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*meep* I believe (I HOPE!) I have thanked everyone personally for their birthday gifts and wishes recently. It just came to my attention that I missed some lovely graphic gifts made for me and *weep* that makes me sad. Please, if I didn't send you a thank you or I missed anything please let me know. I never list thank yous on my LJ for fear I will miss someone (and even then I did! /o\). But THANK YOU! All your messages and gifts made my heart swell. Very much appreciated.

In other news, I am on holiday now (yay!!) and was recently informed that I have 55 days long service leave to take before the end of next year. I've had it available since 2013 and I didn't even know it. So yay - lots of holiday time for me! My aim this 2 weeks is to finish my long awaited (by the very patient [ profile] d0llface_h00ker) Dean video. It's be AGES since I've made a character vid and I think I've forgotten how. I'm enjoying the challenge though. I also hope to have some fun with the gag reel footage at some point too. :)

I attended a marriage equality rally today. Such a great turn out (nearly 10,000 people). It seems like a no-brainer to me, but we have a homophobic Prime Minister who is essentially putting his fingers in his ears and hoping the issue will go away. Well it won't! (please know, rest of the world, this dick doesn't represent the majority of us and what we want. He's a despicable man and hopefully there will be enough pressure on him to allow his party to have a free vote on the issue SOON).
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Remember how I didn't write a review/reaction for 10.22 and said the comments would work as one? Well, I'm pleased to say they did! The comments from everyone are very interesting and thoughtful and the discussion pretty much covers much of what I would have written.

Some interesting points raised were - why Cas held back when Dean was beating him up, whether Dean was Dean when he said those horrible things to Sam, why Sam was "stupid" thinking he could kill Crowley with something from Rowena, and whether the Winchesters are likeable anymore. So yeah, check the thread out if you're interested in the variety of thoughts on the episode. And it's very mixed - positive, negative, constructive, hopeful and despairing. But never rude or inconsiderate.

The Love Meme is one of the nicest things to happen in fandom recently. I can't express my gratitude and love for the comments left. Thank you! <3 They have re-invigorated my enjoyment of the show and fandom. I've been feeling worried about being honest about the show (especially when being critical), so it's been nice getting feedback that some of you actually don't mind that. I seriously hope to leave love to you all. It might be a little slow now, as I am getting ready to leave for the the convention is Sydney! \o/ But, my plan is to get over there and leave some more love for you all. *hugs*

I am very excited about the up coming convention. I am very sad and disappointed that I won't be able to meet the lovely Jared (though of course I totally appreciate why he pulled out and am so glad he is looking after himself), but I am thrilled to be meeting other fans and of course Jensen, Osric, Mark, Mat and Richard. :D

Lastly, good luck with the finale! If it's true to form it's bound to be a heartbreaker. Personally, I think I will burst into tears just seeing Jared after everything that's happened this week. I would love to be able to watch it with someone, but I will be on the Central Coast of NSW when it airs.

*clings* to you all. Catch you on the flip side! *meep*
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…to say thank you for the wonderful discussion on the Sammy chat post. As always, everyone has such interesting perspectives and observations. I know there were many disappointments aired, but there was also a sense of solidarity and the knowledge that many of us are hanging in there and still love the characters we've been with for so long. Thanks for the great thinky and considered opinions. <3

I'm way behind on reading fic and commenting on some great posts I've seen pass me by. Hopefully, I'll do some catching up this (long!) weekend. I'm off now until Tuesday. Yay!
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Hey guys! The auction I mentioned a couple of posts back, is up and running!. And wow - so many great writers, artists, podficcers, betas up for offer. Gotta get some of that! (and it's for a great cause...<33)

And also...YOU GUYZ! Thanks for your awesome thinky thoughts on the last post. I confess that when I initially posted it, I took it down because my feeling was no one would want to a) listen to me complain again and b) still keep talking about S9. I'm glad you did though because it really did help. :))
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Heffa hugs and glomps and smishes to everyone for the lovely birthday messages and v-gifts and posts (and fic!). I can't express how much they filled me with glee and warm fuzzies.

I had a lovely day. My school kids were lovely (made me a big card and they all signed it). My hubby gave me a book on spells and I had no idea what the thinking behind that was (surely not Supernatural?). He said..well, you are playing a witch at the moment. *chuckles*. My daughter gave me a card that said "Miss Celebrity Pants. You're gonna be sooo'll be a superstar! You've got that magic x-factor. You're a first class chick you are" (with a badge that said "as seen on tv". HA! All because she saw me on stage. Bless her.

Aside from that...

Anyone using the new LJ interface for their friends page? If so, how are you finding it? I keep checking it out and it just feels weird to me. I like the profile page (other than the yummy gifts being at the bottom), but I'm too used to my default friend's page to change it. Do I need to make more effort?

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You guys! Thank you (again <3) for all your thinkies and hugs and positive vibes on the last episode (and the 2,800 word scolding from my dear friend [ profile] redteekal *g*).

I'm mighty invested in this (damn!) show and so I can go to extremes in my reactions. I'm somewhat irrational and passionate when it comes to episode reactions. *iz sheepish*

I did feel better after reading all your ideas and thoughts and I loved that we could disagree on stuff and everything is ok. Some things won't change for me but I love that you all are as equally passionate (even if you have already quit the show) about stuff. (I still have some comments to reply to and I will).

I really wish we didn't have to wait 2 weeks for the next ep (boo!) but maybe a break will be good. Even then I'll have to wait an extra day because on the night because I will be on camp with my Year 7 students (joy...).



Aug. 10th, 2012 09:23 pm
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Yay! Friday evening at last. Spent the day nutting out the draft Australian Curriculum for The Arts and now my head is mush. Time to kick back, have a drink and chat about television. :)

Before I do I want to say how warmed I was by all the lovely comments left at the love meme. It can't be underestimated how powerful and self assuring it is hear good things. I think in our everyday lives we don't always get that. It's a great reminder just how wonderful it is to be part of this fandom. Thank you. <333

Now for some television shows chat. Shows I've been watching...

Spartacus )

White Collar )

Leverage )

Teen Wolf )

Some other shows )

Er, I think that's it. I'm pretty sure there's a heap of other shows I should be watching but I just don't seem to have the time to sit and actually watch stuff. It's great when I can find a show that hubby likes also. All the above (except Teen Wolf and show that shall not be named) he likes to watch so yay.

I'll save thoughts about the other show for another day...;)



Jun. 26th, 2012 09:58 pm
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Thank you lovely people for my recent birthday wishes! <33 They ALL gave me (much needed) warm fuzzies.

The day was a bit *meh* (I really need to stop expecting hubby and daughter to make any sort of fuss. I'm a big girl now...), so your messages were a lovely bright spot. *glompsmishuggle*

If you missed [ profile] missyjack's Evolution of Sam's Hair post (now with added S7 and S8) you should check it out. LOL!

I feel a bit absent lately but I assure you I am enjoying some fandom pursuits. I am attempting to redo my S4 motel post for Wiki and working on S5 motels. And I'm trying to get some Big Bangs read.

Also, I'm booked to go to Sydney in a couple of weeks so YAY!

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I am moved by the response to the stolen vids. Thank you all so much. I'm sure the guy will realise that SPN fans look out for each other. <33


THANK YOU for the pretty blue dragons!! They are super cool. (As was the extra 2 months paid time that came with the first couple..*g*). *hugs*

Oh and.... anyone interested or able to take a peek at a very short Misfits vid? Just want to see if it's got the right feel and isn't too messy (which I fear it might be.../o\)

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So lovely to wake up to some shiny hearts this morning. THANK YOU LOVELY PEOPLE!!! <333333

My husband is away for another 2 weeks (BOO!). I'm really missing him. He keeps telling me how damn cold it is in the UK.

I hope you all have someone to hug today.


Oct. 29th, 2011 08:07 am
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\o/ My journal is crawling with spiders. THANK YOU!! What a lovely lovely thing to wake up to. *HUGS*

It's also nice to wake up knowing there is a NEW EP TODAY! ALL I know is the title and I can't WAIT to see what THAT'S ALL ABOUT! I should probably stay off LJ until after I watch the ep.

*nods* Will I? Hmmm... probably not. But I should..
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Mixed bag of stuff...

I did my first ever friending meme thingy recently. I was curious about how these things work so I thought I'd throw myself in there. (I also just fancied answering the questions..*g*).

So. Welcome new friends! *hugs* (though you might want to run a mile once you see the blah blah I'm capable of! *g*)

[ profile] geckoholic and I are teaming up to claim a film for [ profile] spn_cinema \o/ NO idea how it's going to pan out yet. But if we get the claim we want then there should be a fic and a vid in the making. :) ( what's in the box?!)

Heffa huggles (and totes gratitude) to [ profile] deirdre_c and [ profile] amnisias for allowing my inner teenager / fangirl to um.......well, let's just say frivolous vid is on the way. :D

Speaking of vids, receiving positive feedback can't be underestimated can it? Especially when they come out of the blue or a few weeks later. I probably wear my heart on my sleeve in that respect but *shrugs* I'm not ashamed to say they make me feel good.

in other RL type news )
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I am about to post a meta/recap/picspam that I have been working on for quite a while. I thought I would make a separate thank you post because these gals deserve a post of their own. <33

Firstly, a HUGE thank you to the amazing [ profile] geckoholic for the absolutely gorgeous graphics. There really are not enough words of thanks honey. You know how much I adore them (and you!). *heffa squishes*

Writing doesn't exactly come easy to me, so it took a while to get this to a place I was happy with. There is NO WAY I would have got it to this point without the help of the fabulous [ profile] bythedamned. She helped me shape it and she looked over numerous drafts. There was also much needed cheerleading along the way. Thank you SO much honey. I've learned so much through this process. *padahugs*

A very special thanks also to the lovely [ profile] el1ie for the feedback and encouragement. *huggles*


I've been wanting to write meta about sex on the show for a while, but I never really knew what angle to take. And then Show gave us soulless!Sam. It turned to be the very thing I needed to ground my thoughts when thinking about Sam and sex.

I actually started to write this in February and slowly built it up over a couple of months. I was going to scrap the whole thing but [ profile] bythedamned gave me the kick I needed and now, finally, it's ready to go.

If you're not into the reading at least check out the gorgeous pictures. The composition and colour choices are stunning. (and then give [ profile] geckoholic copious amounts of love).

As always, I am open for discussion and (friendly) disagreements. It is purely my opinion and of course I'm open to different viewpoints.

(and yes, I would like to attempt one for Dean one day *g*)
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GIF!!! \o/

Many thanks to [ profile] kj_svala for answering my call. *hugs*

Ok. So context for this pic. There's footage of Misha interrupting the Js Q&A at the JiB con. He's pretending to be someone asking a question. It's absolutely hilarious. From one angle there's this shot of Jared (obviously realising it's Misha) WINKING TO SOMEONE IN THE AUDIENCE! And then he gives this KILLER SMILE! I just. It KILLS ME DEAD every time I look at it!!


[ profile] kj_svala has made a variety of different gifs and icons and they are all HERE Check 'em out!! They're wonderful.

Also...[ profile] cherry619 wrote me a panicky tied up!Jared fic! \o/ A Hole in the Wall the Surrounds Me Thank you honey! <3

How awesome. <3333


Jul. 14th, 2011 10:20 am
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Death by chocolate.. \o/

I awoke this morning to my journal covered in chocolate. How awesome. :D

*smishes* [ profile] el1ie, [ profile] winsangel[ profile] cherry916[ profile] tiptoedbow[ profile] mithborien and [ profile] tiniowien

oooh and [ profile] secretlytodream and [ profile] starrylizard

Thank you. <333 The day is off to a great start. Nomom..

I have been very (household) productive the last two days so today I can be fandom productive. I hope! (as long as I'm not distracted by that damn internet place,..)

Hope you all have an awesome day/evening...


Jul. 13th, 2011 08:44 am
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I have chocolate user heads on my profile page!! \o/

Ha! That cracks me up! *heffa hugs* to [ profile] the_muppet, [ profile] enablelove and [ profile] geckoholic. Thank yous...

See now, that make me think that weird LJ headers is like some kind of chocolate and candy land....

Perhaps I'm liking it more now... *wallows in chocolate*


Oh and while I'm here. I meant to rec this vid on my bits and bobs post yesterday.

And so it begins by [ profile] callme_k (Coastal5). I can't do this vidlet justice with words. You really just have to see it to understand how fabulous it is. It's a brilliant example of how the medium of vidding can be used to illustrate a point. Go now. It's only 1min long.



Jun. 26th, 2011 09:20 am
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Thank you thank you for all the lovely birthday messages, emails, v-gifts and e-cards. I also got a real life card and this gorgeous art work.

It seriously made my day. It was kinda one of those "meh" birthdays (for reasons I won't go into here) so getting those throughout the day really lifted my spirits and made me feel special.

I can't thank you all enough.
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I am constantly blown away by fans and their generosity and all rounds amazingness.

A YouTuber alerted me to the fact that someone posted one of my vids to their YT. No credit, no acknowledgement that it's not theres - you know, that stealing thing that seems to go on. It was nice to know someone had my back.

Though.. it makes me wonder that, like Tumblr, it might be considered "reblogging"? So repost someone else's vid as a way of passing it on maybe? It doesn't seem right but graphics are reblogged all the time on Tumblr with out credit so maybe it's no different? (ack! I didn't mean to get thinky on this... but it did occur to me).

The lovely [ profile] feather_touch has donated a signed copy of her book to [ profile] spn_littlebro for us to give away to a littlebro member. She's even paying for the shipping... so if you'd like a hard copy of Marked Yours (:koff: Branded Yours) go HERE for the details. \o/ (Any queries feel free to ping me..)

Speaking of which... if you guys read any hurt!Sam or Hurt!Jared Big Bang stories that you'd like to share be sure to link them at [ profile] spn_littlebro. I'm so excited for ALL the fics that are coming out. How INCREDIBLE everyone is.... the talent just blows me away!

And while I'm here [ profile] bythedamned needs an extra hug for making... *wait for it*..... graphs!! Ack.. I'm in geek heaven.
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Stop tweaking the vid for god's sake. Just save a copy already!!! Jeeze woman... /o\

My heart has been TOTALLY warmed by this lovely LOVE MEME going on at the gorgeous [ profile] fleshflutter's place. I haven't had a chance to give my love yet (see above rant to self), but I will.

It's stuff like this makes me see the side of fandom that's so special. And why it's such a wonderful place to be.

While I am here though I have to just heap on some love to these amazing people (see above rant).. [ profile] counteragent, [ profile] _sharvie_ and [ profile] maichan808. Just. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. <333
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It's pretty embarrassing how many people checked my upcoming vid during its various stages. Instead of putting my thanks in the vid post as I normally do, I thought I would make a special one just for them.

Thanks as always to my ever faithful beta [ profile] _sharvie_. *hugs* you hard honey. Special thanks for those last minute notes as well. (paranoid? me? *g*)

Thanks to [ profile] thandie and [ profile] ruby_jelly for taking a listen to the initial sounds edits. They were an absolute pain. Your help was greatly appreciated. <333

Thanks to [ profile] maichan808 for the early beta and to [ profile] greyowl88 and [ profile] ancastar for their encouraging feedback. *heffa hugs* to you all.

And to the generous [ profile] secretlytodream for my lovely banner and encouraging feedback.

And while I am here I must say a special thanks to the gals running the Sam Celebration at [ profile] summer_sam_love, [ profile] sendintheklowns and [ profile] faye_dartmouth. It's all been great fun. Thank you.

See!! /o\ That's what happens when you hold on to a vid for so long before posting.


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