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Hey guys! There's no doubt I'm a pretty bad fan these days. I rarely check LJ, I'm not really doing anything fannish and most of my stuff on Twitter is politically based. I only made one vid last year and I think that will be one more than I'll make this year. I still love the show but the drive to create or even participate is fading. I do look back at my time in fandom with a huge amount of fondness. What an amazing 10 years it's been. :)

I'm not sure how much longer I will post a reaction to episodes. I think it will mostly depend on how the episodes grab me. I am hesitant to be too negative (there's just too much to feel negative about in the real world at the moment) and I also feel writing any meta is challenging - I've lost the belief that things from one episode are connected to any other (in terms of character development etc), but I think some writers still do a great job within an episode.

Having said all that, I do have some things to say about 12.09. :)

I thought this was a solid, entertaining episode. I absolutely loved the boys - how fabulous (and refreshing) to see them being such competent hunters. I think my favourite thing this season has been seeing them work together so seamlessly. There's no antagonism between them - they just get on like best friends and brothers *happy sigh*. And damn, they looked amazing.

I loved Dean SO much in this episode. He was stoic and strong. He was a real leader and displayed confidence. Sam, at times, seemed unsure and I loved the way Dean's demeanour helped him stay strong. They were a great team - few words passed between them, but they had an inner understanding of each other.

I didn't think I was going to enjoy the Cas and Mary partnership as much as I did. I mostly loved that they called each other out on their mistakes - Cas leaving them behind and Mary not being around.

In fact, I really love what they're doing with Mary. She's not the prefect mother. She's flawed - just like Sam, Dean and John. It's what makes these characters so interesting and compelling. It makes sense to me that Mary is confused and unsure. The only thing she really knows how to do is hunt - not be a mother to her grown up sons. It's a fascinating study (and looks deeper as what it means to always feel like you're not good enough as a mother).

Even Cas was more interesting to me. I think, for the first time, I really did understand his connection to Sam and Dean. It's extremely personal and I like that we're getting to see that. Cas so often seems to do the "wrong" thing and I'd like to think we're getting a deeper look into that.

The BMoL are quite intriguing as the "big bad". They really are morally corrupt people and with the way the world seems to be going (oops, sorry to bring in politics) it's very topical. They are presented as people (white men no less) who feel they are above every one else and so what ever they do is for "the good". I would love to see this followed up as the season progresses.

I totally believed Mary was going to kill herself to save her boys (because I think this is probably how she'll be killed off when they do it) so it's only looking back that I can appreciate my relief that she didn't die overshadowed the fact that they killed Billie. I LOVED BILLIE! Though I actually think she'll be back - along with Death (as least I hope so).

My only *head scratches* were how easily Sam and Dean got away from the facility. I figure that no one ever gets out of the cells so the exterior isn't patrolled like a prison would be?

Also - they told the boys they would be left in the dark. That freaked me out when I heard that - but it turns out there was light. I thought total darkness would be a horrible torture. I totally felt that Dean would go crazy without that human contact though.

Overall a solid, well-balanced, entertaining episode. :)

Date: 2017-01-28 12:09 pm (UTC)
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I *just* this second finished watching the episode, and everything you said here rings very true for me too. The sense of understanding between the boys is finally coming to the fore. No back biting or bitching overshadowing what is and can be a very effective, extremely clever team of Hunters.

Mary and Cas were indeed a good pairing, and possibly the only two who could have called each other on their bullshit over the last few months.

I also loved Crowley saying he pities the fool who has Sam and Dean. Saying out loud that they are to a certain extent unkillable as far as the big bads of the Supernatural world go. He doesn't give praise and that was a bass-ackwards way of doing it, but he acknowledged out loud they are really very f*cking good at their jobs.

As for you, my dearest Ash, I love the rose tint I see this fandom, and fandom in general, through, but safe to say I've been in fandoms where my drive to participate has waned and eventually disappeared all together. It would be naive to think that no one ever wants to leave the SPN world, because it's been happening for years all around us.

My only sadness will be that if you do stop posting the reactions and also your Meta pieces, the fandom itself and I will be missing out on some truly intelligent pieces of writing with a depth to them that is somewhat lacking in other areas of this world we inhabit.

I know that if I ask to keep in contact, you'll do so, I hope anyway, so I'm not afraid to lose you as a great person in my life, but the fandom will be missing a part it won't be able to replace.

Thank you for being here when I finally came out into the SPN light, and for being such a good influence on my confidence in the fandom. You will always have a place in *my* fandom and my heart :) ♥
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Date: 2017-01-29 08:21 am (UTC)
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Hi honey!

Firstly, thank you for your very kind words. It's moments like these I think there's no way I could ever leave fandom! And chances are I'll always be around while the show is. :) It's been weird not making vids or creating stuff for fandom over the last year - but maybe the chats about the show will be a way to keep my hand in. :)


As for the ep - I did mean to mention Crowley. I think he was very observant about the boys. And honest. I also like that he didn't offer to help save them - it makes sense for his character. And he knows that somehow they'll come out of it alive (as did we - though I was still worried about how they were going to achieve it!).

Date: 2017-01-29 03:30 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
If you stay then you'll have a guaranteed readership here :) *waves* (please stay)

I wondered too, tbh, I mean they were in what seemed like a complete futile unsolvable situation. As always it's a credit to the show that I completely believed the way in which they resolved that issue.


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