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*phew* [ profile] spn_littlebro is back. I got this message from LJ:

Thank you for contacting us about this matter. Your community was flagged as potentially being a source of spam, and as such was suspended. Upon further review, however, this does not appear to be the case, and your community has been unsuspended. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

LiveJournal Abuse Prevention Team

Abuse Prevention Team? Is that because of all the hurt!Sam? (hee) I can't believe it was seen as a potential source of spam (we only post once a month!). Anyway, glad that got cleared up.


Mar. 26th, 2017 08:05 pm
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(Still hoping [ profile] spn_littlebro account will be restored soon. I feel a little sick thinking about all the recs that are on the site and all the work that's been done on the community over the years. *sniff*)


Mar. 24th, 2017 11:25 pm
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The [ profile] spn_littlebro account has been suspended and I have no idea why!

Does anyone know anything about this sort of thing? Why would a community be suspended? Especially when there's been no notification of wrong doing -or anything...


Apr. 2nd, 2016 12:32 am
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[ profile] spn_littlebro is pretty excited about the last episode (being fans of hurt!Sam and all). So in honour of the bro-epic, hurty, heroic goodness that was 11.17 we've taken a break from our usual format to open a post to, anything really. Squee, chat, leave prompts, ask questions, link recs, create works for recs and all that stuff!!

So feel free to pop by and join in the celebration. :)



May. 29th, 2015 02:27 pm
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Can anyone help me by telling me what SPN challenges are on at the moments. As in, ones that have either just been announced, about to start posting etc etc. I'm being a bit lazy I have to admit (and, I'm not sure how to go about finding the state of all the challenges).

I think [ profile] spn_cinema is on again yeah? (awesome challenge!). What else?

Thanks! <33
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Hey guys.

The mods at [ profile] spn_littlebro have been discussing the future of the comm and wanted to see what members thought about a few things. If you're a member/watcher and would like to give us some feedback. we'd appreciate it: Polls are here.

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The Days:
1. Something old
2. Something new - talk about a new fanwork of yours!
3. Something you made for someone else
4. Something you made just for yourself
5. Something for a large fandom/pairing/character.
6. Something for a small fandom/pairing/character
7. Something you're just really proud of

I probably should pick a vid (hee... I do have some I'm proud of!) but I'm going to go with something that I am really proud to be part of.

Just over three years ago I proposed the idea of having a community where hurt!Sam and hurt!Jared fics could be archived. The response and support was amazing. From that [ profile] spn_littlebro was born. A community that recs and archives fan works that feature hurt!Sam or hurt!Jared ('cause some of us a suckers for that stuff! *g*).

This community only exists because of all the people involved in getting it there. From the initial brainstorming sessions to the wonderful mods who have contributed to it over the years.

There are now over 1000 fics listed on the site. It has 500 members and is watched by over 600 people. We have a Delicious account, community and tumblr. There's also a monthly newsletter reccing all the awesome stuff fans make. So much of this is due to [ profile] cherry916, [ profile] harrigan and [ profile] el1ie who have been instrumental in setting it up and continue to help it all run so smoothly. We've had many wonderful mods over the years helping out. Currently [ profile] ayane42,[ profile] jessm78 and [ profile] reggie11 are helping search out all the awesome fan works to share with members and help keep it ticking over.

So yeah. Something that started as a way of having a place to go so I could find all the fics I wanted to read has ended up being a place that I consider an online home. A place I love and a place I love being part of. It's also something I will look back on and know that I will be proud that it exists. *wipes a tear* (haha! I think I got emotional there for a moment...must be the wine..!)

The end! That was a fun meme. :)

Art rec...

Sep. 30th, 2013 08:07 pm
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[ profile] spn_littlebro held a header contest recently and it's now time to vote. The thing is...ALL the headers are amazing - I have no idea how any one will be able to choose (but we hope you do!). Even if you don't want to vote you really should check the entries. SPN fandom = <3
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[ profile] spn_littlebro h/c bingo! Click the pic, and come join the fun!

I'm really excited about this. The team at [ profile] spn_littlebro have been working hard to put this together (seriously, this comm has the BEST mods...;D). If you've seen the [ profile] hc_bingo cards but haven't signed up because you don't want to commit to so many squares then this will be perfect for you. Claim just one square (or more if you want) and as a team we're hoping to get a bingo (maybe even more than one!).

For more info click on the pic, check out our card and sign up! :D
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Hey guys! The awesome team at [ profile] spn_littlebro have put together a Tumblr for Dummies - a detailed "how to" for Tumblr. Why? Because we created a tumblr for [ profile] spn_littlebro \o/ So if you like to see whumped Sam check out our tumblr!


Tumblr for Dummies (and not such dummies because that place takes a bit of working out!)

spnlittlebro tumblr (for all the hurty goodness)

Huge thanks for [ profile] cherry619 putting it all together and to [ profile] harrigan all her help with it. Also thanks to [ profile] el1ie for the banner. So lucky to have such an amazing group of gals working on the comm. <33

Pimp yo!

Apr. 30th, 2013 11:24 pm
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Hey guys! We're giving a chance for those who love Sam and..*koff* like seeing him all hurt and wooby, to share their love. Come and chat and share. You might even find some new peeps to share your love with.

[ profile] spn_littlebro Discussion Meme! Come join in the hurt!Sam fun!
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Not long now and we should have our fix.

In the meantime...

Come join us! Meet people who are just as excited as you are! at:

♥ ♥ ♥

ALSO...I'm looking for guest reccers at [ profile] spn_littlebro! Each month we put out a newsletter full of yummy hurt!Sam and Jared recs. We'd like to mix it up a bit and have some guest reccers (once a month if possible) to feature some of their fav fics/art/vids etc. If you'd like to help out (just once!) I'd love to hear from you. Drop me a PM if you're interested. *puppy eyes*

Spotted a new comm...[ profile] positively_spn. As much as I feel a little grrrrrrrrr at the moment with Show I still want to remain as positive as I can. That's not to say I won't grumble if I feel I need to. I will just try to "relax and enjoy the ride" as much as I can...;D

Fly by Pimp

Sep. 1st, 2012 08:55 pm
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[ profile] spn_littlebro are offering a chance to win a prize pack during the month of September. All you have to do is rec a hurt!Sam or hurt!Jared fic or artwork during September and you go into the draw. The more you rec the more chances you have to win. (it's just a bit of fun and hopefully it will keep the shelves stocked!).

All the details are HERE. Go forth and rec!


Sep. 10th, 2011 07:56 am
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Woot! [ profile] spn_littlebro has just opened the Visual Theme. Here you can leave links to art, vids, banners, icons etc. that feature hurt!Sam. Hurt!Jared too, but I think they might be harder to find. But if you DO find some please pop by and share.

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Hi guys!!

We are having a welcome meme at [ profile] spn_littlebro. We have an awesome 188 members and over 200 watchers so far. And we now have 60 stories linked, with hope that will just keep on growing.

Our first fortnightly newsletter is due this Friday. *bounces*

Pop in and say hi! We'd love to get the low down on you. <3
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We are excited to announce the opening of [ profile] spn_littlebro: a Library of story links to hurt!Sam and Hurt!Jared fanfiction. We need to keep our shelves stocked so please stop by and share either a hurt!Sam or Hurt!Jared story you have written or ones that you have loved.

If you'd like to help us spread the news to writers and readers on your flists, we have lots of hurt!Sam and hurt!Jared banners you can use HERE and HERE.

Personal Note:

This community represents the work and thoughts of many people - from brainstorming to actualisation. (and more specifically, [ profile] cherry619, [ profile] el1ie and [ profile] harrigan AMAZING ladies...each one. THANK YOU!)

Our aim is to build a substantial library of story links, so please pop in and link your own or your favourite hurt!Sam or hurt!Jared stories.

We have exciting plans for the future - including a fortnightly newsletter to keep you updated on what's out there and future vid and art links. Our goal is to remain low spam - with updates once a week at the most, so please don't be concerned about us spamming your flist entries. *g*.

PS: Even if you don't want to pimp you gotta take a look at all the banners! Crack much?! (the work of the wonderful [ profile] el1ie)

WOOT! Can I be excited now?! Pleez...


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