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1. School holidays started today! (2 week break.. YAY!)

2. SUPERNATURAL DAY! How awesome to have another ep so soon. I'm SO excited for this one (and I haven't peeked at any footage. Go me!)

3. Hubby got notification that he was successful in his application for a photography exhibition. This is kinda a big deal as he has been wanting to exhibit for ages and this place is the place to do it. I'm so proud of him. (double woot!)

4. After this discussion about non con comfort, this fic was recc'd to me: Names of Collision In The Dark by [ profile] obstinatrix THIS! It captures that level of Luci's creepiness and juxtaposes it with real Dean comfort. And it' gen-cest. New to me (the term), but wow... totally works. So if you like the boys all cuddly without the wincest, this is your fic. :D (it works on all sorts of schmoopy levels too)

5. PODFICS!! God I love LOVE 'em! I have recently enjoyed these and thought I'd share.

[ profile] chemm80 has been in my ear for the last few weeks reading me some great stories. :D

The first was the epic Professional Bull Riding (PBR) saga written by [ profile] drvsilla. There are three stories in this 'verse and all of them are wonderful. And who would have thought?! Bull riding! Honestly... after listening to this I HAD to go and watch footage of bull riding. The world was painted so vividly by the author, I just had to check it out. *g*. If you visit the author's master post she has links to footage and all sorts of info about bull riding.

But it's the (J2) romance that sucks you in. Subtle, slow and believable. And [ profile] chemm80's voice is perfect for this story.

The other story that TOTALLY SUCKED ME IN was Screw You, We're From Texas by [ profile] makeit_takeit.

The story is quite incredible. It covers SO many aspects of love and relationships. It handles the issues of gay love, religion, acceptance, marriage and just being in love so beautifully. The characters and situations are very realistic. It's painful at times but mostly feel good.

The production of the podfic is wonderful. It is infused with snippets of music that compliments each chapter perfectly. And of course the reading it wonderful.

The are both JS AU romances (NC17).

6. Did I mention SUPERNATURAL DAY?! Yep that. WOOT!!!
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