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It's been a while since I've posted anything visual or meta-ish, so I thought I'd put together a little pic-spam. It's possibly grasping at straws a little bit (ok, maybe a lot), but *shrugs*, I enjoy examining the visual elements on the show and it always looks so pretty anyway.

Visual Clues to Soulless!Sam in Season Six )
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The one that happened after Kripke's Five Year Plan...

I’ve been wanting to reflect on season six for a while now but I’ve decided instead to just say WHAT SHE SAID!

[ profile] missyjack has written a brilliant review/overview of season six. She captures the very reasons why I was so excited by the season.

More than anything, it’s the acknowledgment that Show really gave us something special in its overall approach to the season - that being its noir focus. I seriously recommend taking the time to read the review. It highlights all the noir elements and cements for me why Show didn’t rest on its laurels this season. It was gutsy in its choices and clever in its delivery.

Sure, there were things I was disappointed with. cutting 'cause I'm paranoid I'll spoil someone )

I'm going to pinch [ profile] dotfic's idea and look at my wish list for S6 and see how close Show came to fulfilling it for me. (bold is what I typed back in Sept 2010)

Should one even have expectations with a show like this.... )

Not bad really, considering many of my wishes were far fetched.

I was going to post wishes for season seven, but I've blabbed enough so I think I will leave that for another day.

Happy? Surprised? Disappointed? Looking back... what did you think?
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..just 'cause..

So um.. remember this post? Well... It's happening. /o\ Hey! Don't blame me. It's all [ profile] bythedamned's fault for enabling me. *hugs* her. The good news (for me) is we have teamed together to gather some cold hard data and see what it reveals.

It's not straight forward. The variables are kinda BIG. (oh show! why demons and angels?!) But we've given ourselves "rules". Some guidelines. But yeah... it's in the works. (shutup! I do have a between fandom pursuits.)

Which brings me to asking is there a comm for posting geeky data? Hee... spn_geeksareus. *g* You know what I mean... (there's gotta be considering the amount of facts and figures that fandom produces...)

Topic change...

I gotta say, I am really missing the show.

are we still cutting for S6 spoilers? S6 and a question.. )

Hmm... I should ban Friday night drinking blogs...

ETA: I AM IN LOVE! god! though I have to know where this is from. I have the I need to see the whole thing....please..
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regarding Sam's soul. (sorry for double post. Last one got too large to put this one on..)

spoilery if you're not up to date )
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now that I've had a chance to digest that... )

That was WAAAAY too thinky for this episode and I am sure I was stating the bleeding obvious, but I had to get it down.
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but *shrugs* ... I'm trying to make some sense of this, so yeah...blogging against my better judgement.

A question of investment... Sam and Dean... )

/removes soap box. *sheesh* anyone would think that this was important.. hee...

And no... I haven't written this to start Dean v Sam arguments. AT ALL!

Instead - a poll (out of curiosity)

[Poll #1706039]
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Can anyone link me to a straightforward tutorial on making .gifs? I'd really like to give them a go and my attempts so far have been pretty abysmal.

Also... a wee question re 6.12.. )
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Now that I've calmed down a bit...

There were a few things that struck me when watching this ep and a few other things that stood out on re-watch. Though um... fairly random and geeky... *g*

Spoilers for 6.12 and somewhat image heavy )

And to think... we have a brand new ep THIS WEEK! Woot!
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Lost soulless puppy or devil in disguise?

I present the case for Sam Winchester: a devil in disguise.

The Curious Case of Sam Winchester. )
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I wasn't going to blab any more about the Show but this has been GNAWING at me and I figure that's what I have a journal for. I've only rewritten this about 12 times /o\. I'm finding it hard to make sense of what my brain and heart are doing.

Since seeing the 6.07 promo my thoughts have been topsy turvy. I squee'd to the roof tops after the 6.06 but now my brain is tied up in knots. Here's why.

(Spoilers for 6.07 promo...)

A question of trust, guilt and other angst )

I do love my show. I just wish it wouldn't hurt my brain and heart quite so much.
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I am reading that there's a lot of Sam character bashing today. (Luckily, I haven't read it just heard about it..)

Why? What has he done wrong now? I mean seriously? WTF??

ranty ms ranty pants.... )

This is why I don't go anywhere else other than LJ when reading discussion posts. I think I'd probably BURST something if I actually read it. I like my little safe, sane haven and awesome, sensible flist. And I am totally up for someone telling me (in a non bashing way of course) if there's a Sam they are seeing that I've totally missed here. Totally fascinated by that...

*breathe Sarah, stay calm...*g**
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Still feeling discombobulated after the premiere? I liked [ profile] missyjack's take on it.

Also, a tiny question )
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Time to squee and bather about my show. *bounces*

I suspect this will hold little interest but I feel like blathering talking about my gorgeous show for a bit. Particularly my hopes (and fears) for season 6.

I don't mention any spoilers. I was spoiling myself but I have not watched any promos ( in the hope that I can enjoy the "surprise". (though I am spoiled for some of 6.01 YAY 6.01!!! I typed 6.01 It'll be happening soooooonnnn!!!!! \o/)

Ok. Calm now.

I wouldn't call myself a spoilerphobe. Titles and promo pics etc are all cool and if I get accidently spoiled so be it, but I think I am going to (try) and avoid episode promos this year so I can go in completely unaware. I have found that my enjoyment of the show increased when I had no idea what was going to happen (I did not know the boys were going to be shot and killed in Darkside of the Moon for example, which heightened the watching just that bit more...).

Hope and Fears for Season Six )
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Yay! Show tonight. And once again I KNOW NOTHING about it! Not deliberate I just haven't had the time to seek out the spoilers. But I think I might be preferring to be non spoiled. It certainly aided my surprise and enjoyment of the last episode.

Speaking of the last episode. For those who thought it was more about "Sam bashing" than anything else I suggest and recommend this awesome meta by [ profile] bardicvoice. (even if you didn't I rec it). Love the insight into Sam. And in fact it suddenly made one thing very clear to me. At the end of MBV Dean pleaded to God for help. In response God has given him Sam. (That might make more sense if you read the meta).

And now because this has been on my mind. I suppose the parallels interest me... )
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So, it would seem..... MORE than 12 episodes to go!! \o/

Sixth season confirmed!!! According to this anyway (careful, some spoiler type stuff in this link!!) I think I'm going to have a melt down if it's true! I mean, it's in print so it MUST be true.... ;)

I think if Kripke does what he has always said he was going to do at the end of S5, then I am so totally in for another season. Boys saving people, hunting things..... \o/ \o/


Note to self: Stay away from LJ so not tempted by spoilers for ep.... *nods*


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