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In preparation for S10 starting in 10 days (WOOT!) I thought I'd reflect on S9 and pick my top 5 episodes (though I ended up cheating a bit…)

No doubt about it, season 9 was a difficult one for me. I felt like it started with such enormous potential but as it didn't go in the direction I thought it was going to go (and examination of Sam's numerous possessions and Dean's inherent need to "save" Sam), I was left feeling disappointed. There were some great episodes, some not so great ones and some (many) that left me incredibly frustrated.

I want to go into Season 10 a little more positive than I left season 9 so I thought I'd revisit the season and look at some of the episodes I either really enjoyed or felt were strong.

Looking at the season in its entirety, we can see this was mostly about Dean becoming a demon. I think the season successfully told Dean's story and by the end we can see a clear journey arc for his character. It wasn't exactly pretty, but for Dean to "realistically" become a demon it shouldn't have been. I felt it also had a pretty clear "human" story arc for Castiel. I don't think it was as thoroughly handled as Dean's story, but it was fairly clear. He discovered more about human nature and what it means to be human. The same with Crowley. His story was mirrored by Castiel's - in that they both experienced what it's like to be human. Sam didn't really have a story as such - his main role was to bring about Dean's demonness - which he did end up doing rather successfully. His story could have been about possession and his repeated loss of agency, but it never really featured, other than to cause the angst between the brothers. Again, Sam managed that very successfully too.

I am trying to leave out my (probably obvious) bitterness over the fact that Sam was mostly used as a plot device. I suppose we did witness just how strong Sam is and how well he handles everything that's thrown at him. Aside from his few comments to Dean about the possession not much else really happened for him (and no, I don't consider him being Zeke/Gadreel his story arc). I thought we had witnessed an incredible realisation from Sam that there are certain lines that can't be crossed when bringing each other back from the dead, but alas, that fizzled as the season drew to an end. Though we did get to see the depth of his own self-loathing - more than once saying that he couldn't see the upside to being alive. (Though, it's a little strange coming after the "I can see light at the end of the tunnel" speech in S8). Aaanyway. I've already said enough about all that in past reviews, so moving right along. In no particular order...

My Top 5 episodes of Season Nine. )


Jun. 28th, 2014 08:36 pm
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Ok guys. I seriously need some intervention. I NEED to see and understand Dean's side of the story in S9. I need to start feeling sorry for him like so many others seem to. I actually mean this. By the end of S9 I was so god damn pissed off with him I can't even find it in my heart to feel bad that he's "become the very thing he hunts". He HAS become the very thing he hunts and not just because he's a demon now. He's been heading toward this for a while. It's actually one part of the S9 story telling that makes a lot of sense to me. He's slowly been blurring those lines and the consequence is what we are seeing now. I know we can feel sympathy for what they are doing to their characters the fact that Dean's actions have lead him here, but I am still struggling (so much!) with why people are still blaming Sam for what's happening to him.

So what the am I missing? (I promise I will listen if you can shed some light).

(this is actually effecting how I am feeling about the show atm and how I react to gifs (etc) that are highlight how bad things are for Dean. I need to stop thinking "but he deserves it!" and start feeling sorry for him. And stop reacting to things being said against Sam.../o\. I just wish I could understand why people are still so hard on Sam. All he did was tell some truths - in ONE episode).
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My darling friend [ profile] redteekal (who is currently at the JiB con - lucky duck!) tweeted me something about one of Sam's lines in the finale that I'm not entirely sure what to do with.

Because clearly my attempt to not think about the show OR the finale is not working...

for those who are still in thinky mode... )

In other news fandom seems to have exploded over Jensen saying there's nothing more than friendship between Dean and Cas. I'm not venturing too far out there because, boy, emotions are high. I am, however, proud of Jensen for finally saying something that's clear about the relationship. I'm a little confused how this is any sort of deal breaker though. Nothing has changed. Not a thing. Fans can still read whatever they like in the relationship. Same way they do for Sam/Dean. Dean/Cas has never existed in the text, same way Sam/Dean hasn't. Don't mean you can't ship it! :)

Ooh, conventions do stir things up a bit (mostly by people not actually there it seems). :)
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Actually, this song has been on my vidding list for a while. I imagined it for Sam once, but now it's definitely speaks Dean. I don't know what's going to happen in the finale but if the thing I think might happen then this song would be even more perfect.

Only problem is it's incredibly long (and even with trimming it would be long) and very dark. But with those chorus lyrics...*thud*. The tone of this song also fits how my heart is feeling about the show atm. There's a darkness that's grating but with an underlying desperation and passion. And wincest too (my hubby pointed this song out to me a few years ago and said - I think these lyrics will suit your show. Hee...and he doesn't even watch it).

And thanks for chatting to me about the last episode. <3 I am mindful of being ranty due to frustration - being negative isn't exactly fun. I'm not sure whether to feel comforted that many felt the same way or sad that many did. With news that this season is the highest rating one in 4 years means they'll probably stick to what's working for them. Angels and demons and brothers at constant odds might actually be a drawcard. We'll see. By all accounts the finale is meant to be pretty big so...yay?
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It's been announced that Bloodlines is not being picked up. I was only going to write a few lines about it and then I got thinking and it turned into an essay (of sorts).

Supernatural: Bloodlines. How to misread your audience )
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I've been thinking more about what Sam said to Cas about his possession and I think it adds another, rather terrifying, layer to his experience.

On sharing a house... )

ETA: Flisties are right! It was retcon so...BOO - ignore that stuff above. :(( *sobs quietly*
ETA ETA: After bouncing back and forth between thoughts offered in the comments I'm back to trusting my first instinct. Mostly, it's canon now so we can take from it what we want (or need). :)

There's also another factor in play I think.

They say the road to hell is paved with these... )
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A great review of last night's episode. Supernatural: Mothers and Daughters

It starts like this:

Did the planet just backflip off its axis? Are pigs doing cartwheels across the sky? Did Michael Jackson moonwalk out of his grave and buy a ticket to Shrek 5? Because something impossible just happened: Supernatural based a whole episode around female characters. Three-dimensional ones, even! None of them love interests.

I think this might be an outsider review (not entirely sure if it's fan written), which I enjoy reading in order to get a different perspective. I think fan reviews are great because they come with the history and provide a personal response as a fan, but outsider reviews make me think more about how the wider audience might see the show. How it might appeal to viewers who aren't watching for the brother angst or potential shipping opportunities. In fact, I suspect the lack of brother angst might be more appealing to the general public (my torrent DL last week was titled "I would rather run my balls along a cheese grater than watch this show" - made me laugh out loud, but it also gave me insight to how some people (like my hubby!) see this show).

The ratings were up significantly as well - 2.2M compared to 1.6M last week. I'm so happy about that because it proves (maybe?) that "classic", MoTW, female strong episodes are popular with the general public (and fans too I would think).

It makes me wonder if fans got a bad rep early on for not liking females. SPN fans were almost "famous" for hating on females in the show. Looking back I think this was more to do with the women that were written (and how they were introduced) and not just a general dislike of seeing females on the show. I'm not sure. It seems to have taken them a while to work out that well-round (other) characters, whether male or female, are the most satisfying and interesting to watch.

ETA: Great post celebrating the women on SPN by [ profile] milly_gal. There's been some great female characters over the years.
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There were some fabulous shots in this episode, which is not surprising as Serge Ladouceur directed it.

Here's a little appreciation pic spam. :)

Visuals can speak louder than words )

And how cool is this?!



This is freakin' awesome! I was curious why there was that "crown" outside of the apartment.
I knew I had seen that sign somewhere before and lo and behold it's from the "King's Lair Motel" (2.15 Tall Tales).

Ha! This is why I love this show!! :D
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Note: There are spoilers in the interview. Under the cut are spoilers for the Mark's affect on Dean only - and minor speculation.

Jensen's kindly given an interview to The Winchester Brothers on Winchester Radio recently (I suggest you avoid the comments in the above link if you want to avoid some nastiness. I accidentally saw some and decided to respond. I KNOW I shouldn't have done but dammit I was steaming). I actually read a transcript of the interview (and I've just seen that [ profile] stir_of_echoes has created one also <3) rather than listen to it. I started to listen but found it a little…er…messy (which might have been because of nerves maybe).

some thoughts on Jensen's thoughts (not all glowing so enter with caution) )
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I've mostly written this for me. I needed to do this as a way of trying to understand why I feel sympathy for Sam (at the moment and usually) when it seems much of fandom doesn't. It's puzzled me because even though I know we each see the show with certain goggles on I've struggled to understand how a few lines of dialogue seems to have removed all sympathy for Sam in S9. Even from Sam!girls.

I contemplated what's gone before and started to see a pattern.

Sam Winchester vs The Heart of the Show )
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I want to share this great review of 9.13 at SpoilerTV: The Problems with Saving Each Other

It's an even handed and well observed look at the final scene (was there actually anything else in that ep? I seem to remember a tank top and a hair net…) and might actually make you believe Carver has a plan (ok, so it might not convince you, but I think there are some valid points). It also confirms my belief that he started this direction (but stumbled) in S8.

I'm still trying to get over the fans' reactions toward Sam. This review helped me understand it a bit better, but to be honest I am still left shaking my head. To not have a shred of sympathy for a character who has been through and suffered so much leaves me speechless. But. I don't want to rehash that. I know everyone has different views on the brothers - but I gotta say I never realised there was such a divide for some. I have no idea how anyone can actually watch the show with such a deep level of hatred for one of the main characters.

I thought this post by [ profile] bittersweettwit on why Sam's behaviour isn't OOC is interesting too. I've seen some comments (not on my journal) that suggest that Sam must still be possessed, or have Lucifer still inside him to say something like that. O_o This is a good argument for why he is actually in character.

And [ profile] fangasm has written an interesting and well constructed review that also looks at why fans have reacted so passionately about it - namely that we don't like change. I agree with much of it, but some I'm still pondering. I get that one of the reasons we love the show is because of the brothers unhealthy, messy, codependent relationship and we don't like the idea of that changing, but I for one would like to see them working toward a less destructive relationship full of positive love rather than the cycle of sacrifice and resurrections. The fact that they are addressing this now, could mean we are heading toward change. Personally, I think we can have a show about brothers who have a healthy(-er) relationship and it still be engaging and capture our hearts like it's done for years (or, you know…not ;D)

And if you're still feeling down or worried (or pissed) you've just gotta see the promo for 9.14. I'm pretty easy to please so just seeing the boys on the screen together makes me pretty damn happy (even when they are working through a rift). Shame we have to wait until the 25th to see it!
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I just had a thought (as you do).

I have a feeling the Show sees what Dean did as saving Sam. Purely, just, saving Sam. Many feel (me included - now) that Sam didn't actually need saving (aside from the fact that he did so he didn't die etc etc). He was ready to die so the only reason he was brought back was because Dean couldn't live with him dead. So if this is the case they really won't feel that there is anything to address in the way Dean actually went about saving him. It's just what you do to save your family - they are the boundaries you cross and it doesn't matter because at least you've saved your brother. It's pretty simple really (and therefore solidifies the fact that the manner in which Dean saved Sam won't be addressed because it doesn't actually matter. To them).

(you all knew that already didn't you? I'm just slow it would seem.../o\)

And now for a wee rant.

spoilers! (no pics, just promo tag lines )
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In preparation for Show returning next week I thought I would reflect on some of my favourite moments from season 9 so far. :D

Starting from 10 )

Which brings me to [ profile] runedgirl's question "What are you most looking forward to when SPN returns in a few weeks?"

answer )
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I made this little gif set and posted it to tumblr recently.


I was thinking about how sad it is that Sam ended up doing exactly what he hoped would never happen (again).

a bit more on this… )

Also, I posted some S8 Sam hair gifs which resulted in some very serious meta on how Sam's hair represents his state of being here at [ profile] supergifs Yep. It's very deep. And short.
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I did an audition today and just found out that I got the part. :) There were 4 others going for the role so I'm pretty happy to have won that one. It's for a play called Brilliant Lies. It's by an Australian playwright - David Williamson. It looks at the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace. I will be playing an anti discrimination mediator (who has a few issues of her own).

I wasn't going to do another play so soon, but I really like the director's work and I know she'll do a good job of directing. It does mean I'm back to limited time for fannish stuff (boo!), but acting is like therapy for me, so I think it will be worthwhile.

School finishes in 2 weeks. YAY! 5 weeks holiday here I come (boy, do I need it…). I'm going to spend a week in Queensland in January, which will my first "proper" holiday in about 12 years (how did THAT happen?!)

on the fannish front )

show talk )

Hope you are all well and surviving the lead up to Christmas. The world's kind of a mess at the moment so I'm hoping we figure out ways to consume less and take the time to appreciate humanity more.


*hold me*

Dec. 4th, 2013 07:17 am
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Just woke up and my first thought was…"season hiatus ep today!" (as you do…)

Then I had a mixed feeling of being equal parts scared and excited. Actually…no, I am more parts terrified than excited. (Is it bad that I just don't want them to screw it up.../o\).

I have so far reminded (mostly) spoiler free (yay!).
Catch ya on the flip side.
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I'm late to the party (camping with my class does that!), but I have things to say about this episode so I'm going to write some stuff.

This turned out to be more meta-ry than reaction/review. I've had time to digest and think things over. I've also read a few reactions and I suppose this incorporates some of that.

It's episodes like this that remind me how and why I feel in love with this show in the first place )
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I made this gif to compare the differences in those promo posters.

not sure if this is considered spoiler )

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