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You know when you have an awesome idea for a vid and you'd love someone to make it? Well, over at [ profile] spn_sceneit we have streamlined our Inspiration Posts so it should be easier to leave a prompt anytime you like.

We have created a One Stop Inspiration Post. You can pop over any time and leave your idea or song in the comments.

Vidders - if you are stuck for an idea or your muse is needing a little push a visit to the OSIP might give it the kick you need. Past Inspiration Posts are also linked there.

My guilty pleasure comm is [ profile] ohsam They are currently running a h/c comment fic meme. Lots of delicious prompts to be filled.... (yay!). And ok.. I am slightly embarrassed by my prompt, but hey.. we all have our own kinks.. ;)

Podfic rec

Podfic: Deadline on Love or Story on LJ

Author: [ profile] lycaness
Reader: [ profile] juice817

God. I adored this fic more than I can say. Seven hours of absolute listening pleasure. As always [ profile] juice817 delivers with the wonderful variety of voices, pacing, inflection, emotion... just... everything. I cannot fault any of her recordings.

But the story..*guh*... I think I found my perfect J2 combination - first time bottom!Jared, troubled, sexy as hell Jensen, a mystery, a wonderful, wonderful love story, awesome OC's... just.. everything. I love the way this story is structured. A perfect combination of angst, tension, heartache, warm fuzzies, hot, hot sex, schmoop. It made me cry and whoop with joy (which is kinda embarrassing in the middle of a park...).

(If anyone has similar type podfic recs I am all ears!)
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