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I've all but finished my vid for[ profile] summer_sam_love. It's with my trusty betas and I know there will be tweaks and stuff to do on it but with 4 weeks to go until I have to post it there's still a lot of time. Then I'll just have to sit on it, which is never easy. *g*

I've discovered that if I have a challenge vid or auction vid to do I can't actually do anything else until it's done. It's like it nags at me. I can't think about anything else.

Which brings me to [ profile] vid_the_grid. I have 3 prompts to go before I complete the table. The last three are ones that I will have to think about and actually vid to, rather that make a vid and it magically fitting into a prompt.

They are:

Advertisement: I'm thinking a promo for that. I have 2 songs I want to use. I'm contemplating making 2 short ones.

Colour: At one stage I wanted to make a vid specifically looking at the use of colour in the show. But I just can't get my head around that. So I'm thinking of focusing on exteriors. I think this will be a totally self indulgent vid as I can't see it being particularly entertaining, but there's a piece of music I have always wanted to use, so I might just have to be a bit wanky and try for an "arty" vid. (argh... that's bound to not work!)

Black and White: Hmmm.... No idea. I really don't want to make a vid and just make all the clips B&W. The B&W needs to make a statement or enhance the vid somehow. Be there for a reason....hmm... I'll have to ponder that one.

Then of course there's all those other songs I'm itching to get to. ([ profile] starrylizard that song you sent me is gnawing at my brain damnit! That's begging to be vidded!)
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Holy crap. I've just made 62 clips and it's taken me a solid 3 hours. Who does that with their Sundays??! My eyes are killing me.... but I had to take the opportunity while I could..... :) I don't normally vid like that, but I knew all the clips I needed, so just went for it....

Hmmm. My Jo and Ellen vid has stumbled. When you make a vid that you wouldn't want to watch yourself you know it must be dodgy... *sigh* I might see if I can salvage it at some stage.... :(

While I'm here, I want to send massive hugs to all those who gave me warm fuzzies on the vid love meme. I was truly touched. Thanks to [ profile] sdwolfpup for hosting it. :D

Now for a break.... the sun is shining after all. :)

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I had an overwhelming response to my recent request for links to male vidders. And I mean overwhelming in the sense that I've realised how many vids I'm going to watch. :) I am actually pretty excited by the prospect as I know it will open my (very blinked) eyes to other fandoms, vidders, movies, TV shows and gaming vids. *koff* - gaming vids! I had no idea. O_O

The reason for the request was pretty simple. I was asked whether men vid differently to women and if so how. And honestly, I had no idea (and at the moment, still don't). This piqued my curiosity so I decided I wanted to check this out for myself. And because I don't really know any males vidders I asked for some links.

So, no. There was no ulterior motive behind this request other than to fulfill my need to be able to answer this in some informed way.

I was also excited that the post generated some interesting discussion on vidding and why (perhaps) females represent 90% of the fan vidding community. Another aspect that I'm interested in finding out more on.

My initial response to that question is that I believe more women are actively involved in fandom then men..... (and yep... I have extremely limited knowledge on this!) but some other ideas were presented to me on this and it may be that there are a variety of reasons why this could be so.

Anyway .... check out the post if this interests you. I think my geekdom might be showing. *g* Also, I'm pretty sure this has been discussed in detail elsewhere... but I couldn't find it (and I did do some searching...).

I've watched about 15 vids so far tonight - so only about 60 or so to go....*meep* I'm catching a little bit of a "theme" but it's more about content rather than actual editing or style... and yeah, I know this is all extremely personal, as any sort of artistic viewing is, but still fun nonetheless! And wow! I've watched some awesome vids. \o/

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Hi guys.

Um... I'm doing some research and I'm needing a little assistance.

Can anyone rec me some vids made by guys? I've seen the Buffy V Twilight one, but I'm needing to broaden my viewing experience. Any fandom is fine. Though SPN would be great as that's the one I'm most familiar with.

Thanks so much if you can assist.

PS: Quality is not the issue here necessarily .... just I don't personally know any male fandom vidders (other than the one that doesn't want me to give him honest congrit..) so anything is fine, whether you think it's great or not...

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I've just discovered that File Front has deleted all my uploaded vids. :( I know that a while back they said they were shutting down but then all seemed fine and they weren't. *scratches head*

They used to send a message to say what was up for deletion and I had the option to save them. Luckily I have most of them saved and have put a lot on 4-Shared (for dl purposes only). File Front changed hands or something didn't they? Looks different also....... pain in the proverbial I have to say.

But. I seem to have completely lost "Stayin' Alive". (My first tribute to OC's who met their demise vid). YT have removed it completely (which I have just discovered) and I don't have my original copy (lost in the back up debacle ages ago).

So, and I know this is an extreme long shot, would any one have this one on their computer? By any slim chance?

I suppose it's just nice to have copies.

Cheers me dears.
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Clipping is so friggin' tedious. I need a break.

Actually I'm happy to have the time to vid but I'd rather just get down and make the darn thing rather than clip, clip, clip.

Vidding blah and a wee spoilery comment if you haven't seen S4 )

I'm on holiday at the moment... which is brilliant beyond words. I often hear people say that teachers get too many holidays. I gotta tell you... we need them! It's ridiculous how burnt out you feel at the end of a term.

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I'm trying to "reclaim" some of my earlier vids. I've been able to download some of them off of YT but the ones that have been disabled (which, sadly, is quite a few now) I have not been able to get.

There's one I'm hoping to get hold of and wondered is any of you, but any slim, slim, chance downloaded it and may still have it?? It's "Don't Worry, Be Happy". I know it's highly unlikely, but I had to check.

I've managed to salvage most of the others and even though they are not particularly good it would be nice to have them. (The back ups of my early vids were lost when we changed our back-up drive).

Not being able to post on You Tube is kinda sad. I know it has its faults but there is a lovely community of vid watchers there and it saddens me when I can't share vids with them. And yes, I'm being selfish too because I do love the comments I get from the viewers. Also YT works differently from LJ in that vids can be found months after you've posted them. It's so nice to get a comment on some older vids. With LJ it's pretty much lost after the day it's been posted unless it's rec'd at some point in the future. Though I have had peps check out some early vids after watching some later ones so maybe it's not entirely different.

I really wanted the vid I posted yesterday to take but alas neither YT or iMeem accepted it.

I get it you know. Artists should be paid for the work they do. I noticed that on one of my vids, Jailbreak, an ad popped up with a link to iTunes asking if the viewer wanted to download the song. That was pretty cool I thought. I have no problem with the idea of using a vid to promote a song, (no idea how they manage to do that mind you) and if it means I get to keep the vid up even better. I wonder if they would consider doing that for all song vids?!

I can't believe I even considered checking out the audio swap songs and pick one of those to vid to just to say Up Yours You Tube! But that's ridiculous. I suppose there is something in choosing a copyright free song though. I'm sure elevator music would make an awesome vid!

*sigh* New episode this week and I am chomping at the bit for it. That's sure to lift my spirits a bit. :)

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4.04 )
Thus ends my deep meta for episode 4.04. I hope no brains were damaged thinking about this!

vidding stuff )
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Oh my! I've been tagged to make a vid meme. 5 facts!

*puts Wild Boys vid aside to work on the most challenging vid yet!*

And don't think some of you are getting off lightly!! I have some of you in my sights to tag!! *ducks for cover*

(of course, this will take me forever no doubt!)
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While I wait for SPN to download I thought I'd pop in and thank EVERYBODY who has watched, commented, linked and rec'd my recent vid "Channel Hopping".

I actually can't find the words to express how stunned, thrilled and humbled I am by the response it has received. All I can give you is a huge THANK YOU for your wonderful feedback and support.

To top the week off my husband even bought me the SPN magazine (as a surprise!) - though he did say "I can't believe I'm feeding your addiction!" but it meant a lot to me. He was also miffed that I didn't give him a credit for helping me choose the font for the vid (Oh, and some valuable advice a long the way). So, thanks babe. *squishes you*

Back to watching the dl. (1hr 39mins to go - but who's counting)



Apr. 21st, 2008 07:39 pm
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Holy crap. I'm on such a vidding downer at the moment - which is pathetic really when there are so many more things in life to be down about! Maybe that's a good thing - my life is pretty good, so the fact that vidding is the thing that brings me to tears should be a good thing!

Weird thing is when I'm actually making a vid it's almost like an aphrodisiac - I'm usually on such a high. Then I post something - and I go through such a friggin' low and vow never to make another video again. (Well, that usually lasts for a few days until I'm inspired by something else). *sigh*

The point is, YT is usually my litmus test for how a vid is working and if my recent post is anything to go by it won't be seen anywhere else - (I think my first ever vid received a better reaction!) which is a bummer actually because I didn't think it was half bad!

So anyway. Dusts self off, has a few days off and returns to the crack vid which I'm having great fun with! I suppose enjoying the actually vidding part is what it is all about. :)
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So, I made a fanvid recently that, well, just didn't really work. It kinda sucked actually. It got me down for a bit but realised that not all creative pursuits are successful. It did however help me come to grips (at least in part) with my new you beaut vidding program, Final Cut Express, so all is not lost. :)

It's been shelved and quite probably will never see the light of day - unless I feel like tackling it again, which I somewhat doubt. My thanks go to a couple of gals (they know you they are) for helping me out. I appreciate it. *hugs*

I am so missing my show - like BIG time! I NEED to see my boys!

Vid stuff

Jan. 4th, 2008 04:37 pm
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So I'm wondering if there is such a thing as a Bad!Vid - bit like Bad!Fic?, because I think the vid I'm working on is shaping up that way - you know, very corny, high emotion, full of cliches, but hopefully great fun.

The great news is I am finally cracking Final Cut - I am actually attempting to make it in that program! It is pretty exciting for me because it is finally making some sense and I am absolutely loving my (oh yes, extremely cliched) opening sequence. Lets hope I can get past my latest problem with the program so I can push on.

The folks over at [ profile] mac_vidding_101 have been wonderful, answering my very naive questions.

Just hope the actual vid holds up!
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I'm writing a blog, which I've never done before and possibly will never do again but as this is my journal I felt like writing this, so here goes.

Fandom is a strange thing. It's obsessive and mighty addictive and goddamn fun but I have discovered it can also take away from things in RL that are important - like family. For me any way. My addiction was (see past tense, because I'm going cold turkey and stopping that one!) vidding. Who would have thought, that at 43, I would be taken over by two gorgeous boys (who are the best brothers EVER) and become so obsessed that my family (that being my wonderful husband and daughter) would almost disown me because my focus is the computer and not them.

The addiction is not only making the vids but getting comments from complete strangers and feeling almost famous! I would love nothing more than to sit all hours of the day and make vids, respond to postings and revel in the wonder that is Supernatural. But, alas, real life has to come before that and so my vidding stops here - until I can control it anyway!

I have "met" some amazing people - so talented and inspiring and even though I have a teeny weeny flist they have been important to me.

My obsession with SPN will never stop - well, maybe one day - I don't know - do you get too old for this??

I will continue to consume fanfiction and other vids and postings but I will go back to being a lurker until I can control this vidding addition. Hay1ock warned me of this!!

Actually, Fandom is a wonderful thing! ♥


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