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There's been some pretty juicy spoilers come out over the last few days and I have been itching to chat about them. I have been fluctuating between feeling really excited and being filled with dread.

There's no doubt I WANT to be excited because that's a much happier place to be. So I'm going to try and remain up beat with my comments, but they will be tinged with a certain amount of caution because I feel like I've been pretty burned after the last season.

For those who are not sure if they want to check what the spoilers are, the first cut details what kind of spoilers to expect.

what are you likely to be spoiled about... )

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Jul. 3rd, 2014 11:52 pm
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Some TV stuff...(spoilers for everything!!)

Teen Wolf )

Hannibal )

Orphan Black )

Penny Dreadful )

Game of Thrones )

I know there's so much more to say about all of those shows, but I thought I better keep it short. ;)

Ummm..what else? When we've had enough of the heaviness of the above shows we watch Better Off Ted (introduced to me recently) and have a laugh. Portia de Rossi's character (Veronica) is my FAV! She is so GREAT! (I actually had no idea she was so wonderful. Shame, as she's an Aussie export and I never realised her talent). Any show that mocks US corporations (and is completely nerdy) is a winner in my books.

And White Collar is another easy watching, go-to show when the rest gets too heavy. Great relationships without being overly angsty. And kinda silly. :)

Oh and The Musketeers is on my re-watch when I'm feeling like a night cuddling up on the sofa show. So much pretty and sword fights and comfortable cliches that it leaves me just going..."awwwww".

Thanks TV!
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So I'm home sick today. Well, more like I'm just poorly with a cold. I'm snuggled up in bed with hot tea and my computer and I suddenly had the urge to play "speculation".

There's been so many spoilery comments from the actors and crew around - especially on twitter or tumblr. They've left me very perplexed (and excited actually). They don't say "this is what actually happens"- they're more like....

time to go under a cut )
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I just had a thought (as you do).

I have a feeling the Show sees what Dean did as saving Sam. Purely, just, saving Sam. Many feel (me included - now) that Sam didn't actually need saving (aside from the fact that he did so he didn't die etc etc). He was ready to die so the only reason he was brought back was because Dean couldn't live with him dead. So if this is the case they really won't feel that there is anything to address in the way Dean actually went about saving him. It's just what you do to save your family - they are the boundaries you cross and it doesn't matter because at least you've saved your brother. It's pretty simple really (and therefore solidifies the fact that the manner in which Dean saved Sam won't be addressed because it doesn't actually matter. To them).

(you all knew that already didn't you? I'm just slow it would seem.../o\)

And now for a wee rant.

spoilers! (no pics, just promo tag lines )
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OH MY FUCKING GOD! I have just watch the S9 sneak peak and I am so FUCKING EXCITED! (So excited I am swearing...)

Here's the sneak peak (massive spoiler alert!! I haven't checked tumblr yet but I figure there will be gifs and pics EVERYWHERE! No good for spoilerphobes that place..../o\)

lots to be excited about I think! )

*bouncy bouncy* Who would have thought after 9 years I could still be this excited!

Oh and if you haven't seen this wonderful article: Why we're excited about SPN S9 - a chat with Jared and Jensen over at Fangasm, you got to check it out! It's wonderful to get a close-up fan perspective on the Js and how they are feeling going into S9. More spoilers, but not as many as the sneak peek...). Warm fuzzy making! :)
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So. For a change, I thought I'd talk about Supernatural - because, you know, I CAN'T HELP MYSELF!

I've been checking out all the spoilers because I NEEDS to know stuff!

To be honest there hasn't really been anything that earth shattering or (too!) controversial. Nothing quite like last year's..."Sam doesn't look for Dean know...he finally had a chance at a normal life..." (whaaaaaa!!!)

Instead we've got...

spoilers! )

Only 2 more months to wait! The fact that that seems like a long time means I still damn invested in this damn show.
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Fic rec! This completely broke my heart - but in a way that I love it to be broke. THIS! This is what I needed to know about Sam's lonely year. I've been living on the edge so long (where the winds of limbo roar) by [ profile] clex_monkie89 Beautifully written and...just...yes.

And now I have to share some SPOILER pics that has me all sorts of excited. Call me a shallow but...WOOT!

spoiler pics for 8.13 (doesn't give too much away... )
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Finally something to post about!

Let's just be clear about what is awesome about this promo shall we?!?! )


(And now my dear friends... THAT WILL BE IT FOR SPOILERS FOR ME!! I have been corrupted enough... /o\)

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I think it's handy knowing the spoiler tolerance level of my darling flist. Some of you I know... but some of my new friends *waves* I'm not sure about. So....a simple poll.

[Poll #1854986]
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Let's get excited!

Spolier article here

The way I see them....:D )

In other news... I'm off to Sydney tomorrow for a week so I will be around less. I'll have the iPad so will be (hopefully) catching up on some Big Bangs.


Dec. 6th, 2011 10:02 pm
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Heads up (spoilerphobe) flisties!!

There's a mighty big casting spoiler about at the moment. It's seems that because this info is considered unavoidable it has been

I'm living with...

this'll probably give it away if you didn't already know. Maybe. )

And if you don't know what I'm talking about then you've remained (remarkably) unspoiled. The only way to remain so will be to avoid the nets for ages 'cause it'll be damn hard to not stumble across this one.


ETA: Actual spoiler is in the comments if you want to know what it is. ;)
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Dear Flist, (Jared, Twitter, Fandom, World)

You are NOT helping me keep my resolve to remain spoiler free for the next episode! I am just gonna have to watch that clip aren't I? Yes?

Yours breakingly,

eta: I caved. I watched. I WET MYSELF!!! Jeezee.... how the hell are we so lucky.

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Just how spoilery is that teaser that I'm seeing all around the place? I really.. REALLY want to peek.. A little tiny peek won't hurt will it?!

While I'm here.... I just HAVE TO rec some vids that [ profile] zimshan recced to me recently. It was in relation to the bad vid post I made a few weeks ago. Though this isn't a "bad vid" by any means... It's the crackiest, most amazing vid I think I've ever seen.

If you haven't seen it I URGE you to check it out. It's brilliantly made and... my God.. the idea. (It's Smallville, but you don't need to know the show at all). Honestly. Go watch! You won't be disappointed. (it's slash but try not to let that put you off either (if you're not into slash) ... it's friggin' hilarious. And kinda O_o)

Go here -> I Swear by [ profile] dualbunny

I also highly recommend this "bad vid" (of the Lord King Bad Vid variety). It's a Merlin vid but, again, you don't need to know the show to watch it. Again slash, but crackish so pretty harmless.

It's here -> Alone by [ profile] sisabet

This is a perfect example of a LKBV. As in it's done in complete sincerity, it's well made but the idea is "horrific". And in being so quite hilarious.

Watch, watch. So much fun.

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God damnit! I RESISTED. I did. It took a lot of effort and I was proud of myself. I really didn't want to know what was going to happen in the next ep and now someone just posted it as a SUMMARY to some meta - all over the place!! (avoid hurt_sam and oh_sam comms if you're trying to avoid them btw)


I suppose I should just go an watch it now. :(((((

(It's definitely easier not avoiding spoilers. I think I will go back to checking them out from now on).

No more spamming. Time to put my head down and do some vidding. Gorgeous Dean is awaiting me... *G*


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