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Well, not really... but see, it takes me ages to figure out how a site works and just when I was kinda getting used to You Tube it went and changed everything.

It's looking very swish and all's have the profile comments gone? /o\ I feel so lame now. I like to respond when peeps say nice things... and I don't know how to!

And, um... I've also just noticed a Sam vid I made a while back has a ridiculous amount of vids and I'm not sure why. As in... I'm wondering if it's been posted somewhere that it generate views because it's improportionate to my other views. *shrugs* It doesn't matter, but it's made me *head scratch*

And next time I mention making a vid using convention footage remind me NOT TO! It's damn hard. Though I am getting very familiar with the different conventions around the place. I wonder if they ever get sick of doing them. They do a remarkable job. (though Jensen is pretty scary sometimes I've noticed. And protective. Especially of Jared *hearts him* but I think I would be way too scared of asking him a question. Though he'd be awesome to have a genuine conversation with I reckon (as in late night D&M's *dreams*. And Jared... well, I just want to pounce on him).

Blah, blah. Clearly I am chatty tonight. Time to search out some podfics. I've just finished all the ones I recently listened to. And god damn! Listening to [ profile] juice817 read [ profile] thenyxie's Homework 'verse *GUH* That needs to come with a combustion warning. Hottest damn thing ever.

ETA: Comment Vid Meme is still on my mind and once I've cleared the decks I would really like to try and get that happening. Hmmm... before show starts again might be good....
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