net…) and might actually make you believe Carver has a plan (ok, so it might not convince you, but I think there are some valid points). It also confirms my belief that he started this direction (but stumbled) in S8.

I'm still trying to get over the fans' reactions toward Sam. This review helped me understand it a bit better, but to be honest I am still left shaking my head. To not have a shred of sympathy for a character who has been through and suffered so much leaves me speechless. But. I don't want to rehash that. I know everyone has different views on the brothers - but I gotta say I never realised there was such a divide for some. I have no idea how anyone can actually watch the show with such a deep level of hatred for one of the main characters.

I thought this post by [ profile] bittersweettwit on why Sam's behaviour isn't OOC is interesting too. I've seen some comments (not on my journal) that suggest that Sam must still be possessed, or have Lucifer still inside him to say something like that. O_o This is a good argument for why he is actually in character.

And [ profile] fangasm has written an interesting and well constructed review that also looks at why fans have reacted so passionately about it - namely that we don't like change. I agree with much of it, but some I'm still pondering. I get that one of the reasons we love the show is because of the brothers unhealthy, messy, codependent relationship and we don't like the idea of that changing, but I for one would like to see them working toward a less destructive relationship full of positive love rather than the cycle of sacrifice and resurrections. The fact that they are addressing this now, could mean we are heading toward change. Personally, I think we can have a show about brothers who have a healthy(-er) relationship and it still be engaging and capture our hearts like it's done for years (or, you know…not ;D)

And if you're still feeling down or worried (or pissed) you've just gotta see the promo for 9.14. I'm pretty easy to please so just seeing the boys on the screen together makes me pretty damn happy (even when they are working through a rift). Shame we have to wait until the 25th to see it!
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You've probably seen this podcast recced around the place. It's for a good reason. It's awesome!

Aisha Tyler - Jared Padalecki - Girl on Guy

It's is a highly entertaining and interesting chat between Aisha and Jared. It's almost like you are eavesdropping on their conversation. It's so casual and candid. Aisha is absolutely delightful - she's a mix of squeeing fangirl and professional colleague.

Some moments I particularly loved... )

9.01 is still mulling around in my brain. I've had some wonderful discussions about it (thank you!) and I have to say I am even more excited about it - and the season. I can't wait to see 9.02 just to see what direction they are planning to take with it all. (And I'm trying to remain as spoiler free as I can now...;D)

[ profile] bertee has posted a wonderful recap/review on the episode. (sorry, just realised it's friend's locked). It's funny and insightful (and positive). One thing that particularly grabbed me was the reminder that this show is horror. What happened in 9.01 has some great horror elements and if they play this right we could have some very creepy scenarios.

[ profile] counteragent and created a fabulous introduction to her fan film The Other Side. Even if you haven't see the film (what? why not!?) you should check this out. It's great vidding, writing and performing. And it gives you some interesting insight about the making of the film.

While you're over there, also check out her 9.01 comment fic meme. I've been VERY lucky and had two prompts filled and they are GREAT! \o/ (eta: there's some awesome unfilled prompts over there dying for a story...)


Jun. 13th, 2013 06:44 pm
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Hey guys. If you haven't had a chance to vote in this poll perhaps pop by and clicky. I feel like making some geeky graphs (and wanna see if the oldest sibling trend continues...;D)

Every time a new [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang story appears I'm all "I WANNA READ!". They all sound so good. I hope to get a least one read this weekend. :)

Yay! This looks like fun!

Also...the [ profile] spn_littlebro newsletter is choc FULL of recs this month. :)
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[ profile] counteragent's amazing fan project The Other Side is now complete. There is an additional Gag reel part also!

I was privileged to see a lot of the raw footage and I can tell you that everyone seemed to have such great fun making this. The lead actresses have a natural chemistry and they have the same respect for each other that Jared and Jensen do. The casting couldn't have been better. They take their craft seriously, but didn't forget to have fun at the same time.

And [ profile] counteragent works like a boss!! She had a clear image of what she wanted and an excellent understanding of how to get it. It's no mean feat putting together a film like this. Be sure to stop by and shower her with all the love and hugs.

Also, check out the brilliant movie poster by [ profile] quickreaver. SO awesome.

Some other stuff...

[ profile] bertee has put together an awesome collection of Gods on Supernatural. I didn't realise there were so many.

[ profile] bertee has created some amazing picture posts over at [ profile] spnroundtable. My favourite is one that's close to my heart Show Some Restraint. BONDAGE! \o/ There's also - choking, plaid, ladies, boys getting dirty (not like that! sheeesh...) and many more. Who says Tumblr has all the pretty!?!

[ profile] galwithglasses has thrown in the towel! Check out the collection of towels used in SPN. Ha! I love collections...:D

Speaking of collections - I only recently discovered this one and it's SO COOL!

[ profile] cloex_brosluvr has a Sam and Dean Tie Collection from all the seasons! I love it.

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Stuff that's made me smile recently:

1. Fic: [ profile] debbiei66 wrote The Road, Again. Which just makes everything better after Swan Song. It's perfect and put me in a very happy place after that ep. (which I am STILL friggin' angsty about).

2. Con vid: I'm generally not a huge con vid watcher but when [ profile] greyowl88 sent me this (she's my dealer - she's fixes me up with all the good stuff!) - I took a peak. The quality is amazing. It's by Nisha1912 and the boys are absolutely delightful. My favourite part is the thing Jared dislikes about Sam:

vid streaming under cut )

3. This post by [ profile] maichan808. Channel Surfing being watching on the set of Supernatural?! *does the vid makers dance with maichan* (apparently it was sent to the boys by one of the set guys.. be awesome if they watched it!). Though also check out the info re her Jarad's Ass vid! Hee!

4. Another vid: Complete change of topic but if you are in any way confused about the European Debt Crisis you HAVE to watch this vid. (and, um... even if you're not). Thanks to [ profile] greenpear for the heads up. After watching this it ALL made perfect sense. And don't be afraid. It's hilarious. Aussies might know it anyway. It's Clarke & Dawe. Honestly. Watch it!

streaming under cut )

5. I'm feeling better. But holy crap. Three days off of work. That's unheard of for me. It was a strain of flu apparently with the only symptom being bone deep ache and fatigue. *sheesh* Weird.

Now I have the urge to learn how to make picspams. Like those really pretty ones. With lovely colours and everything. In fact I've checked out some tutorials and stuff and realise that it will require a whole new skills set. *heavy sigh* I want to be able to do it NOW! (I am incredibly impatient). I have an idea and I want to be able to just DO it. But the word "Photoshop" sends me into a spin. Though I have dabbled so maybe I just need to dabble some more. And for those who haven't seen it (though I'm pretty sure you all would have done) you've got to take a look at this post on picspamming. Amazing and a real eye opener on how involved they are. And *koff* - like that.

That's it. :D


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