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May. 27th, 2015 07:49 pm
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A little late, but I'm still keen to know what you all thought. :)

[Poll #2012232]

I still have a few comments to reply to on my original 10.23 post, and I hope to get to them soon. :))

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Remember how I didn't write a review/reaction for 10.22 and said the comments would work as one? Well, I'm pleased to say they did! The comments from everyone are very interesting and thoughtful and the discussion pretty much covers much of what I would have written.

Some interesting points raised were - why Cas held back when Dean was beating him up, whether Dean was Dean when he said those horrible things to Sam, why Sam was "stupid" thinking he could kill Crowley with something from Rowena, and whether the Winchesters are likeable anymore. So yeah, check the thread out if you're interested in the variety of thoughts on the episode. And it's very mixed - positive, negative, constructive, hopeful and despairing. But never rude or inconsiderate.

The Love Meme is one of the nicest things to happen in fandom recently. I can't express my gratitude and love for the comments left. Thank you! <3 They have re-invigorated my enjoyment of the show and fandom. I've been feeling worried about being honest about the show (especially when being critical), so it's been nice getting feedback that some of you actually don't mind that. I seriously hope to leave love to you all. It might be a little slow now, as I am getting ready to leave for the the convention is Sydney! \o/ But, my plan is to get over there and leave some more love for you all. *hugs*

I am very excited about the up coming convention. I am very sad and disappointed that I won't be able to meet the lovely Jared (though of course I totally appreciate why he pulled out and am so glad he is looking after himself), but I am thrilled to be meeting other fans and of course Jensen, Osric, Mark, Mat and Richard. :D

Lastly, good luck with the finale! If it's true to form it's bound to be a heartbreaker. Personally, I think I will burst into tears just seeing Jared after everything that's happened this week. I would love to be able to watch it with someone, but I will be on the Central Coast of NSW when it airs.

*clings* to you all. Catch you on the flip side! *meep*
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…to say thank you for the wonderful discussion on the Sammy chat post. As always, everyone has such interesting perspectives and observations. I know there were many disappointments aired, but there was also a sense of solidarity and the knowledge that many of us are hanging in there and still love the characters we've been with for so long. Thanks for the great thinky and considered opinions. <3

I'm way behind on reading fic and commenting on some great posts I've seen pass me by. Hopefully, I'll do some catching up this (long!) weekend. I'm off now until Tuesday. Yay!
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Warning. Don't click if show crit concerns you. Please. I want to be able to say some stuff and invite others to do so if they want to, without retribution (not that I ever get that *hearts you all*, but I just want to warn that I want to create a space for people to chat about Show concerns). It's really about getting stuff off my chest - and yours too if you want to.

Disclaimer: I still love the show. I love Dean. I love these characters. Wanting more for a character I adore isn't me hating on the show for no reason.

Is my bitter Sam!girl showing? )
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I'm not going to be writing up a reaction or review of 10.12. In fact, it's unlikely I'll be writing them any more. I feel I only want to complain these days and that's not fair on anyone (though I'm thinking of writing up some general stuff - mostly to help me try and work why I'm feeling just over it all).

I am still curious about what every one thought so I'll still do the polls (if you're all still happy to fill them out *g*).

[Poll #1998102]
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[livejournal.com profile] cerului asked if I would be taking a cinematic look episode 10.11, There's No Place Like Home. I hadn't planned to but I took another look and there was a little something that stood out.

This episode was directed by Phil Sgriccia. He's a solid director (and has directed A LOT of Supernatural episodes) and always gives us tightly directed episodes with interesting shot choices (think of Nightshifter, Jus in Belo, Time After Time etc). This episode is no exception. He utilised camera angles to great effect in this episode.

Depends how you look at it...  )
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Fave episodes eps so far from S10 - according to my episode polls:

In honour of the hiatus coming to an end I thought I'd list the episodes in order of popularity - according to the episode reaction polls:

I'd worked this out (very scientifically!) by adding the percentages of the "awesome" and the "pretty good" options. It's not perfectly accurate (because some voted more than once), but I think it gives a pretty good snap shot of how the episodes were reacted to at the time. The number at the end is how many participated in the poll.

Behind a cut for spoilery summaries.

I think this actually matches my order… )

I am going into the second half with absolutely no hopes or expectations. It will be just what it is. I've pretty much lost hope that everything will all connect in some way by the end (including all the unresolved stuff from S8 and S9) so I'll just enjoy the ones that are good (and well written and/or entertaining) and the ones I don't like I'll try not to angst over too much. I'll TRY (can't promise there won't be ranting or tears though…)
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Cannot deny that this made my day.:))

Twitter 2

more here! )

How cool is that?! I love that he was prepared to answer questions and that he took the time to leave lovely feedback.

And yay for happy accidents - how strange that of ALL the clips from the 3 Stooges they happened to choose one with bars. Original post is here
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I was going to post a couple of my favourite shots from the episode and as I was looking for the screen caps I noticed a visual theme running through the episode. I've always like Guy Bee's visual story telling. He made some wonderful choices in the way he framed his shots and used a recurring visual element.

Behind Bars )
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I prepared a "proper" review for 10.09 but after mulling over it I've decided that I don't really have much more to add since my reaction post (and other discussions I've had recently), so I'll leave it be.

I do have a couple of reviews that I think are worth checking out though. Fangasm's review is balanced and presents some interesting points about the episode. It's not all sunshine and roses, nor is it negative. It's certainly much more objective than I could have been. [livejournal.com profile] cuddyclothes review is hilarious and entertaining. It's not a positive look at the episode, but it did make me smile and help me to pin point why I had some issues with the episode.

briefly on that )
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On Fandom Reactions and Reacting. And why the request to "...just stop watching" is difficult.

Please note that this is not in response to any one person's comment. My husband said it to me recently and it got me thinking. Also, I started writing up a disclaimer for my reaction posts and realised I had some things I wanted to say about negativity and episode reactions. I've also been tussling with Twitter and trying to figure out how to successfully "play" over there.

What do you mean I should stop watching? )
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(ETA: answered in a shot! Either my memory is fading or I haven't been paying enough attention. Which, I do have to admit to through some of the angel and demon stuff).

what am I missing? )
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After 10.05 I was inspired by some things in the episode, so I made some graphics/gifs and posted them to tumblr. I thought I'd put them here too.

Show celebrating the milestone eps by tagging the motels: )

Possible inspirations for the musical set: )

Gifs - Into the Sunset )

I think I would love the "driving off into the sunset" scene for the finale. It would leave open lots of possibilities for our fanfic writers to run wild with. I might possibly like the "going out in a blaze of glory" way also (the one the Js keep saying they want) and for their characters it would make a lot of sense (and would also leave things open because death never means death in the SPN 'verse). Jensen has apparently had a dream where Sam is dead and Dean drives off on a motorbike after leaving the impala behind. At first I hated the idea of that, but if it's meant that he's been able to let Sam have a peaceful death then maybe it might be ok (pretty sad though. I'd definitely cry!). Who knows how it will end. From the sound of it we've probably got a least a couple more years yet (*yikes* or *yay*?? I don't know!)
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I can't deny it - I'm kind of terrified for the 200th episode. It could either be amazingly awesome (maybe fun with a dose of much need character insights) or it could be horribly awkward. I'm going to be watching it with fans so I think that will make it fun no matter what. :)

I am extremely proud that it's done so well and made it this far. There's been many ups and downs along the way but I do think there's a lot of heart in the show. Even now.

I've been building my/our list of 200 reasons to love Supernatural. We're getting there! Some are doing a much better job and have already got 200! [livejournal.com profile] milly_gal, [livejournal.com profile] fannishliss and [livejournal.com profile] wings128 for instance!

Hope you all enjoy it!! Catch ya on the flip side.
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I wanted to have a vid to celebrate the 200th ep but it was looking pretty awful so I've ditched it. Instead I'm going to totally piggy back off of [livejournal.com profile] kalliel's idea and create a love list.


I'm not quite as clever with the google docs as she is so if any one would like to make some suggestions here and I'll add them to the list below. Feel free to suggest one thing or many (or I will try to fill in all 200 spots by the 200th..;D).

I'll start off with 20 reasons...

Your turn!

(I've only listed actual things about the show to love but I'd also add, more personal, being able to have discussions like this, this and this. I have the most wonderful and fair f'list and it's meant being able to discuss the show - warts and all, and still remain friends. <333


Oct. 24th, 2014 11:37 pm
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I really have the urge to read fic where Sam returns with Dean's food, he gets drunk and then we get ALL the feels between the two of them. We're unlikely to get that in the show (especially the wincest-y version I imagine), so I think I need to read it! (if anyone has any recs OR wants to write one *hint* I'm just here waiting).

While I'm here I'd like to rec this great vid by emerging vidder [livejournal.com profile] justmep2: Does That Make Me Crazy. This is only her 7th vid and she's done a wonderful job. This is about Demon!Dean - I love the way she's tied in relevant moments from Dean's past ago highlight the demon story. The editing is snappy and the song is great for d!dean. Check it out!

I'd also like to rec this tumblr post. I wouldn't normally do this but I think this highlights just how passionate SPN fans are. Even though this is probably WAY off course (not least because there's no way the writers would have even considered John's blood type), I think just the fact that it's caused a stir and got people talking and thinking is fun enough. It's a shame some peeps have been rude about it (come on! it's just a theory!) - but that just seems the way it goes these days. Sadly.

If fact, I've seen a few interesting things about S10 floating around. The biggest discussion point seems to be more )
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Come on! You knew I'd have to do some (over) thinking.

A couple of things that I've been reading about and wanted to nut out here. I always love reading other people's interpretations on things because, I don't know, it just interests me I suppose.

Dean, consent (yep! that chestnut) and an interview (which I really need to learn how to avoid) )
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I’ve been a little absent recently due to my parents visiting and lots of holidaying (yay!). However, I have been lurking A LOT and reading all your wonderful countdown to S10 posts. I’ve loved reading your recaps and looking back at the seasons in retrospect. I haven’t commented as much as I would have liked to, but please know I’ve been reading!

I am going to my own little retrospective with as few words as I can manage:

Looking back at S1-9 )

I was going to make this a separate post but I'm running out of time, so I'll cram it into this one.

Hopes (and Fears) for S10.

Each year I write a list of hopes for the coming season. Usually it contains things like "I hope we get to see the boys washing the car" and "I want to see their first aid kit". This time it feels more like deal-breaker hopes. I've long realised that I'll probably watch every episode of this show until it ends. I've been with it far too long to not keep watching. But my patience is running very very thin and if I find myself left with nothing but negative thoughts and feelings I will be making a very strong effort to step right back (as in, I won't continue with episode reviews if they're only full of WTF?! I think there's definitely room for show discussion even if it's negative - constructive crit is useful, but I'm, also aware that constant negativity is draining - especially if everyone else is squeeing).

So. Thoughts about S10.

nothing particularly spoilery )

A couple of recs: Great to see this interview/promo by IMDB. What to Watch (Spoilery)

and if you haven't seen [livejournal.com profile] deirdre_c's vid Do My Thing DO SO! It's a great look at what makes Sam and Dean so awesome.
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There's been some pretty juicy spoilers come out over the last few days and I have been itching to chat about them. I have been fluctuating between feeling really excited and being filled with dread.

There's no doubt I WANT to be excited because that's a much happier place to be. So I'm going to try and remain up beat with my comments, but they will be tinged with a certain amount of caution because I feel like I've been pretty burned after the last season.

For those who are not sure if they want to check what the spoilers are, the first cut details what kind of spoilers to expect.

what are you likely to be spoiled about... )

links to interviews and my thoughts/feelings on them )


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