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I can't believe we're already up to episode 5. They seem to be going by so fast.

the theme of this episode was appropriate at least )
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Dear Supernatural,

More like that!
Please and thank you <3

Yours lovingly

10 Things I Loved About You )
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Hey. I wanted to share a short conversation I had with bookdal on Twitter because I think she made some interesting observations on the boys and Mary (posted with her permission).

I posted this comment:

In response to this pic:

and this exchange happened )
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When I sit down to write these I usually have a clear idea how I felt about the episode. This one is different - I can't seem to settle on a clear response so this pretty mixed up...(but mostly positive *g*)

Born to be... )
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It's weird isn't it. We spend months and months waiting for the show to return and then when it has returned we spend months and months angsting over it. Some episodes create positive angst, some create negative angst.

This episode created a bit of both of those for me. So, ya know, nothing new really...;)

(this got rather long. Seems I had a bit to unpack...*oops*)

Mamma Mia, here I go again )
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Dear Supernatural,

Welcome back!! You knocked it out of the park! \o/

Lots of Love

I think I can safely say that is my fave season opener after 2.01 (In My Time of Dying). I know 4.01 (Lazarus Rising) is pretty damn awesome too, but as it was the beginning of a season of secrecy between Sam and Dean I think I'd put that slightly behind this one.

This episode had a lot to achieve in a very short time. I'm happy to say that it not only achieved everything it had to, but it achieved it all so damn well. It was wonderfully paced and deftly crafted. There was an underlying sense of urgency and yet it never felt rushed. It even managed to get in some humour. I am so proud of my show!!

Nice to be able to squee again )
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Title: Just a Little Bit More
Vidder: [ profile] ash48
Music by: LibertyX
Length: 2.57m
Summary: "Everything about you is so sexy" - aka S11 Gag Reel (with snippets of past gag reels)

Watch: You Tube
Download: 4Shared

For the lovely [ profile] milly_gal. She put this song out there a while back and it struck me as something that could work for our lovely cast. Thanks hun!

thanks and notes )


Jun. 10th, 2016 08:44 pm
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It appears I don't know how to be in fandom any more. It's discombobulating.
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I was going to tweet this, but then remembered twitter is awful for conversations. Or even just making a potentially controversial statement.

So I'll put it in my fave place to post stuff. :)

A question about Sam and S5 v S11 )
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The reason I love discussing the show is that it helps me get to grips with something I might have missed or not understood.

One thing that has been a kind of revelation to me is a new view on why Sam didn't tell Dean he was dying. I realise I could be way off base here, but at the moment it's actually getting me excited again. And yes, I KNOW it could all get chucked out next episode but even if it does, I think this will be my head canon on this.

perhaps S9 is still in play after all )
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*dusts off LJ*

I wasn't sure I'd want to post reactions this season, but I'm feeling pretty excited about S11 so chances are I will. I'll probably have to put up some disclaimers (ya know: personal opinion, just 'cause I like stuff in the show doesn't mean I'd want that in real life, that I'm likely to be critical and sometimes negative but doesn't mean I don't respect the hard work of all those involved (or still love the show), yada yada), but I do love chatting about the show so unless it's a direct repeat of S9 (lots of discord between the brothers), I'll probably write some stuff up.

So. A pre-show poll!

[Poll #2024236]
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It's been a while since I've posted anything visual or meta-ish, so I thought I'd put together a little pic-spam. It's possibly grasping at straws a little bit (ok, maybe a lot), but *shrugs*, I enjoy examining the visual elements on the show and it always looks so pretty anyway.

Visual Clues to Soulless!Sam in Season Six )
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Ooh, looks like fun. Ask away if you wish to! :)

66 questions )
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Pondering this lately because I've been warning to write something about this ('cause of reasons…). Are Sam and Dean actually codependent? Zachariah said they were and they are often referred to by fans as codependent (both negatively and positively). But are they?

Some dictionary meanings: )

So is codependency the right word for their relationship? Just curious...

[Poll #2014387]
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So much good TV these days! We are truly spoilt. Here are a few shows I am enjoying (and maybe will enjoy) at the moment...

many shows mentioned, but no direct spoilers )
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It seems the simple sandwich plays quite a significant role in Supernatural. We already know how important food is to Dean - we know he loves pie and burgers (extra onion), and we know Sam loves his salads, but sandwiches also feature rather a lot. I thought I'd gather together all the moments sandwiches are used and take a light hearted look at their significance (gif heavy).

Take a bite... )

Done! Now wipe your mouth Dean...

7.09 wipes mouth
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As I haven't made a poll in a while, I thought I'd dust off the poll generator and create this one. Also, I'm curious peeps are feeling about this news. :)

[Poll #1995119]
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I wanted to have a vid to celebrate the 200th ep but it was looking pretty awful so I've ditched it. Instead I'm going to totally piggy back off of [ profile] kalliel's idea and create a love list.


I'm not quite as clever with the google docs as she is so if any one would like to make some suggestions here and I'll add them to the list below. Feel free to suggest one thing or many (or I will try to fill in all 200 spots by the 200th..;D).

I'll start off with 20 reasons...

Your turn!

(I've only listed actual things about the show to love but I'd also add, more personal, being able to have discussions like this, this and this. I have the most wonderful and fair f'list and it's meant being able to discuss the show - warts and all, and still remain friends. <333


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