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Damn. I wrote far more than I expected to.

3 weeks until the next ep!! MEEEEEEEPPPPP! :(((
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WELCOME BACK SHOW! \0/ (Stop going away and making us addicts suffer so.... )

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A little delayed due to RL getting in the way. (damn you RL!)

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As much as this episode was a filler and full of sparkly moments, I think we can extract some thinky... :D

I gotta start with that hotel room... )
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I do have some thinky on this ep, (believe it or not) which I will bore you with post later but in the meantime....

A (spoilery) poll RIGHT FRIGGIN' NOW! )

I was lucky enough to watch this with [ profile] redteekal and [ profile] zebra363. It's the first time I've watched a first viewing with other people and it was FUN!!! \o/ Insta!discussion and sharing laughs and aaawwwws FTW!
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I'm back! Back home that is. And it's rather nice I have to say. :)

I said I had some more to say on this ep so here it is.

7.11 thoughts and pics )

Also, check out [ profile] galwithglasses's post. There are some great observations about various shots. Have I mentioned how much I'm loving her yellow/orange flower meta? If not, considered it mentioned. I love it. Show uses them ALL THE TIME! So cool.
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Where there's a will! I managed to snag a copy of the ep (*hugs* Sydney friends) and have been able to watch it earlier than I thought I would! \o/ *HAPPY JOY*

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Somewhat delayed. I ran out of time last night. Also, there's was stuff I wanted (needed!) to say.

spoilers are remembering Chuck *g* )


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