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Before I start with some podfic recs I HAVE to rec [ profile] ash_carpenter's Anti-Kink series of fics. I have honestly never laughed out loud so much as when I am reading these. They are absolutely hilarious and ridiculously hot (though hee! not all the time *g*). The link is to her memories where she has them all listed. It's a good idea to read them in order. Fabulous.

Ok. Podfics. What a brilliant invention. Better still, are the wonderful fans who read, record and post them. *hugs* podficcers. I can consume a lot more fic by listening rather than waiting for an opportunity to sit down and it helps motivate me to actually get on the treadmill. It's also a great way to cut off the world for a while.

I started off listening to podfics from recs, so some of these have been recced quite a bit in other places. So sorry to double up. Here we go:

On Midsummer Nights I Dream of Winchesters. by [ profile] deirdre_c. (Sam/Dean mostly PG13, becoming NC17) Read by [ profile] sadcypress This is brilliant. The writing is an absolute delight (how the hell is this woman so talented?!) and the reading is perfect. Supernatural meets Shakespeare. *G* This is a real treat.

When It's Done by [ profile] elizah_jane.(PG13 Sam/Dean) Read by [ profile] sadcypress (you really can't go wrong this gal! She's an excellent reader). This fic was such a lovely surprise. It's AU and yet.... I'll say no more because the end it what makes it such a satisfying read. Or listen. *g*

Beautiful Disaster by [ profile] thenyxie. Read by [ profile] chemm80 (NC17 J2) This is a long, involved story. It's as hot as hell and I couldn't stop listening to it. A 5 hour plane flight was perfect for sitting back and getting completely swept away by this story.

I've really grown fond of listening to [ profile] chemm80. She reads a lot of porn fics and has a great voice for it. I often search by readers I know when looking for new fic, because I know I will be comfortable with them. She's one I often turn to. And [ profile] juice187. I also adore [ profile] candelbeck's voice (and her writing).

Queensguard by [ profile] aramuin. (J2, R) Read by [ profile] pandarus (aka Fayjay). I wasn't going to listen to this because I was concerned about the huge list of readers involved. I thought it would be too disconnected with so many different voices. But it came highly recommended so I gave it a go. Thank god. It's a fantastic tale and it's mostly read by Fayjay. The other voices are used effectively for the non narrative (*eek* I'm not sure if that's the right word) parts of the text.

I've raved about [ profile] pandarus before. Her readings are excellent. She seems to be living in the moment she's reading. A bit the way an actor might take on a role. It's always very expressive. It's interesting to me that I am currently reading the follow up to Queensguard, Knight's Gambit with her voice in my head. :)

Other excellent fics read by Fayjay:

Restraint by [ profile] emeraldsedai (Darkemeralds). (J2, Mature) I've raved about this one before. So much LOVE for this story. It's long - like whoa! In fact it's WIP and hasn't been completed yet. More chapters have been posted but I am going to wait for the next podfic installment (even though that's killing me slightly).

Carrion Comfort written and read by [ profile] pandarus (wincest NC17) I haven't been that keen to listen to fic read by their authors (for some strange reason) but I thought I'd give this ago and WOW! The twist is fantastic and so plausible. If you're not into podfics I urge you to go and read this one instead.

And some Gen:

When Heroes Go Down They Go Down Fast (Gen, R) by [ profile] buffyaddict13 read by [ profile] emeraldsedai This is probably not for the faint hearted. It's fairly brutal but absolutely amazing. The author paints a vivid post apocalyptic landscape. The characters have depth and the story is engrossing. (Though to this day there is an imagine in there that haunts me and gives me shivers whenever I think about it).

Hiatus written by [ profile] debbiel66, read by [ profile] jenilees. (Gen, PG13) This is a story set in the Changing Channel universe. It's a place I would have loved the Show to have taken the boys - A Western. We didn't get it on the screen but [ profile] debbiel66 rectifies that by giving us a wonderful fic instead.

There are many, many others of course. If you are looking for other fandoms or other SPN recs check out [ profile] davincis_girl's Podfic Rec Post She's also posted some links for podfic comms and in the comments are lots of juicy, multi-fandom recs.

Enjoy! :D

*displays best puppy eyes possible* I would dearly love to be able to listen to [ profile] deirdre_c's BB fic By All Means, Rome if *koff* anyone's looking for something to podfic.
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