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DAMN! I just have to unload a bit and then I might feel better. I've noticed peeps doing it through vid and fics and art and meta and there's been some amazing stuff. I will vid it out at some point, but in the meantime a few things re 5.22 )

Lastly. I do actually want to "vid it out". I have an idea but I'm trying to come up with the quintessential Supernatural song. I know "Carry On My Wayward Son" is probably the one... but other than that? ACDC? Led Zep? Metallica?? *eep*

*phew* I do feel better now. :)

Oooh and also! Got my new MacBook Pro today! Shiny, shiny new laptop! \o\ /o/


May. 7th, 2010 10:49 pm
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Ooh oh show )

Yay. Gets to chat about this with real live fangirls tomorrow. Any questions I should be asking the guests?? (not that I'd actually have the courage to speak up I think...)

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5.19, fic and vid rec )

Also.... I can't make my mind up about participating (as a vidder) in Big Bang. I know it'd be fun and a great challenge but the idea of vidding a story really worries me. It'd be AU and I'm just not good at that. Also, I suppose the time commitment concerns me. Ack! I think I might just have to enjoy the final products. :)
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You know how when there's this terrific build up to an episode and you imagine all these wonderful things are going to happen and there's this really high expectation

but then you watch it, and.... )
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It's damn annoying when you finish watching the show, plan to share the chat on LJ and LJ decides to have some time out.. Sheesh... Anytime but Friday nights (or Thursday night elsewhere), please LJ!

5.17 blab )

Oh show...

Apr. 4th, 2010 09:21 am
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For some reason a question [ profile] dreamrequiem asked me in my 5.16 reaction post has still got me pondering.. and that is:

can someone explain exactly what made them flail about this latest episode? Everyone on my flist is spazzing out over it and I feel like I missed something.

And it's true. Everyone seems to have gone nuts over it (me included). I tried to explain why that might be so:

my thoughts... )

ETA Since posting this (and finding some more to read) I have discovered some real hatred for this episode. I mean like... Whoa. I suppose though for it to elicit such a strong response it really hit some nerves. (good and bad)
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Ahhhh yes. LJ. There's no place like my internet home. *snuggles* I've been feeling so (stupidly) down recently and I finally got up the energy to visit LJ again and it's amazing how my spirits lifted. There's nothing quite like coming to a place that feels so comfortable.... hmmm.... is that weird?

I think it must have all started with the internet being denied me on SPN night, and thus also missing the post show squee, followed by a ridiculously busy weekend, being back at work and finishing a vid that just doesn't work. In any way. *sigh*

Which leads me to a question to fellow vidders... How often, if at all, do you ditch a vid? And not just a vid idea, but one that you've actually spent quite a bit of time on? To the point of finishing even? And if it's not working do you work it until you got it right or clock it up as a fail and move on? I realise this might be dependent on the actual vid, but maybe I'm just needing to know that I'm not the only one to make a vid that just doesn't work. *meep* or maybe I am.

I kinda didn't mind ditching my Jo and Ellen vid because I suppose I didn't connect to it so much (plus I'm thinking of resurrecting it in a different way later on - maybe), but I'm finding I do mind ditching this one because I am quite attached to it but have NO idea how to fix it. And it's pissing me off and depressing me at the same time. :(

Oh bugger. I'm wearing my heart of my sleeve. But maybe the therapy works both ways....

In happier news I finally caught up with my show and.... LOVE!!!! \o/ There's heaps to squee about but the only one that I'll mention is how impressed I was with the performances. I find myself often watching performances (probably the actor in me) and I enjoyed the honesty and convictions the actor's brought to what might have been somewhat cheesy or awkward moments. A very satisfying episode.

That's me. Strangely I'm already feeling more energised. :)


Jan. 22nd, 2010 08:28 pm
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I FRIGGIN' LOVED THAT EPISODE! *rejoices* I loved it for so many reasons...

Not least because IT MADE SENSE!!! The monster was awesome. It made sense that it was in a mental institution. It made sense that our boys could gain access by telling the truth and it made sense that an ex-hunter was in there suffering from the effects of the job.

And it was friggin scary. Show doesn't scare me often, but that opening scene with the woman screaming for help had me all worked up! Worked up I tell you. In fact the whole episode had me on edge. And I actually had to turn away when Sam was poking that thing in the dead guys's neck. Let's not even talk about the whole Sam cutting open the brain thing. (ok, so it might not have made sense that there was a saw just kinda laying around. But I can forgive show on this occasion).

And the boys losing it had me all worked up as well!!! Watching them go crazy hurt. (But sheesh, it is Supernatural for god's sake. Of course it hurt!).

But, see, it was the end scene that I totally bought. I was worried how they were going to do the "end of the show brother moment", but it made so much sense. THAT is how they survive all this. They tuck it away and hide it. I buy that. And I loved that they actually addressed it. And I buy that Sam has grown up an angry young man and carries so much anger around with him all the time. (And I suspect this will be mighty important as we approach the end of the season).

Also. Was Sam like crazy BIG in that episode? I mean, bigger than usual? He seemed to take up the whole screen. Maybe he buffed up a big extra just for that "He's larger" line. Hmm... *mind wanders*

And Dean was like GORGEOUS! I'm such a Sammy gal, but my god Jensen was looking super HOT in that episode. Maybe it was those delicious white tee-shirts. *more mind wandering...*

Ok. That's it. Enough blab. I do love the MOTW eps, especially ones that don't neglect the myth arc, that have jokes that are funny, that make sense, have bro!love moments and ends with Sam restrained in some way. :)

*happy sigh*


Nov. 6th, 2009 08:58 pm
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That rings a bell..... )


Oct. 17th, 2009 09:21 am
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something that was going through my mind... (5.06) )

While I'm here.... major hugs and smishes for the lovely feedback (and rec's) on Hurt. It really meant a lot. :)
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5.02 and stuff )
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5.01 )


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