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Title: Just a Little Bit More
Vidder: [ profile] ash48
Music by: LibertyX
Length: 2.57m
Summary: "Everything about you is so sexy" - aka S11 Gag Reel (with snippets of past gag reels)

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For the lovely [ profile] milly_gal. She put this song out there a while back and it struck me as something that could work for our lovely cast. Thanks hun!

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This is for [ profile] jalu2 for the [ profile] spn_j2_xmas gift exchange. :)

Title:Twenty Years
Vidder: [ profile] ash48
Music by: Augustana
Length: 1.50m
Warning: Mild wincest
Summary: Sam, Dean, the road and the Impala.

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JP screencap

Title:Jared Padalecki - Stand
Vidder: [ profile] ash48
Music by: R.E.M
Characters: Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles
Length: 2.57m
Category: Dorkiness (new category)
Summary: The Adorkable Adventures of Jared Padalecki (and his best bud, Jensen Ackles).

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I got a little distracted yesterday when I was checking out my song suggestion thread. [ profile] amypond45's daughter suggested the Rocky and Bullwinkle theme song. Then [ profile] killabeez mentioned she couldn't believe it hadn't been done before (and added yes please!) and, well, that was that! My muse was off and I had a fun afternoon putting this together.

Total crack of course. *g*

Right then. Back to the other vid (and to the one I REALLY should be making...the Xmas exchange one).

It's school holiday time for me - can you tell?! *G*
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Title: You Sexy Thing
Vidder: [ profile] ash48
Music by: Hot Chocolate
Length: 1.46min
Summary: S10 gag reel - the musical version.

I always love the gag reel. I also love re-editing them to music *g*. This isn't anything special, but I spent an enjoyable afternoon playing with it. Thanks to [ profile] redteekal for taking a pre-look at it and assuring me it was ok to post.<3 This song came to mind when I watched the scene with them in their gorgeous Christmas sweaters - so damn sexy. I settled on it because this gag reel seemed a little more subdued to past ones and this song seemed to fit it.

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This is for [ profile] d0llface_h00ker who bought me for [ profile] fandomaid ages ago. Thanks so much for your patience and for the terrific song suggestion. <3

Title: Where My Demons Hide
Vidder: [ profile] ash48
Music by: Demons by Imagine Dragons
Beta: [ profile] el1ie
Length: 3.06min
Category: Character/theme study
Summary: It's woven in my soul, I need to let you go....

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As it's a heavily lyric driven vid I have included them here:

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Cool banner by [ profile] kj_svala

Title: Happy Together
Vidder: [ profile] ash48
Music by: The Turtles
Characters: Jared and Jensen, Sam and Dean
Length: 3.06m
Category: Feel good (schmoop!)
Summary: Celebrating the chemistry and friendship between Jared and Jensen and Sam and Dean.

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And this probably won't be interesting to anyone, but I thought I'd screencap the con footage file I made for this vid. This represents all the footage I clipped (much I didn't end up using). There's some Sam and Dean footage here, but most of the clips I had already made and was in other files. I've become much better at naming files over the years. :)

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Title:Finding Normal
Vidder: [ profile] ash48
Music by: A Moment of Inertia by The Secession
Length: 2.05min
Category: Story promo
Summary: This has been made for the [ profile] sammybigbang challenge, for [ profile] annie46's wonderful story Finding Normal

Watch: You Tube

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It's all [ profile] wings128's fault! She started it by posting this Diet-Coke ad here. I hadn't seen it before but one I did it immediately made me think of Dean mowing the lawn in "What Is…". So I mashed some footage together and this came out.

There's no shirtless!Dean, sadly (all shirtless!Dean footage is inside and dark and just didn't fit...*sadface*) so I went with a slightly different scenario - Dean misunderstanding the girl's request and being adorkable instead (you'll just have to imagine the topless part...) It's just for fun. :)

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Title: Supernatural Dance Freaks
Vidder: [ profile] ash48
Music by: Timmy Trumpet & Savage (radio edit)
Length: 2.23m
Category: Feel good
Summary: ...brings the freaks out to the floor... Cast and fans dancing at conventions.

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It's been wonderful to see everyone's recap of the seasons as S10 approaches. I'd join in, only I'm going to be away next week and I'm not sure of my internet connection (boo). Also, my parents are arriving tomorrow night (yay!), so my on-line will be shorter than usual (boo).

That said, I will consider this my contribution to reflecting on past seasons. It's somewhat nostalgic and maybe a reminder of some special moments shared between the boys and a very cool character. I've also been inspired by the fact that this character has a twitter and have enjoyed the banter. :)

I knew exactly the kind of feel I wanted for this little vidlet but couldn't think of a song. Lucky [ profile] amber1960 knew the perfect song. Thanks hun. <3

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Title: Happy (to be Born The Way)
Vidder: [ profile] ash48
Music by: Pharrell Williams and Lady Gaga
Length: 3.07m Size: 62mb (mp4)
Category: Fluff without substance.
Summary: S9 Gag reel and Fan Perspective- the musical version.

Watch: You Tube and Vimeo (for Germany!) Password: happy
Download: 4Shared || Share: tumblr and twitter

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For [ profile] caffienekitty who donated to [ profile] fandomaid and got this vid in return. :D She requested a vid to this song. I'm sure it's probably not quite what she imagined when listening to it but after some discussions she said she was happy for me to do whatever I thought would work. So Kevin it is! Hope you like it.

Title: Road to Absolution
Vidder: [ profile] ash48
Music by: Billy Talent
Length: 1.24 min Size: 28mb (mp4)
Beta [ profile] counteragent (and part collaborator)
Category: Kevin character study
Summary: "It's a lonely road to absolution, we must walk alone."
Warnings: This is not a happy Kevin vid. The boys aren't let off the hook. Also a moment of torture.

Watch/DL/reblog: You Tube || 4Shared || tumblr

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For the lovely [ profile] deirdre_c who donated to [ profile] fandomaid and got this vid in return. <33


Title: Never Always Getting Back Together
Vidder: [ profile] ash48
Music by: Taylor Swift (yes, I know! I can't believe it either...)
Length: 2.50m Size: 59mb (mp4)
Beta [ profile] deirdre_c (yep! She had to beta her own vid!)
Category: Crack, bro!love, feel-good (maybe...depend how you look at it I suppose)
Summary: Sam and Dean are never always getting back together. Like. Of course.

Watch/DL/reblog: You Tube || Sendspace || tumblr

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Title: It's a Beautiful Day
Vidder: [ profile] ash48
Song by: Michael Bublé
Category: S8 Gag Reel
Length: 1.55m
Size: 36 mb
Links: You Tube | 4Shared (DL) | tumblr

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[ profile] spn_j2_xmas gift for [ profile] zubeneschamali


Title: No Surrender
Vidder: [ profile] ash48
Music by: Bruce Springsteen
Length: 2.48m Size: 58mb (mp4)
Category: Gen, nostalgia, feel good
Summary: Sam, Dean, the Impala, the road. No retreat. No Surrender.

Watch/DL: You Tube || 4Shared || Sendspace

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This is what happens when a suggestion is made that I do a wincest version of the "Sex Is…" vid. I just HAD to give it a go.

This isn't entirely my vid though. It was a collaborative effort (fun!). I struggled with getting the feel right for this and requested help. And help I got. Thank you!<3

So this also belongs to:
[ profile] cassiopeia7 (for helping me realise what it DID need…)
[ profile] missyjack (hee..for reminding me about that scene)
[ profile] el1ie (sweet spot baby!)
[ profile] vyperdd (for awesome cheerleading!)

Summary: We all knew who Dean was really talking about…

Download || Tumblr
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Note: This contains very slight (audio) spoilers for 9.08. (Nothing that will give away plot for the ep).

I'm sure we all conjured up our own imagines when Dean was monologuing in the recent preview but after seeing [ profile] stir_of_echoes post the audio to the scene I felt compelled to put some images to his words.

That's it really. Just a healthy piece of fangirl objectification. But hey, it's Dean Winchester. How can a gal resist? I did this in a tiny window of time this morning so it's very basic (and er…not very good really). I will say I do rather love how much joy (and comfort) Dean gets out of sex.

DL: 4shared
Original preview: here

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Title: Sam Winchester - Scars
Vidder: [ profile] ash48
Music by: Elegeion
Length: 3.03m Size: 60 mb
Category: Angst, character study
Summary: Scars on my skin, my heart and my soul

Made for [ profile] spn_littlebro's [ profile] hc_bingo challenge. The prompt is "scars".

Watch/DL: You Tube || 4Shared || Sendspace

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I'm really such a dag. Give me a new season of Supernatural, a bit of extra time (yay holidays!), a video program and I make something silly like this.

I did have plans to make a long vid using 3 sources of footage (episodes, gag reel and con footage), so I could capture the whole spn experience, but that got too hard and as it seems making "hard" these days is a struggle I decided to cut back and just use gag reel footage. I think of it as one long gif expressing my inner squee. dork.;)


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