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It seems I am surprisingly chill about this episode (I know! Knock me over with a feather). In fact, I even have some nice things to say about it. :)

So the title was not referring to werewolf fanfic after all )
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Warning for negativity (though I'm probably more bewildered and sarcastic than anything else). I want to be squeeful. I do! I really really do! But.../o\

so, the joke is on us then? )
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I was actually sad to hear that Robbie Thompson is leaving the show. Even though I have major issues with the last episode he wrote (which actually make some sense now in light of the news) I have always enjoyed his episodes. I thought he brought some interesting ideas and characters into the Supernatural universe. He gave us some wonderful brother moments and always found ways of telling an interesting, inventive story. Sure, he liked to fan service and I have very mixed feelings about that, but I do think he genuinely liked the show.

On that note, I want/need to say more about the last episode. With that clarification I can (hopefully) articulate things a bit better. It's still negative so please be warned.

Also, thanks to those who chatted with me about the last episode (and don't feel you need to with this! I'm mostly writing this to help me ;D). I am always appreciative that people are happy to discuss an ep, even when my reaction is completely different to theirs. I do respect that we view episodes differently.

Oops, this got quite long.

11.20, fan servicing and why some stuff annoyed me )
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A very short, very negative reaction. Please be warned (I mean it. Not a happy camper - so, you know, don't click).

(*meep* and my comments are full of unmitigated bitterness too. So yeah. Don't read! You know the drill!)

at least there was ironing )
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This got a little long. I felt like I could write about this one forever *g*. Such a beautifully layered episode.

The Hunting Life - an exploration of loss, love and happy endings. )
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Short and (not so) sweet.

yeah, I ain't got much… )
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Firstly *waves*. It feels like ages since I've been here. I confess to feeling very lack lustre in terms of fandom and show lately. I've been checking stuff but not responding or participating. I think I've been feeling a little burnt out maybe? I think I lost a little of the passion (I know I have actually, but hey…11 years is a long time to maintain that level of passion! :D) I've also been burnt by some stuff in fandom (yeah, twitter kinda sucks for that) so I been staying back. What can I say? I'm a sensitive soul…;D)

AaaaaNYWAY! Show returned this week and I'm feeling it again! (hopefully enough to dust of my vidding program and a motel post I've had pending for ages and become a little more active *g*).

seems hunters can live to be grumpy old men )
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Love, indeed, does hurt )
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Well, I wasn't prepared for that.

girls, girls, girls )
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I swear this show gives me whiplash. Last week I was left feeling highly frustrated and annoyed, this week I'm left with a serious dose of warm fuzzies.

Into the Mystic )
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I haven't posted anything about 11.10 yet because a) I'm away from my computer (on holidays) and typing on my iPad which isn't ideal and b) I really don't know how to say what I want to say about it (though I've tried).

(warning - negativity under the cut. Please do not let me harsh your squee. Move on by (like I know I really should).

Seriously, scroll past... )
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I posted the reaction/review earlier and then ran out of room for the poll.

Here 'tis:

[Poll #2027727]


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