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Nov. 21st, 2015 10:40 am
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Hey guys! I know I have comments to answers, but I'm a little distracted this weekend because we FINALLY got all the necessary approvals to open the bar. It's been many years in the making (3 since the registration of the name), so it's with huge relief that I can post to say - YAY, we have a bar. \o/ It's actually my husband and his business partner's venture - but it's been a huge part of my life recently. We had a "soft" opening last night (family and friends) to test things out and it all went very well.

We open the doors to the public at 3pm today. We're very keen to see what the reaction will be like. :)


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You know I love you...

I feel bad that I did have a chance to participate in the awesome love meme. Truth is, this is the first time I've been able to actually sit down at the computer (for any length of time) and I am truly overwhelmed with how many people I'd like to leave love comments to. Which is ALL OF YOU! But I know I just won't have the time.../o\ I know it's a cop out, and I'm really sorry. But please know that you all mean so much to me. From those who lurk to those who take the time to engage with me often. I appreciate the talent, the passion, the intelligence and the love that all of you share. Thank you. <33

I am now back from my family escapade. It was full of drama, but I seem to have survived unscathed. In fact, I had a wonderful time. I have missed fandom though - especially when there's been so much going on! I hope to be around again soon (I wanna chat about those spoilers! ;D)

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Feb. 7th, 2014 11:14 am
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Hey lovely peoples. I feel like I'm falling behind and looking at stuff (I see there's a ton of art and fic around) but I am seriously short of time at the moment. My play is in its second week (going really well! We've had some great feedback) and I'm back at work (arghhhhh Year 3! Such a steep (re-learning) curve from teaching Year 7.

The conversation on the last episode has been epic! I'm making my way through all the awesome comments. Once again I thank everyone for being so awesome and respectful of other fans thoughts. It was a pretty divisive episode - I suppose the thing I'm hoping is that at least some people are beginning to see that there are two sides here. Once both sides can be seen it makes things a little easier to accept (maybe?). And even after reading all the stuff I am still feeling positive and excited for this direction. I know in my heart of hearts this isn't the end of their remarkable and amazing love for each other (can't rehash it all here - but it's expressed in much of the replies in the reaction post).

(Just did a small flist tidy. Mostly removing deleted journals, inactive comms etc. If I accidentally removed you (ack!) let me know…)
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Happy New Year to all you lovely lovely people.

I've just returned from a wonderful break (even a break from the internet!) so I have a lot of catching up to do. I did a quick scan through all the posts I missed and I'm not sure I will ever get completely caught up.../o\ SO many! (YAY!). I also want to leave comments on some of the great fics I read when I was away. I will do my best!

I have a week at home before I go on another holiday. A "proper" one this time (to Queensland). I am hoping to get a few fannish projects done before I go (and finish answering some questions *g*). I will be away when the show returns but I will be seeking out a DL so I can watch and (hopefully!) squeeee….

I wish you all the best for the coming year. I hope each and every one of you have a great one.
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These are my animals Charlie (dog) and Harvey Pepper (cat).

Hope you all have a lovely festive season. I feel blessed to have met you all here. <3
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for [ profile] alexisjane and [ profile] quickreaver

How did you come to be a vidder? (And an SPN vidder in particular?) )

I'll answer the "why an SPN vidder in particular" in combination with [ profile] quickreaver's question because the reason I vid SPN is connected to...

Why Supernatural? What is it about this show that has won your fannish heart?  )

ask a question
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…if you'd like to.

Hey lovely peoples. Hope you are enjoying the lead up to Christmas. Surprisingly, I actually am. Usually I am rather fraught this time of year but I feel pretty darn organised and content. Being on holiday certainly helps with the overall feeling of sheer happiness (and reading the lovely comments on my last vid. I feel no shame in saying they mean a lot to me <3. The love meme thread was wonderful also. THANK YOU for all your lovely comments. The last few weeks of school were rough, so they really helped me through. Seriously. <33).

I've seen a couple of memes floating around - one was the December ask-a-question meme and there's a vidding one which has been interesting also.

I didn't have time to do either of these but I have a little bit of time up my sleeve now so if you wanted to ask a question feel free!. It doesn't have to be vidding related (though if it is I'll probably include it in my end of year round up *g*). I have a few days off before I head to a place called Seabird for some R&R with my hubby and a group of friends - so I'll be looking for something to do (I'm taking some time off making stuff until the new year. I think. I mean, if I can stop myself…)

So. Ask away! It can be anything - fandom related, vidding or RL. Then I'll post the answers (if there's any questions of course…;D) over the next few days.

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I did an audition today and just found out that I got the part. :) There were 4 others going for the role so I'm pretty happy to have won that one. It's for a play called Brilliant Lies. It's by an Australian playwright - David Williamson. It looks at the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace. I will be playing an anti discrimination mediator (who has a few issues of her own).

I wasn't going to do another play so soon, but I really like the director's work and I know she'll do a good job of directing. It does mean I'm back to limited time for fannish stuff (boo!), but acting is like therapy for me, so I think it will be worthwhile.

School finishes in 2 weeks. YAY! 5 weeks holiday here I come (boy, do I need it…). I'm going to spend a week in Queensland in January, which will my first "proper" holiday in about 12 years (how did THAT happen?!)

on the fannish front )

show talk )

Hope you are all well and surviving the lead up to Christmas. The world's kind of a mess at the moment so I'm hoping we figure out ways to consume less and take the time to appreciate humanity more.

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Originally posted by [ profile] marciaelena at Climate: Report the Truth

From Avaaz:

Dear friends,

Today, the world's top scientists will release the most important report in decades: proving once and for all that climate change is a massive threat, but that government action now can stop catastrophe. It's a global wake up call to save our planet, but big oil and dirty energy have a powerful bully who's rallying to stop the truth from coming out.

Rupert Murdoch owns hundreds of major media outlets including ultra conservative Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, and he's using his media power to help his oil buddies stop governments acting to curb their profits. In the US alone, a shocking 80% of climate stories from Murdoch's select papers mislead readers about global warming! Now he's set his sights on this groundbreaking report, and his media empire will dominate the conversation unless people around the world stand together and drown him out.

Battles like this are won or lost in the court of public opinion. One giant global petition supporting climate truth plus letters to the editor, tweets, social media messages could be the blows we need to win this fight. Let's call Murdoch out now and persuade him to back off his attack on science and report the truth. Join now and spread the word -- when our call reaches 1 million we'll send a group of the world's best scientists to directly give him the facts.

This report written by 2000(!) scientists will be the most comprehensive body of evidence on global warming in years. It states that global warming is "unequivocally" human made, and that urgent action is required by our governments to avert the impact it could have on our earth through droughts, storms, sea level rise, melting glaciers and ice sheets. Climate change will affect all of us, starting with our coral islands, our crops, our seas, and our coastal cities, everywhere!

But acting to reverse the damage to our planet will take courage and politicians have used the false "climate debate" fueled by right-wing climate deniers as excuses for inaction. That's why big oil and energy spend so much time funding junk science to question the fact of climate change and the plan needed to reverse its devastation. Murdoch is such a powerful friend because he gives the junk tons of media play around the world. Others join in and they drag more balanced media down as editors feel compelled to mention this phony debate in the name of "objectivity".

Government representatives are sitting down with the scientists right now to determine what this report means and what needs to be done. It could be the catalyst for global action that is vital to salvage our earth, but if our media outlets follow Murdoch's lead, we'll lose this key moment for visionary policy that is critical to stop the global crisis of our time.

Let's get the media to report the truth, end the false climate debate and start the serious battle to end climate change. Sign the petition now to call out Murdoch's spin:

Scientists say if we don't act now, it's over. We will simply tip over the point where we can stop the impact of global warming. Our political leaders are beginning to recognize that they must act. The dirty polluters and media mafia will all do their best to keep their income coming in, but momentum and truth are on our side. If we come together, we know we can stop the wacko noise and save the future for our children and grandchildren, but we must win this battle now.

With hope,

Alice, Jamie, Iain, Luis, Emma, Bissan, Laura, Ricken, Jooyea and the rest of the Avaaz team


What 95% certainty of warming means to scientists (Huffington Post)

The 5 stages of climate denial are on display ahead of the IPCC report (The Guardian)

Is News Corp. Failing Science? (Union of Concerned Scientists)

Dollars for Deniers: Big Oil Funds Climate Science Denialism (Daily Kos)

Global Warming Is Very Real (Rolling Stone)

Climate Change Report From UN Introduces Purple Color To Depict Worsening Climate Risks (Associated Press)

Rupert Murdoch's Newspapers Mislead Public On Climate Change and Environment (DeSmog Blog)

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The TV networks are refusing to run this ad in Australia due to commercial interests. So I'm gonna post it about the place.

(Coke are fighting a container deposit system which would help reduce plastic waste).
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Work: I'm on holidays atm so work's great! In term 3 I'll be having a prac student which will either be very good (if she's good) or really bad (if she's bad). I'm meeting her this week to discuss the term so I'll have a pretty good idea what I'll be in for when I meet her.

Family: My daughter is learning to drive. She's been doing ok but she's convinced she will NEVER get the hang of driving a manual. I don't want her to give up on it as I think it will be a benefit to be able to drive both a manual and an auto. I know she can do it.

Fandom: My show, Project Macbeth, is over which means more fandom time (YAY!). As much as I've loved being in the show I really have missed having the extra time to vid and make things. Though I haven't been idle. We've been brainstorming ideas at [ profile] spn_littlebro - we now have a tumblr and a [ profile] hc_bingo challenge. I have vid ideas that I am DESPERATE to get to. The OTW vid is still in the works. I shall know shortly what's going to be (officially) happening with it. The J2 vid is taking FOREVER! Sooooooo much footage - but fun to look at. Those two are adorable.

Oh, I made this short video Turning Tricks for [ profile] virtualpersonal (for fandomaid). I think of it as a Video Story Banner. :)

Project Macbeth. I was a little worried that no one was going to understand the show (especially after some initial comments) but we ended up getting some great feedback and there were many that did actually understand it (it WAS pretty complicated - a play within a play). I loved being social again and I forgot how nice it is being part of the theatre family. I hope to do one show a year from now on.

TV: After consuming Hannibal I am now looking for another show to sink my teeth into. I'm thinking about giving Orphan Black a go (saw the first ep and it looks interesting).

I continue to have a love/hate relationship with Teen Wolf. I watch it. I look forward to watching it but there are equally amounts of stuff I really quite like about it (Stiles, Scott and Stiles friendship, Scott's mum and Stiles' Dad, the pack stuff) and quite a lot I do not like about it (um...pretty much everything else). But each episode seems to have enough to keep me coming back.

Movies Despicable Me was fun. Pacific Rim was...hee...hard to sum up in a few words. All I'll say is why didn't they use the sword in the first place?! (though Sam n Dean in the 'verse would be cool! And it's pretty bloody epic and HUGE!)

Hope you all are well. <3

RL post

Jun. 20th, 2013 09:16 pm
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Hey guys,

After 2 months of rehearsal my show officially opens tomorrow night (we had a preview night last night to a small audience).

It's been great fun. Nothing quite like playing dress up and working with some great actors.

Here's a few pictures from the final dress rehearsal: )

Just had news that the lovely [ profile] ruby_jelly is coming over to watch! *eeekkkk* and *yaaaaay*!! \o/
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Happy birthday to the supremely talented [ profile] maichan. I hope it's a great one hun. <3

If you're looking for some hurt!Sam or hurt!Jared holiday reading check out the MEGA Christmas newsletter at [ profile] spn_littlebro. Lots of old and new fic/vid/art recs. :)

I've finally started collecting caps for Season 6 motels. Some great rooms and I geeked out seeing that The Floor Plan is used again. ;)

Congrats and thanks to [ profile] virtualpersonal who donated to the North American/Carribean Storm Crisis at [ profile] fandomaid and won a vid from me. I'll hopefully get to that early next year. :)

Hubby asked me what I wanted for Chrissy and I muttered that there was this :koff: Supernatural book that would be rather cool. Instead of the eye roll I expected he said give me the link and let's get it. And not only that, he got the special offer that had the 2013 Calendar (YAY! Always wanted a SPN calendar!) and Official Season 7 Companion with it. He really does love me (and I have simple needs it seems). :D

Hope you are all well. <33

hi and bye

Nov. 28th, 2012 06:40 am
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Ack! Three days without the internet. I think it might just kill me.

I'm off to camp with my students (arghhh.....) so I won't be able to watch the next ep until probably the weekend. /o\ After all the awesome discussions (yay!) I've had over the last couple of weeks I'm rather desperate to watch. Instead I will be er...enjoying nature, children and being covered in mud.

Catch ya soon(-ish).
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My holidays are over - it's back to school tomorrow. It was a great break - a highlight being my trip to to watch the premiere and hanging out with [ profile] missyjack, [ profile] ruby_jelly, [ profile] maenad, [ profile] mel_b_angel and some other lovely fangals. :)

The next 10 weeks are going to be mad. It's the Year 7's final term so there is a HEAP of stuff to do associated with that. I'm also organizing photo exhibition for my media students and preparing my choir for a number of performances. Then there's the school talent show, our graduation assembly item (ACK!), camp and graduation dinner. And reports. /o\

With all of that going on I've decided not to sign up for [ profile] festivids. It saddens me because I really wanted to join in the fun but I am worried about not completing a vid, so better to be safe. :(

I also have some lovely prompts for the [ profile] spn_j2_xmas exchange so I really REALLY want to make sure I get that vid done. (I will - it's on the top of my list!)

My hard drive crashed recently and I lost numerous fandom things I had been working on. Luckily I have been able to recover some stuff (including the last 2 vids I made). But I lost all the prep I had made on the Season 5 SuperWiki motel post (grrrr...) and some of the work I had some on [ profile] counteragent's awesome film. It mostly just means doing stuff over again.

There's also 2 other vids I would really want to make by the end of the year (one a project to help promote a band) - but they seem unlikely at this stage. We'll see. Show is far too distracting and any spare time I have I find myself wanting to do stuff on the new episodes.

In other news - I watched Arrow today and really enjoyed it. So nice to see Katie again. None of the characters irritated me (the way they do in Teen Wolf), so that's a plus. Plus there looks like some good story potential. :) I also watched Cabin in the Woods and that was an absolute hoot! What a way to homage horror films.

Hope you are all well. Another ep soon. I wonder if I will ever stop being nervous about what we might be in for.

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Of all the days to have slooooow Internet speeds. I've caught glimpses of pics of the boys at Comic Com and caught a couple of spoilers. Can I just say YUM!!! Oh Jared ...*dies* ([ profile] redteekal I am seriously jealous and envious of you right now!!!)

I have to say some of the spoliers I've seen have given me faith that we will be in for a good year!! carver acknowledging the show is all about the boys bond makes me SQUEEEEEEEE \o/. (that's not a spoiler because WE KNOW THAT!!! (I want to chat more about the spoilers but not here...;D)

I made a fannish "to do" list last night and it's looking a bit daunting.... /o\ All do-able (I think) just not possible until I return home to my real computer. The iPad is great, but not for actually doing stuff. wheeeeee-- new comm \o/, recs, meta, s5 motels (nearly done!), friending meme prep, vid roundup for roundtable , editing - like for realz editing, mini picspam. All fun stuff and I'm itching to get started. :)

Hope you all are well and enjoying the comic com stuff. ooooh... add that to the list - nerd HQ to watch and read ALL the spoilers and see ALLL the pics and die from ALL the HOT!!

Oh and get ready for Term 3 of school. There is that...
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I'm off tomorrow. As in.. flying to the other side of the country. (Is it wrong that the thing I'm most concerned about is that all my electronic devices - phone, ipad, laptop, ipod -are charged? Oh lordy.../o\ I need a life...)

I hate flying. (ack...[ profile] redteekal more evidence I'm more like Dean than Sam!) I ALWAYS think this will be the last flight I'll take and the plane is going to ditch into the sea. Bring on teleportation. PLEASE!

Anyway. I'm in Sydney for a week visiting my little sis and my new nephew. Yay cuddles! (And handing him back when he cries..*g*)

I'm wanting to write some meta on the boys fighting (I've even prepped the screencaps) but I doubt I'll have time to do much while I'm away. (But watch me try!) I also have a Garth vid I want to do (hee... fat chance) and then there's the hell in Sam's brain vid, the ACDC vid, the [ profile] spn_bigpretzel challenge vid, and all those vid prompts... Oh and S5 motels AND a meta/picspam spoof on over-thinking in fandom (yeah.. I want to make fun of myself...) Yep!... my muse kills me...

Right. Enough about me. Here's some recs )

ETA.. meant to say. THANK YOU for the feed back on the cello vid. I was surprised and heart-warmed I have to say. *smishes* you all.
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Sometimes I miss posts. I'm not sure why but I'm wondering if it's because of the way I use LJ. I'm not sure about anyone else but I when I log on I scroll down my flist's posts until I come to the first one I can remember seeing. Then I stop there.

I know that posts are time dependent. If you work on a post and save it and post it the next day it will end up buried and the chances are no one will see it. So I figure the time something is posted needs to be absolutely current (I suspect even an hour later would make a difference to where it appears on other peoples flists).

I wonder if it's a time thing. Perhaps I should scroll down further maybe? Is there another way of "doing" LJ?

I nearly missed THIS AMAZING post re the last episode 7.16. If you love looking at the meaning of colours and FLOWERS and scenery and all that juicy stuff then you have to check out [ profile] galwithglasses post. Looking at posts like this make you realise how damn clever our is.

a wee bit of RL stuff )
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They say the older you get the faster time seems to go by. Certainly true in my case. I can't believe it's another new year. 2011 was pretty good to me. I'm looking forward to 2012.

My sister's baby is due in 3 weeks. She's having a boy, but hasn't been able to decide on a name. She has three favourites (which she is keeping a secret) but I mentioned Jensen as a name and it has HIT THE LEAD! \o/ Hee! Can you imagine. A member of my family being called Jensen. That was make me smile. I also mentioned Sam and that's being considered as well. :D *fingers crossed* for a SPN baby name.

Aaaanyway. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. It's been a fun fandom year for me. Particularly being able to met some real life fangirls. LJ is my happy place. The place I come to escape real life stresses. So THANK YOU for making it such a happy place. (I hope it continues to be that way - with all the LJ changes and all).

If you haven't all ready seen this I recommend taking a look at [ profile] missyjack's Supernatural's Top Ten for 2011. It's a fabulous summing up of the year in fandom. And if you want to put a HUGE smile on your face also check out [ profile] secretlytodream's J2 vid of JOY Everybody. Happy J2 place of happiness.

*heffa hugs* to YOU ALL. I hope 2012 is a great year for each and everyone one of you.
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Mixed bag of stuff...

I did my first ever friending meme thingy recently. I was curious about how these things work so I thought I'd throw myself in there. (I also just fancied answering the questions..*g*).

So. Welcome new friends! *hugs* (though you might want to run a mile once you see the blah blah I'm capable of! *g*)

[ profile] geckoholic and I are teaming up to claim a film for [ profile] spn_cinema \o/ NO idea how it's going to pan out yet. But if we get the claim we want then there should be a fic and a vid in the making. :) ( what's in the box?!)

Heffa huggles (and totes gratitude) to [ profile] deirdre_c and [ profile] amnisias for allowing my inner teenager / fangirl to um.......well, let's just say frivolous vid is on the way. :D

Speaking of vids, receiving positive feedback can't be underestimated can it? Especially when they come out of the blue or a few weeks later. I probably wear my heart on my sleeve in that respect but *shrugs* I'm not ashamed to say they make me feel good.

in other RL type news )


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