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Please don't enter if you don't want to read ranting, swearing, sarcasm, wank inducing comments and general lack of positiveness.

I'm not even kidding guys. It's probably due to the bad mood that I have been carrying all day and the lack of wine I drank during the episode. It's not even that I totally hated it. It's just that realisation (like the one I had in the middle of last season) that it's not going anywhere near where I was hoping it would. I'm mostly just venting (but please heed the warning. I am more than happy to hear your positive comments though - if fact, I probably need some cheering up).

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May. 1st, 2014 09:41 pm
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A couple of flisties mentioned my 9.20 review not appearing on their flist. So it's here if you thought that maybe I didn't have some words of wisdom on this one (which, hee, I don't actually...). Come to think of it, I haven't been receiving notifications of comments either so maybe there's an issue with LJ atm.

Also, I'll be posting a vid later - which is making me a little nervy because with the current state of the boys relationship I'm not sure how willing people are these days to accept the bromance, or the feel-good bro!love the way we used to. It made my heart ache a little making it because, whereas in the past I could happily clip all the cute bro!moments, this time I felt like having to really convince myself that them being together is a good thing (ack! when did that happen?!). Still...I want to at least cling to feelings I had in the past (and hope to get back in the very near future).
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(*yikes* this got long. Sorry).

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This is a little later than usual. I watched the episode and then had to go out (argh...on a show night!). I had lots of thoughts about it and I wanted to make some gifs and use some caps, so I waited until I could gather that altogether.

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This may be the longest reaction/review I've ever written. It's far too long and I really should shorten it but there seems to be so much to say. It's a mix of reaction and an attempt to understand some things that were going on.

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(For super spoilerphobes - there's a small character spoiler in the first comment..;D)
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I've just watched the ep but I'm dashing out of the door to rehearsal (*meep* we open in 1 week!). I have a lot of thinky thoughts about this one but I won't have a chance to write them up until tomorrow.

In the meantime…

A poll 'cause I'm curious about what y'all thought.

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Fly by reaction 'cause I'm still holidaying and I'm weirdly exhausted (in a good way *g*)

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Reaction and some character arc thinky…

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Before I start this I just gotta say a mighty big thank you for the recent discussion. You guys are A-MAZING! I feel blessed that I can talk about controversial stuff and it doesn't end in a slinging match and wankfest. <33

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