Apr. 2nd, 2016 12:32 am
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[livejournal.com profile] spn_littlebro is pretty excited about the last episode (being fans of hurt!Sam and all). So in honour of the bro-epic, hurty, heroic goodness that was 11.17 we've taken a break from our usual format to open a post to, well..do anything really. Squee, chat, leave prompts, ask questions, link recs, create works for recs and all that stuff!!

So feel free to pop by and join in the celebration. :)

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I have been busting to share my squee but I had to wait until the book came out to do so.

The book, Fan Phenomena is out so now I can (rather unashamedly) share my excitement. \o/

Fan Phenomena cap

Just over a year ago Lynn Zubernis ([livejournal.com profile] fangasmspn) asked if I would be interested in 1) being interviewed for the book and 2) choosing some screen caps highlighting the great cinematography in the show and write something about them. OF COURSE I said yes and set about trying to pick a mere 10 caps to write about. I had great fun narrowing down the selection and writing something about them (with help from [livejournal.com profile] galwithglasses, [livejournal.com profile] el1ie and [livejournal.com profile] missyjack <33). She also asked me to list some questions in the hope that the Director of Photography, Serge Ladouceur, would respond. And respond he did! He added his own thoughts on the caps and when he wasn't able to give an answer went and asked Jerry Wanek. Needless to say I was VERY excited about that (and I couldn't share it!).

I was also interviewed about vidding and I had great fun answering the questions (I mean, how often do we get to talk about out passions like that?! *g*).

So. I'm in a book. :D I won't pretend that doesn't blow me away and it will probably be a highlight of my fannish life.

There are chapters by [livejournal.com profile] missyjack, [livejournal.com profile] bardicvoice, Misha Collins, and Richard Speight. [livejournal.com profile] growyourwings also has some of her photography in the book. :D It looks like it's going to be a very interesting read.

The book is currently available for Kindle and will be available in paperback in May (can be ordered now).
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OH MY FUCKING GOD! I have just watch the S9 sneak peak and I am so FUCKING EXCITED! (So excited I am swearing...)

Here's the sneak peak (massive spoiler alert!! I haven't checked tumblr yet but I figure there will be gifs and pics EVERYWHERE! No good for spoilerphobes that place..../o\)

lots to be excited about I think! )

*bouncy bouncy* Who would have thought after 9 years I could still be this excited!

Oh and if you haven't seen this wonderful article: Why we're excited about SPN S9 - a chat with Jared and Jensen over at Fangasm, you got to check it out! It's wonderful to get a close-up fan perspective on the Js and how they are feeling going into S9. More spoilers, but not as many as the sneak peek...). Warm fuzzy making! :)
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[livejournal.com profile] spn_batcave is officially open for business! \o/ This means you can cross post all those yummy Bat Cave fics (and artwork, recs, meta etc)

A new community hosting fanworks inspired by the Winchester's new home base, The Bat Cave

If you'd like to help us spread the word here's the pimping codes:

Heartfelt thanks to the lovely [livejournal.com profile] el1ie for all her help and making it look so awesome. Without her this would never have happened! *HUGS*

Thanks for the encouragement guys! Now go and join, pimp and post! <333
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How nice to wake up this morning with my flist COVERED in news about SPN's renewal for S9. \o/ That's so damn exciting! (I can just see my husbands withering look when I break the good news to him...*g*)

I imagine there will be many awesome stories come out of the Bunker 'o Love. <33

Good for you Show!!! (another year of smiles, tears and gnashing of teeth no doubt...*g*)

(I've just discovered I didn't have a tag for "supernatural". How is that even possible?!)
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BEST SCI-FI!!! BEST FAN FOLLOWING!!! at People Choice Awards 2013 \o/


BEST DRESSED!!! The prom date boys looked AWESOME with their matching colors!! They did that for us yes?!?! GORGEOUS! (ETA: HA! When I typed that I meant it as a joke, but apparently IT'S TRUE! LOLZ)

Another ETA: So...I think the material of Jensen's jacket is the same as Jared's tie and the lining of Jensen's jacket is the same material as Jared's shirt. TAILOR MADE MATCHING OUTFITS!!! Just saying....<333


ETA: Love this article!" "This definitely earns them a spot on our next bromance list"

And because I need music to celebrate I am shamelessly posting my PCA vid from last year. I just won't have a chance to make one this year so let's pretend it's for this year!

(shame neither one of the boys won best actor but at least they didn't win it TOGETHER! They know we love 'em!)


Oct. 3rd, 2012 10:07 am
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It's Wednesday here, which would mean the show would be airing tonight if I lived in the states! Sadly, I have to wait a little longer but still... IT'S WEDNESDAY. Only a day to go!!!

If you're wanting a place to squee, to receive a group hug, to post gifs, to get excited or just to share the love! then pop over to [livejournal.com profile] theheartofspn's BLOCK PARTY!

I will be flying over to Sydney this afternoon. \o I will be catching up with my lovely family (wheee...8 month old nephew!) and AND meeting up with some fellow fans to WATCH THE SHOW Thursday evening! This means however, that I will have to wait about 8 hours after it has aired in the states. Which means I will have to be OFF LINE all that time because I do not want to be tempted to see what everyone thought (even though I will be DESPERATE to know!). It also means no Twitter. BOO! (So entertaining...).

I will also be going completely spoiler free from now on. I'm spoiled for some general stuff about the season but not for guest stars or any episodes except the premiere and Ep 3.

I plan to write episode reactions again this year. I love spewing all sorts of stuff about the episode and enjoy the conversation. The first one will probably be a bit delayed - depending on what time I have.

My broment post on [livejournal.com profile] theheartofspn will be postponed this week due to SHOW EXCITEMENT, but it will be back next week. I plan to start including the new season so I might just start there. We'll see. :)

Aside from all that...I want to say THANK YOU for the lovely response to the last 2 vids. I really enjoy vidding but it's even better when I know people have enjoyed them. *HUGS*

ENJOY the show peoples! Get out and celebrate!! I'm sure fandom is waking up again after this terribly long hiatus.
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Is it October yet?! YES IT IS!!! \o/

Banner cropped

Title: We Will Rock You
Vidder: [livejournal.com profile] ash48
Music by: Queen
Length: 1.59m
Size: 21 mb
Summary: Supernatural Rocks!

embed, thanks and notes )
I'm 80% SQUEEEEEE for the finale and 20% HOMG *bitey nails*. But I wear the love for my show on my sleeve, hence me making vids like this. :) Bring it ON is all I can say!!
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Finally something to post about!

Let's just be clear about what is awesome about this promo shall we?!?! )


(And now my dear friends... THAT WILL BE IT FOR SPOILERS FOR ME!! I have been corrupted enough... /o\)



May. 4th, 2012 08:39 am
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How wonderful to wake up this morning to the official announcement that Supernatural has been renewed.

*happy dance*

It seemed very likely but I was really hanging out for the official word.

It seems rather impossible that this little show is now up for its eighth season. I know it lost a lot of supporters going into the 4th season and then even more going into the 5th, 6th and 7th. No doubt there will be more drop off over S8.

But it's also gained new fans. People who have just discovered its awesomeness.

I thought I might have lost interest in it by now but I just can't quit it. The passion I have for it is as strong as ever. I still wake up on the day of the show with the thrill of excitement that I will be seeing the boys on my TV.

I also enjoy fandom WAY TOO MUCH to let up now. :DD

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I just saw a blog (or 50) on Tumblr stating SPN has been officially renewed. I can't find a source to confirm that though...and I haven't seen anything on LJ...

IS IT TRUE?! Can I start bouncing around the room yet?

EDIT: OMG! This thread is cracking me up. Seriously... we're that desperate?!!! TeeHee... I love it... (and NO, it's not true.... YET!)
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...just makes me want to BURST!!! \o/


from receiving PMs recommending fic, to someone taking the time to beta stuff you've done, to receiving comments on stuff you've made, to someone offering to make PDF's of fics you want to read off line, to knowing that someone is making a film (A FILM!!) based on SPN, to reading delightful (tucked away) J2 fairy tale fic , to people making art work that makes you want to SING (there's far too many to link, so instead just look HERE (at every post!)), to chatting about vid ideas with awesome peeps, to being excited and nervous about SPN renewal, to following peeps tweets, to being completely geeky about lamps and wall paper that may or may not be re-used in certain eps (oh lordy...) , to drooling over gifs that get posted, to being asked to beta stuff (and see it before anyone else! \o/), to people taking the time to take pics from recent cons and uploading them for us to see (and here), to having a wonderful comm that has the most AMAZING people contributing to it, and to people just sharing the SPN love!! \o/ (oh shut up... it's been a crazy weekend. Fandom is like, idk, respite from all that... truly...)

I just.

It's friggin' awesome is what it is.
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I think I am more excited for this season that any previous ones.. (well, maybe not S2. I was itching for that one.. And S4...)

But this one has me all sorts of friggin' bouncy!!

I am somewhat spoiled for S7. Namely, overall theme and some character stuff (nothing major). So if you're up to date on that stuff then it will be safe to enter. If you are wanting to stay completely spoiler free go no further.

I herein post my squee and hopes for S7 and mention the webclip )

20. ENOUGH!!! I'll just be happy to see those two boys BACK ON MY TELLY!! \o/

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I watched the Comic Con SPN panel just now and...

*melty melt, Mcmelty... PILE OF GOO melty* \o/

Just some things about the Js that I HAVE to mention...

I don't mentioned show spoilers... just panel stuff and SWOONING...(and squee 'cause they mention one of my vids...;)  )

Warning for pretty big spoilers for S7 during the panel. Mostly casting spoilers. I haven't come away feeling toooo spoiled though (and I have become a bit of a spoilerphobe), nothing that I feel will spoil my viewing anyway.

And now I am itching ITCHING to vid the perfect song for Jared... I NEED MORE TIME IN MY LIFE!

Fuck yeah!

Apr. 27th, 2011 09:02 am
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How much do I love that I get up this morning, check my flist (as I always do) and you are all SQUEEING and DANCING and CELEBRATING the RETURN OF OUR SHOW!!! \o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/

How fucking awesome is that?!?!? (yes... I swear when I'm excited!)

What a great start to the day! Season 7 baby!!! \o/

All I can think to do is share this again because WOO HOO!!! \o/

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Ok. So I'm a little bit excited by this...

Jim Beaver saw and COMMENTED on my Bobby Vid. A gal over on YT sent it to his face book and he commented by saying:

Okay, that may be the best fan vid I've ever seen. The editing and confluence of image and lyric is just amazing. You should be doing this for a living. Thank you. I'm really, really flattered.

And don't worry... I take "best fan vid I've even seen" with a grain of salt. Whenever someone says that my first thought it "Well you haven't seen many fan vids then"..*g*. However...The editing and confluence of image and lyric is just amazing. I will take because... damn! That's a nice thing to say. :)

confirmation is here plus some other nice comments I would never have seen with Erica informing me of this.



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