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I just agreed to the new Russian ToS (they popped up when I logged in) because I can't just NOT sign into LJ, but what did I just agree to? I tried to read it all but *head spin*. Did I just sign away my life away or something? Or is all much the same as before? I do have a Dreamwidth account but I can't even imagine transferring everything over there (or firing up a place I'm not at all familiar with (is fandom even active over there?)). *sigh* it's all just too hard. I have history here. It's where my fandom home was/is. And it really is a journal and therefore it holds many amazing memories that I don't want to lose.


Jul. 5th, 2016 11:35 am
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Popping by to say I hoped I managed to thank everyone personally for their birthday messages. They meant a lot so here's an extra thank you! <33

I also want to give a shout out to the lovely mods at [ profile] spn_littlebro. Especially to [ profile] ayane42 for taking over the newsletter compiling while I'm on a hiatus. And to [ profile] nahemaraxe for doing an amazing job with the littlebro tumblr.

more about meeeeee..... )
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*meep* I believe (I HOPE!) I have thanked everyone personally for their birthday gifts and wishes recently. It just came to my attention that I missed some lovely graphic gifts made for me and *weep* that makes me sad. Please, if I didn't send you a thank you or I missed anything please let me know. I never list thank yous on my LJ for fear I will miss someone (and even then I did! /o\). But THANK YOU! All your messages and gifts made my heart swell. Very much appreciated.

In other news, I am on holiday now (yay!!) and was recently informed that I have 55 days long service leave to take before the end of next year. I've had it available since 2013 and I didn't even know it. So yay - lots of holiday time for me! My aim this 2 weeks is to finish my long awaited (by the very patient [ profile] d0llface_h00ker) Dean video. It's be AGES since I've made a character vid and I think I've forgotten how. I'm enjoying the challenge though. I also hope to have some fun with the gag reel footage at some point too. :)

I attended a marriage equality rally today. Such a great turn out (nearly 10,000 people). It seems like a no-brainer to me, but we have a homophobic Prime Minister who is essentially putting his fingers in his ears and hoping the issue will go away. Well it won't! (please know, rest of the world, this dick doesn't represent the majority of us and what we want. He's a despicable man and hopefully there will be enough pressure on him to allow his party to have a free vote on the issue SOON).
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I keep seeing this on my twitter feed and every time I see it I think about how awesome it would look with SPN characters. The setting just seems so appropriate. And poignant I think (not the emmy bit, but the setting and homage to the original…)

Anyway. Just *hint hint*..putting it out there… ;D


And *waves*…seems like a while. I'm working on a Dean vid for an auction winner I promised eons ago (Finally. Yay!) I miss chatting about the show so will probs do a general S10 post at some point. (If anyone has anything specific you'd like to chat about let me know…).
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The thing I love about the gag reel coming out is how god damn active fandom becomes. Seriously! Gifs and caps and footage everywhere! And what a gag reel it is. \o/ Enough slashy happy material to keep everyone happy! :)) I'm sure I don't need to link it - but just it case, it's here.

So I gotta ask. Every year - since, I think S2, I've made a little vid of the gag reel. It's just for a bit of fun. I try to use a song that fits the footage. Usually it comes to me as soon as I watch the footage - but I'm struggling this year. The only urge I got was something of the big band variety (what the..?!?). If anyone has any ideas I'm all ears...

*hugs* you all. Not long to S9 begins! Seriously can't wait. :))
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For those who have been passed over because of the way they look. Interesting realisation by Dustin Hoffman when preparing for Tootsie.

I mostly love hearing actors talk about performing and Dustin is a very thoughtful actor. I thought his epiphany was very honest (and sadly true).


Jun. 13th, 2013 06:44 pm
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Hey guys. If you haven't had a chance to vote in this poll perhaps pop by and clicky. I feel like making some geeky graphs (and wanna see if the oldest sibling trend continues...;D)

Every time a new [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang story appears I'm all "I WANNA READ!". They all sound so good. I hope to get a least one read this weekend. :)

Yay! This looks like fun!

Also...the [ profile] spn_littlebro newsletter is choc FULL of recs this month. :)
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Well paint me impressed. A damn fine and civilized d/c discussion was had with absolutely no wank or tears. There were some awesome points made and everyone played nice. *cheers*

Thank you.

I won't be posting anything further on it because I ended up having the discussion I wanted anyway. Plus everyone else made far better arguments and points than I could have done.

In conclusion? Fandom is cool and my flist are made of complete win.

In other news, my family is arriving tomorrow for a week long visit. The good news is YAY I can't wait to see them. The not so good news is I have no idea when I'm going to squeeze in watching the show and writing stuff up about it. I'm hoping to sneak away to take a watch and maybe post a insta!reaction, but I'm not sure (arghh...I can't believe the timing!).

Have fun! I'll catch ya all on the flipside. <3


Mar. 7th, 2013 10:38 pm
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Who said fandom was dying on LJ?!! Did you see the Newsletter today? CHOCK FULL 'o goodies! \o/

The Supernatural Shake vid is made of win!! (no need for me to link because I know you ALL would have seen it a million times by now). What I LOVE is how much it confirms what an awesome set SPN is. Everyone keeps saying it's a great place to work and seeing stuff like that just confirms it. And double YAY to Jensen for suggesting it. *hearts* him.

If you're interested in the machinations of putting an episode together (in particular Trial and Error) be sure to check out [ profile] missyjack's interview with director, Kevin Parks. It's very interesting and insightful. We are so lucky that the crew are prepared to give us their time like this. They obviously appreciate the passion we have for the show. I

Boo, no show tonight. Though it actually ended up being a good thing. I was able to work on some fannish projects that I've been wanting to get finished. :))
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It feels like ages since I've posted anything SPN related and I'm having withdrawals. Here's a mix bag of stuff!

Let's start with the CW promo for their up coming show returns: (non spoilery for SPN - not sure about all the others but I think it's all past footage).

It's worth it for the the last 2 seconds. ;) (and for the Arrow bits...)

I like the upbeat nature of this promo and even though SPN doesn't feature much the bits they do feature give me hope. I know this isn't made by Carver & co but at least the promoters get what it is about SPN that makes us love it.

I look forward to Show's return with both excitement and (massive) trepidation.

A little something on future episodes...(beware spoilers and sarcasm) )

My copy of The Essential Supernatural book arrived today and WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! It's super awesome! There are pull out maps and stickers and postcards and awesome pictures and EVERYTHING!! LOVES!

On the RL front a spent a few days by the beach with a group of friends over New Years and it was awesome. I haven't done something like that in years. And I'm off to Sydney (again! \o/) next week. Aaaahhhh holidays. How much I love you.
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Happy birthday to the supremely talented [ profile] maichan. I hope it's a great one hun. <3

If you're looking for some hurt!Sam or hurt!Jared holiday reading check out the MEGA Christmas newsletter at [ profile] spn_littlebro. Lots of old and new fic/vid/art recs. :)

I've finally started collecting caps for Season 6 motels. Some great rooms and I geeked out seeing that The Floor Plan is used again. ;)

Congrats and thanks to [ profile] virtualpersonal who donated to the North American/Carribean Storm Crisis at [ profile] fandomaid and won a vid from me. I'll hopefully get to that early next year. :)

Hubby asked me what I wanted for Chrissy and I muttered that there was this :koff: Supernatural book that would be rather cool. Instead of the eye roll I expected he said give me the link and let's get it. And not only that, he got the special offer that had the 2013 Calendar (YAY! Always wanted a SPN calendar!) and Official Season 7 Companion with it. He really does love me (and I have simple needs it seems). :D

Hope you are all well. <33


Nov. 2nd, 2012 09:24 pm
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Thank you thank you to those who sent me a lovely virtual cookie. I am a little bit of a sucker for those v-gifts. They really brightened my day. <333

I needed a little pick me up. I think after having such an amazing week last week it was a bit of a downer being back in the "real" world. And my kids are being horrid. It's almost not worth taking a week off because it takes another week to get them settled again. Some days teaching is just bloody tiring. Plus the principal is an idiot so that's an added irritant.

I posted the Season 5 motels to SuperWiki earlier this week. It was nice to get that finished. I hope to start the S6 picspam soon.

I've also completed my first draft of my Xmas Exchange vid (yay for today's vidding therapy).


Sep. 16th, 2012 07:16 pm
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My spirits are high. Not sure why exactly - maybe it's all those lovely pandas! (THANK YOU! <333)

Maybe it's because I've finished a vid (that's always a nice feeling), maybe it's because there are only 2 weeks of school and then I get to go to Sydney and see my family and WATCH PREMIERE WITH FANGIRLS!! WOOT!

Maybe it's because I've signed up to [ profile] spn_j2_xmas! My first time ever. Not sure why I haven't before because it sounds so awesome. (I think because I am usually away over xmas and that kills deadlines). I like making stuff for other people more than anything. It's very motivating. Sign ups are here!

Maybe it's because it's looking likely that I will participate in [ profile] festivids this year. \o/ Nominations for (lesser known) fandoms are open now.

Maybe it's all of the above! :D
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[ profile] purplehrdwonder has written a fabulous meta piece on the humanity of the Winchester brothers:

The Humanity of the Winchesters: Sam, Dean, and the Superhuman Bond between Brothers.

It is enlightening and ultimately up-lifting - particularly the observation about them being soul mates. It's beautifully constructed and the author makes some excellent points. GO READ!

If you haven't already seen this AMAZING work of art, Crossroad Blues by Kittrose, then RUN RUN and see it now!! Jaw droppingly good.

I've been doing a few things around the place ('cause I just can't help myself!):

Monthly vidding round-ups at [ profile] spnroundtable (with vid recs)

Weekly brother moments at [ profile] theheartofspn from each (and every!) episode. I'm working through each season by episode. So episode 1 of S1-S7, next will be ep 2 of all the seasons so far.

Reccing Classic SPN Vids at [ profile] spnvidrecs

The bi-monthly newsletter at [ profile] spn_littlebro has just been posted. Lots of hurt!Sam and hurt!Jared related fan works recced.

To Do:

- Update S5 motels at Superwiki.
- Start on S6 motels
- Get my head around a cracky, schmoopy, wincesty idea I have for BBB's "I am Human" (honestly! WTF!?! /o\)
- Get stuck into my Get Excited for S8 vid I've had started for about 2 months now.
- Continue to watch Teen Wolf in the hope that I can see what you are all so excited about.

Done! Have a great week everyone. <3
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It's my day off and brain is full of fandom stuff... (of course!).

lots of links to SPN news stuff and reactions to said news )

FINALE! ACK!!.... I'm scared. I'm scared about what they are going to do. I shouldn't be... I should just TRUST...but there seems to be so many open threads leading to this last episode I am scared they are going to be doing some cramming. WE SHALL SEE!! I'm watching it with some fellow fans so I'm sure there will be lots of dissecting immediately afterwards. \o/

A poll just 'cause... END OF THE SEASON!

[Poll #1840979]
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I'm off tomorrow. As in.. flying to the other side of the country. (Is it wrong that the thing I'm most concerned about is that all my electronic devices - phone, ipad, laptop, ipod -are charged? Oh lordy.../o\ I need a life...)

I hate flying. (ack...[ profile] redteekal more evidence I'm more like Dean than Sam!) I ALWAYS think this will be the last flight I'll take and the plane is going to ditch into the sea. Bring on teleportation. PLEASE!

Anyway. I'm in Sydney for a week visiting my little sis and my new nephew. Yay cuddles! (And handing him back when he cries..*g*)

I'm wanting to write some meta on the boys fighting (I've even prepped the screencaps) but I doubt I'll have time to do much while I'm away. (But watch me try!) I also have a Garth vid I want to do (hee... fat chance) and then there's the hell in Sam's brain vid, the ACDC vid, the [ profile] spn_bigpretzel challenge vid, and all those vid prompts... Oh and S5 motels AND a meta/picspam spoof on over-thinking in fandom (yeah.. I want to make fun of myself...) Yep!... my muse kills me...

Right. Enough about me. Here's some recs )

ETA.. meant to say. THANK YOU for the feed back on the cello vid. I was surprised and heart-warmed I have to say. *smishes* you all.


Apr. 29th, 2011 09:49 pm
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Are you voting for [ profile] juice817??

With only a couple of days to go every vote counts to keep her in the top 20. So if you haven't voted so far now is the time to start. It takes nothing to sign up and place your vote. Even if you don't know her amazing talent she's a fangirl and gives a lot to fandom. She totally deserves our support.

So... go HERE to vote.

*gulps* The hurt!Sam/Jared fanfic archiving and reccing community has been created. It'll be a little while before we can announce it because there's still a bit of work to do but... yeah. Wow... the discussion group has been AMAZING. No way it would have happened without them. <3333

I've just exceeded my damn download limit for the month. Which is total crap because SHOW TOMORROW! It'll only take about 3 hours to DL. Oh well... and you know. I do not have a clue what we are in for. Not even the title. (been far too busy with new comm thinking...vidding if so much easier!)

*hugs* don't forget to VOTE!!!!

INSTA REC: You have to see this post from [ profile] missyjack. Hearts ALL OVER IT! It's all about our love for the Js... brilliant!
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Happy birthday [ profile] callme_k! Hope it's a great one sweetie. <33

Also.. Happy Easter to those who celebrate it.:D

Some randomness:

reading fic on LJ )

2. I found community that provides links to stories related to creatures - so, werewolves, vampires, shapeshifters etc. Kinda neat if you suddenly fancy a werewolf fic (which I have of late..*g*).

It's [ profile] spnnightcrawler. Very neat. I'd be really keen to know of any other comms that categorise fics like this.

3. SUPERNATURAL ANIME!! I've been watching some more episodes and man, I love 'em. Animated Sam and Dean has less personal space issues so there's a lot more bro!touching.

Pictures that have a tiny spoiler for Crossroads )

It's Anzac Day here today. A day for remembering the fallen in past wars - namely in Gallipoli but for all wars really. It's sad that we still have to have wars, but it seems the human race doesn't know how to learn or negotiate peacefully.
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THANK YOU, thank you to those who voted for my vids at DPTM Viewers Choice Awards *mega smish* It's made me *beam* like a loon this morning.

I am going to post them here because it's a nice record for me AND nice to look back on if I'm ever having a blue day. Which I did last night. Then I read a quote [ profile] wendy posted in her journal that made things better again:

"We can do no great things. Only small things with great love."

I was reminded yesterday the difference a kind word, a show of interest, a compliment, even a smile can make to someone else's life. It's going to be my goal to do these things more regularly. (I was reminded because when you get the opposite of these it can make you feel rotten).

I also like the quote [ profile] redteekal posted in her journal. I think of it often when I start feeling down about getting older.

"Do not regret growing older. It's a privilege denied to many"


Now. Speaking of voting and doing nice things, as you probably know (because I have raved about her before here) [ profile] juice817 is one of my absolute favourite podficcers. Rarely a day goes by that she isn't whispering in my ear.

She's entered an audio book competition and needs as many votes as possible to become a finalist. When I last looked she was only about 19 votes from the top 20. You can vote once a day. You do have to register but it takes only a minute to do so. GO VOTE! It would be awesome to see her win this.

Oh and...YAY! SHOW IS ON SOON \o/ \o/... I am BUSTING to see this one. Catch ya on the flip side. *smish*

awards )
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I CAN! \o/

It's Wednesday morning and I'm on HOLIDAYS! I tell ya...I needed this break. My class this year are a handful. I'm not moaning. At all. I love my job but it's soooo nice to have a break.

So. I have the house to myself. This of course means getting stuck into some vidding that I'm busting to get done. \o/ (in between bouts of housework that is...)

I don't think I've mentioned that I am making a film at school. It's with a select group of children and it's for an international competition. It's extraordinarily exciting. It can only be 5 minutes long and the children have to do everything. Come up with the concept, write the script, shoot it and edit it - with my guidance of course, but essentially it's their project. I thought the hardest thing would be coming up with a concept and script but they've done it and we will be ready to shoot next term. They've chosen graffiti verses urban art as the theme.

I'm on a huge learning curve myself. I made a film when I was in uni but that was a gazzillion years ago. I hope it works out.

While I'm here a HUGE congratulations to Supernatural wiki for winning "Best Franchise Specific Site" at the SFX magazine Blog Awards". It's an incredible achievement. For more information pop over to [ profile] missyjack's place where deserved celebrations are happening. \o/

Right. Better get to it. :D

Hope you are all having a great morning/afternoon/evening.

ETA: Beware small spoiler for next ep in the comments. Probably something everyone knows by now anyway. :)


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