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A mixed bag of recs..

Picspam and meta

The Green Grass of a Ditch by [ profile] smilla02

This is a glorious picspam and meta on Dean and drinking. The pics are gorgeous and the meta is well observed. *wallows in it*


Sharing is Caring by [ profile] maichan808

This is "adorable weechesters" at its best. But it's more than just that. It's the little details that got me excited. And ok it's the awwwwwwwww factor as well. :)


[ profile] spn_summer_art. See above art post. The art that this community / challenge is giving us is absolutely amazing. *bounces* with every piece of artwork posted.

[ profile] all_spn This one will be a matter of taste. In a nutshell it keeps me up to date with (strangely *g*) all things Supernatural. It is spammy though, in that there are A LOT of posts. I don't surf the nets so this comm keeps me update with stuff from all over.


It was purely coincidental that I ended up listening to two stories where one of the boys were radio station DJs. I enjoyed them both.

Title: To the Beat of Our Noisy Hearts
Author: [ profile] lostt1
Reader: [ profile] juice817
Summary: College AU. Jared is a DJ at the South Texas University radio station. Jensen is a grad student with a thing for the sophomore DJ. Things happen.

What I liked: The reading is, of course, flawless. I got totally wrapped up in the story - the way the romance builds and the delightful charaterisations. This was written in 2007. I love that podfics have allowed me to enjoy fics posted so long ago. <3

Title: Then Again I Just Might
Authors: [ profile] charlotte and [ profile] anyothergirl415
Reader: [ profile] meansprite
Summary: It's not totally weird to be in love with a person's voice is it? If it is, Jared's pretty much okay with being weird.

What I liked: The reader's accent really grew on me. I wasn't sure at first but she presents the story so honestly it's hard not to be taken by it. This recording is particularly awesome because of all the snippets of songs that are played by DJ!Jensen. I loved the characterisations in this also. It's a different Jared to the one usually presented (in the J2s I've listened to anyway). Not the usual bouncy, confident Jared but rather a very (very!) shy one and Jensen is somewhat awkward and unsure as well. It's an endearing combination. And the end is rather :koff:... hot!

I can't figure why I prefer to listen to J2 rather than read it. I just do. I've become rather a romantic due to podfics. :)


I'll end with something non-SPN. Let's have some kick ass Hawaii Five-O!!

Book 'em Danno by [ profile] starrylizard. One word.... *GUH*.... <333
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