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I constantly have this urge to bury myself in all things fannish, but time and life just doesn't seem to want to play ball. Boo. :(

Aaaanyway. I am working on the answers to this meme. Thank you! I always love taking about vidding. :) (just wish I had time to actually DO it!)

Jensen on Twitter is filling my fannish heart with glee. Who would have thought?! I love this bts tweet. Be still my goddamn heart!! (perhaps spoilerish to mega mega spoilerphobes)

Also, check out this gorgeous art by [ profile] becc_j Fire and Gold. Painted in a day! This is part of the awesome [ profile] artpaperscissor challenge. <3

And while I'm swinging by I have to rec to new shows I am watching that I LOVE! The Leftovers and The Strain (warning, that graphic is rather graphic). Neither are really for the squeamish (especially The Strain), but I love that they both take well worn tropes and weave them into something new-ish. The Leftovers is all sorts of confusing - but damn intriguing, and The Strain is just good old fashioned schlock horror that I am a sucker for. I also love a good twist on an old fashioned monster. On paper The Leftovers isn't something that I would normally tune into, but the writing is fantastic (to me anyway) and explores elements of human nature that ring so true. And it treats viewers with respect - not using dramatic scores to "tell" us when we need to be feeling something. The Strain is the opposite end of the spectrum and totally tells us when we need to be feeling something - but it still manages to subvert our expectations to great effect. I am also on the edge of my seat when watching both of these shows.

I'm still catching up on both shows - so no spoilers if you're up to date!

And Teen Wolf, a show that is confusing (but not in a good way) is just so ridiculous I think I might be getting to the end of my patience with it. I still have the last episode to watch (4.11) but I'm feeling less inclined to do so after the non-sensical last episode. I just need Dylan O'Brien to leave so I have NO reason to keep watching (sorry TW fans, but wow - what the hell is that show?!?).

*hugs* to all.Hope you are hanging in there. This seems like a dreadfully long hiatus. I am both excited and full of some sort of despair for S10. I need it to happen so I can at least know!


Jul. 3rd, 2014 11:52 pm
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Some TV stuff...(spoilers for everything!!)

Teen Wolf )

Hannibal )

Orphan Black )

Penny Dreadful )

Game of Thrones )

I know there's so much more to say about all of those shows, but I thought I better keep it short. ;)

Ummm..what else? When we've had enough of the heaviness of the above shows we watch Better Off Ted (introduced to me recently) and have a laugh. Portia de Rossi's character (Veronica) is my FAV! She is so GREAT! (I actually had no idea she was so wonderful. Shame, as she's an Aussie export and I never realised her talent). Any show that mocks US corporations (and is completely nerdy) is a winner in my books.

And White Collar is another easy watching, go-to show when the rest gets too heavy. Great relationships without being overly angsty. And kinda silly. :)

Oh and The Musketeers is on my re-watch when I'm feeling like a night cuddling up on the sofa show. So much pretty and sword fights and comfortable cliches that it leaves me just going..."awwwww".

Thanks TV!

TV meme

Apr. 5th, 2014 05:55 pm
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Pinched from a few of my darlin' flisties..

I was once accused of being addicted to TV. That puzzled me for a while because whereas I AM addicted to some TV shows, I don't watch TV for the sake of watching TV. In fact, there's quite a few shows I don't (and can't) watch. I think there's a difference.


that TV meme )

New show!

Mar. 9th, 2014 06:33 pm
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Looking for a new fandom by any chance?! Or even just a new show to watch? If so, check out The Mustekeers. I've totally fallen in love with it.

The men are beautiful, the women are awesome, the production values are high and there's a heap of swash and buckle. Oh and the bromance is OFF THE SCALE! Ok, so it's a little silly and I'm not sure how historically correct it is but boy it's entertaining. :)

And look at this GORGEOUS vid!! It's fantastic!

pics to entice you…(one possibly spoilery if you're worried about that) )

Teen Wolf

Jan. 28th, 2014 11:30 pm
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Yes! I have Teen Wolf in the subject and not Supernatural because..dammit Teen Wolf.

I can't see myself ever being totally fannish about TW but I do rather love watching it (and might be just a wee bit hooked!). I have to say though I struggle to know what's going on half the time. Is there a kind of SuperWiki for Teen Wolf? I feel like I need a crash course on the mythology. I have watched every episode and I haven't a clue what's going on in the bigger picture.

Ummm..any TW fans on my flist?

cut for Teen Wolf blather )

TV stuff

Jan. 6th, 2014 07:35 am
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Still haven't watched Spartacus yet? Still trying to make up your mind whether to give it a go?

[ profile] destina has written up some brilliant and spot-on reasons why this show is made of complete and utter win! Go read even if it's not a show that interests you. It explains why people do love it. :)

Speaking of win. Great to see Sherlock back. I thoroughly enjoyed The Empty Hearse. Looking forward to the next episode (which I'll see today! woot!)

Other shows:

Read more... )


Jul. 30th, 2013 08:50 pm
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Oh wow. Orphan Black. Wow.

If you haven't watched it put it on your "to watch" list - and put it at the top. Even if ONLY to see some of the best acting around. Of course there are many more reasons (intriguing story, tight scripting, amazing female character/s), but the performance(s) by the lead actress is just so stunning - you gotta see it (er...them) to believe it.

Only 10 eps in the first season (damnit because I wanted more!).

Ack! I need something else to watch now.


Jul. 8th, 2013 11:00 pm
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I've just finished watching season one of Hannibal and I absolutely loved it. Now I have to share!

10 reasons why you should be watching Hannibal )

Reasons for not watching )

Images - warning for some disturbing imagery )

If you're looking for something new to watch (and you like your tv on the macabre side) then I urge you to check it out.
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Ok. So..OMG OMG because...because

OMG! They're remaking The Tomorrow People!!!!! \o/\o/\o/

*deep breath* So, here's the thing. The original Tomorrow People was like my FAVOURITE SHOW IN THE WORLD when I was growing up. I WAS ADDICTED! (ha! nothing new it would seem). It would probably be the first show I "fanned" (along with Dr Who). I imagined all sorts of scenarios in the show and if there had been such a thing as an online fandom I would have been THERE! CRAZY LOVE for it. As a kid I loved the story of a "secret" race of future humans with cool abilities who looked out for each other (lots of bromance too! :D)

Check out the early titles. SO COOL! (well, dated - but cool. It was made in the '70s after all). That music brings back so many memories. *happy sigh*


ARGHHHH!!! Mark Pellegrino is in it and he's EVOL!!!! \o/ Stephen was always my favourite character but I can see lots of other characters that may fast become my favs! I may be jumping the gun, but DAMN!! Hello new fandom if this hooks me like the old one did! \o/ (ha! And no, it's not the bondage in the first few seconds of the trailer that has me so excited. Well...not much..;D)


Jun. 4th, 2013 11:04 pm
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Damn you flist and all those people posting about Teen Wolf.

I watched the season return and I liked it. Dammit! Stupid teenagers and their hangups. Stupid werewolves and hot looking (young! /o\) characters.

Damn you Stiles for having such a pretty face and generally being kinda awesome.

Now I want to see the next one. Dammit (I had better not get addicted!!)

(I totally blame [ profile] maichan - all that gorgeous TW art).

I refuse to follow TW Tumblr posts though. A gal has to keep her dignity somehow...
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I had a lovely afternoon with [ profile] cupidsbow today (yay! another WA vidder!) we chatted all things vidding and I'm excited to be part of a vidding panel at SwanCon.

She shared a vid that was made for her for [ profile] festivids and IT IS AMAZING!!! SERIOUSLY! You HAVE to watch this vid. (It was recced to me earlier but I had only got a chance to watch it today).

Staying Low by the amazing [ profile] hollywoodgrrl. The footage is from the Alien films and it will BLOW. YOU. AWAY.

I saw a heap of other awesome vids which I will share if I can get my act together. I am playing catch up with a number of things at the moment. /o\

I watched Amour last night. One of the most amazing and affecting films I think I have ever seen. No wonder it won the Palme d'Or and the Oscar for Best Foreign Film. It's absolutely beautiful - beautifully directed and acted. It's also incredibly heartbreaking and painful. The title is perfect for the subject matter. I couldn't stop hugging my husband after watching this. I recommend it to anyone who likes stories that explore the human condition.

Watched eps of Arrow (I'm getting all the Oliver and Tommy feels now...<33), Haven (an ep that reminded me of Mystery Spot (Groundhog Day). It was wonderfully constructed and I was having all the Nathan, Duke and Audrey feels) and the latest ep of Spartacus (just when I thought it couldn't get any more brutal...*guh*. It was hard to watch, but still amazing).

And now...a brief word about that stupid anon non-comm )

Yay, long weekend! Another day off tomorrow! \o/ I so need it...


Feb. 12th, 2013 06:08 pm
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This is an update to the last post actually.

Meant to say WOOT that Arrow has been renewed also. \o/ I am fast becoming a big fan of that show. Lot's of pretty, bromance, action, family drama, shirtless men (yes yes, you know I'm shallow!) and I really like the continuing myth arc. Very cool. (love that Guy Bee is a director on that show too...)

I also have to say that S3 of Spartacus is rocking my socks off. I am SO impressed with the production value in this show. There are times it looks like a movie. The characters are great and the story is intriguing. And ok.. there are lots and friggin' lots of mostly naked men. And women. It's incredibly violent though so I know that won't suit some. It's a graphic novel come to life. I love it! (and there's a sweet as pie (and er hot as hell) gay romance that's just melting my heart all over the damn place. Seems there was less of a hangup about who you hooked up with in those days. Makes so much damn sense).

And YAY White Collar is continuing to be fab. Liking the new storyline and seeing one of the Horsemen as the new big bad is fun too. :))

(ETA... just watched 3.03 of Spartacus and can I just add...*GUH*!)
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Dammit! I am in the mood for staying up all night and reading my flist pages and talking about STUFF and getting excited about tomorrow's ep (yes, I'm being cautiously excited!!) but it's my first day back at work tomorrow so..... BOOOOOO - back to being disciplined and going to bed earlier and not drinking quite as much..../o\

So just a few comments about TV stuff:

HOMG I'm SO loving season 2 of Haven! Just watched 2.03 and...WOW! There's so much intrigue so far this season. Loving it!

My sister has recced Justified to me. She said..."there's a guy in it that looks like one of the guys in the show you like a lot"...hmmm... I thought she meant looks like Jared but I think she means Jensen? Hee...though I don't just watch shows because of the ways the guys look...;)

White Collar is back YAY! I'm loving the direction this is taking. So much emotion in the last ep I just wanted to hug Neal to pieces. And El is FAB!

It was sad to see Leverage finish. I really enjoyed that show. Great characters. They were in rather average stories most of the time but their bond and sense of family really made that show great.

Loving Arrow!!! I'm surprised how much I enjoy it actually. I seem to have a girl crush on Katie Cassidy (maybe not surprising since I crushed on Shawn Cassidy in my WHOA...;D. I really like the balance between action, story, relationships and BUFF! (and yeah, ok... lots of bromance and shirtless guys...seems there's lots aspects I can enjoy about this show..;D).

Looking forward to Game of Thrones returning. And, um..Teen that due back soon? I rather think I might have to take another look....


Aug. 10th, 2012 09:23 pm
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Yay! Friday evening at last. Spent the day nutting out the draft Australian Curriculum for The Arts and now my head is mush. Time to kick back, have a drink and chat about television. :)

Before I do I want to say how warmed I was by all the lovely comments left at the love meme. It can't be underestimated how powerful and self assuring it is hear good things. I think in our everyday lives we don't always get that. It's a great reminder just how wonderful it is to be part of this fandom. Thank you. <333

Now for some television shows chat. Shows I've been watching...

Spartacus )

White Collar )

Leverage )

Teen Wolf )

Some other shows )

Er, I think that's it. I'm pretty sure there's a heap of other shows I should be watching but I just don't seem to have the time to sit and actually watch stuff. It's great when I can find a show that hubby likes also. All the above (except Teen Wolf and show that shall not be named) he likes to watch so yay.

I'll save thoughts about the other show for another day...;)



Dec. 13th, 2011 10:04 pm
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Woot! [ profile] dotfic has made me the most perfect picspam: Got Your Back. It's no secret that I love how protective the boys are of each other. Dot has captured many of Sam and Dean's best moments. I love the quotes she has chosen also. *LOVES*

Crack vid of Doom is nearing completion. Yay! [ profile] maichan808 is performing her cracktastic graphic magic and I've been borrowing [ profile] deirdre_c's fantabulous crack brain. *hugs* them. <3

I'm watching Green Wing whilst typing this. Man. That show is OFF THE PLANET! So wrong. WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE GUYS ON?! I love it. This just happened: When asked when this character noticed his wife was dead he said: "It wasn't sudden. The sex was the same but I noticed the dishes were piling up". omg!

Also... TELL ME... Bedlam?? Saw ep one and I want MOAR! (do I? Any good? The slash potential looks promising ;D Maybe I am being distract by that lead guy's CHEST!)

American Horror Story freaks me out! I almost can't face new eps because it's so INTENSE. But awesome. I am torn.

ONE MORE DAY OF WORK BEFORE THE HOLIDAYS!!!!! \o/ \o/ I've never felt as drained as this at the end of the year. I cannot wait.


Jan. 24th, 2011 06:04 pm
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So. It only took me forever to discover the joys of Misfits. I'm kinda wondering what else I might be missing??

I'm totally into Fringe, White Collar and H50 at the moment (yay for them returning)!

I've seen peeps squee over Being Human. Worth a look?

Anything else? I tried Lost Girl but it just wasn't doing it for me. Not sure why.. Maybe I need to get past the first ep?

I've been given Whitechapel and Broadwalk Empire to check out. Any good?

Thank you oh wise flist.  <33333

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First up... Yo dudes! I'm too cool for school! Yep! I'm vidding a rap song. Who'd a thought?! That's the joy of auction vids. Never know what ya gonna get. Fun... but holy crap, probably the fastest beat editing I've ever done... I might go a bit crazy in the process. *koff* well, more crazy.. :)

Episode reactions: I'm probably going to post regular reactions to SPN episodes this season. I started doing it last season and found that I enjoyed the interaction. Having said that I make a HUGE disclaimer that I may well change my mind to anything I might say as my immediate reaction because I'm completely open to having my mind changed by reading well thought out meta or any arguments or points any one else makes. That's what I love about fandom and my gorgeous flist. I love discussion. I can be talked around. I knew I couldn't make my mind up about that last episode and you all helped me see some things I didn't pick up on on first viewing (though there are some episodes that my mind cannot be turned around on *koff* swap meat *koff*.)

The last episode is a perfect example.

6.01 spoliers if you haven't seen it yet )

Art rec! by [ profile] mini_shadow There are three works of art here. They are all wonderful, but Western Winchesters get me every time. *guh*

Fic rec! by [ profile] standing_fic This. This is perfect and just so right. It's helped make sense of so much in the Supernatural universe over the lasy 5 seasons. *hearts* it so much. And John is perfect. <33

Meta rec!" by [ profile] bardicvoice. This was rec'd to me and I have to pass it on. It makes SO much sense of 6.01. And it's one of the reasons for my change of heart toward this episode. It's absolutely terrific.

Change of topic..

I have now watched 2 episodes of Hawaii Five-0. And I LIKE!! Especially as wee!Sam made an appearance in the last one. How awesome is that child?! I'm totally warming to these characters. I'm loving the dynamic. And who can knock back some eye candy?! *g* But wow, Hawaii would be such a dangerous place to visit... (bit like Midsommer..)

Last thing. Just finished 3 seasons of The Sentinel. \o/ Can anyone point me in the direction of some gen h/c fics by any chance?

*hugs* I'm on holiday \o/, so I'm likely to spam you a bit over the next week or so.


Aug. 29th, 2010 07:34 am
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Bidding ends for [ profile] help_pakistan tomorrow. *heffa hugs* for those who have bid. Thank you. :)

I am so mainlining White Collar at the moment. Trying to cram in as many episodes as I can to catch up. Really loving it. I'm a sucker for the bro!mance. Can anyone rec me some White Collar vids? I don't care about being spoiled for future episodes. In fact, I like to know what's coming up. :)

And. OMG! It's here! MIchael (BadAtom) has made another Stupornatural and it's friggin' hilarious! So many terrific observations from the show - not only of the actors and characters, but also camera work. (I want to squee about my favourite bits but don't wanna spoil you *g*).

Make sure you go and give him some feedback. This must take a tremendous amount of work.
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It has come to my attention recently that I have some Starsky and Hutch fans on my flist. \o/ (yes, I know I'm pretty slow on the uptake sometimes!).

So in case there are some others out there that I don't know about (or even if your not!) you've got to check out [ profile] thandie's Starsky & Hutch Post of Awesome. Incredibly detailed picspam and commentary of the show that stole my heart many years ago.

She's also posted a vid: Sweet Emotion. Very Cool. :)

In other news, I only have another week and a half left of holidays. I've been loving these so much that I just don't want them to end. I haven't even thought about planning my school program for the year yet... better put that on the do to list!

I'm still going to the gym every day. Amazing. I gotta say, listening to podcasts have been my saviour. Listening to [ profile] sadcypress read some wonderful stories has kept me going... (She's an very talented reader!)

Vidding: Sammy is still on the go. Just waiting to do some tweaks. Then I'm going to get stuck into probably the most technically difficult vid I've ever tempted. But really, there's so many I want to do at the moment, it's ridiculous.

Hope you are all happy and well - (and surviving fandom!) There's been a common thread today about how embarrassing the SPN fandom is... *shifty eyes* something's happened somewhere.... *iz curious*



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