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Check out the gorgeous gift I received for the [ profile] spn_j2_xmas secret santa exchange! After the Hunt by [ profile] becc_j. \o/ I adore original artwork and this is just perfect! *bounces* (and icon! <33)


Mar. 16th, 2015 07:07 pm
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I haven't had a chance to check much out lately, but here's some wonderful things I have come across:

Gorgeous J2 vid:

from HERE (thanks to [ profile] redteekal for the heads up on this vid).

art, meta recs and gorgeous con pics under here! )


Mar. 1st, 2015 11:10 pm
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I'm slowly catching up on my flist's work... (damn slowly! /o\)

Some recs:

If you haven't seen this amazing graphic art by [ profile] chomaisky you MUST check it out. It's NSFW so be warned... but damn! It's glorious. I ADORE the style and soulless!Sam and reluctantly tempted Dean is absolutely wonderful.

[ profile] quickreaver has posted some more thinky thoughts on Sam and highlights something great points in the storytelling.

And now I have the urge for someone to post some Dean thinky! We're seeing Dean's story deliciously unfolding. I know Dean fen are happy (I think!), and I'd love to know what the thought are on that. Dean is fighting his inner demons (and the one forced upon him) and I'd love to know if this is fulfilling hopes and expectations for Dean's story.

In other news. I've been making a happy J2/SamnDean vid (Jam and Jean I've been informed *g*) and whilst making said vid I got distracted by Jensen and his damn hula hooping antics at the last con. So I started another *mini* vid and I think it's the weirdest, crackiest vid I've ever made. Even I'm thinking "I'd like some of what she's on!". That said, I'm know I'm going to need someone to look at it and question the planet I'm on. If you think you're up for it, let me know! It will probably fulfil one of my experimental bingo prompts I thinking...
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*waves* hello lovely people. I hope you are all having a good start to the new year.

I came across this gorgeous drawing of Sam on twitter today and felt compelled to share it.

Sam drawing

I adore this rugged, world weary Sam who looks like he's still fighting. My imagination gets swept away looking this (and ok, it doesn't hurt that his hair is awesome! *g*)

It's by Alice Mars Manns. Her original twitter post is HERE. - go give her some love if you like it as much as I do!

ETA: Alice doesn't have LJ but is seeing the comments. She's says thanks!

In other news, it's wonderful to see the [ profile] spn_reversebang works being posted. I haven't had the chance to check many out but this one caught my eye recently: Twenty-Three Double X by [ profile] necrora. It's atmospheric and beautifully dark. I really liked it. I feel like I have more time up my sleeves this week so will hopefully be able to check out more posts (yay!). Who would have thought the holidays could be so busy!

I've been working on my [ profile] sammybigbang (yay! still excited that Sammy has his own bang!) vid. My lovely author gave it the thumbs up so that was cool. *g*

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[ profile] amber1960 wrote a stunning poem some days back and I mentioned how it would look good with some art. Ha! And guess what?! She then created some gorgeous art! Check it out Breathing In, Bleeding Out. I love it!

[ profile] cerului filled my prompt at the J2 Mockumentary and Gag Reel Comment Meme. And it's hilarious! It's called the The Golden Wig and the mockumentary characters are perfect. (I have SO much love for that mockumentary. I can even tell you. Each time I watch it (and it's been a few times I can tell you!), I see something new - and end up grinning like a loon all over again. Now THAT's a love letter to the fans...). Check out the other fills too. There are still some awesome prompts to fill if you feel so inclined.

[ profile] missyjack (aka @superwiki) is hosting a SPN Season 10 poster competition. In case you don't know, the CW is holding a poster competition but it's only for US fans - which cuts out a HEAP of international fans. So if you feel inspired to make a S10 Supernatural promo poster, there's an opportunity to still enter a competition. She's offering a super cool prize too (and honestly, this feels more in the fandom spirit than the CW one. Can't help be a little cynical that they are just after some free art. Though, I suppose it would be pretty nice to win something like that. And I do keep hearing proclamations that fans could do so much better than their own (Photoshop) artists. And I agree!).
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I constantly have this urge to bury myself in all things fannish, but time and life just doesn't seem to want to play ball. Boo. :(

Aaaanyway. I am working on the answers to this meme. Thank you! I always love taking about vidding. :) (just wish I had time to actually DO it!)

Jensen on Twitter is filling my fannish heart with glee. Who would have thought?! I love this bts tweet. Be still my goddamn heart!! (perhaps spoilerish to mega mega spoilerphobes)

Also, check out this gorgeous art by [ profile] becc_j Fire and Gold. Painted in a day! This is part of the awesome [ profile] artpaperscissor challenge. <3

And while I'm swinging by I have to rec to new shows I am watching that I LOVE! The Leftovers and The Strain (warning, that graphic is rather graphic). Neither are really for the squeamish (especially The Strain), but I love that they both take well worn tropes and weave them into something new-ish. The Leftovers is all sorts of confusing - but damn intriguing, and The Strain is just good old fashioned schlock horror that I am a sucker for. I also love a good twist on an old fashioned monster. On paper The Leftovers isn't something that I would normally tune into, but the writing is fantastic (to me anyway) and explores elements of human nature that ring so true. And it treats viewers with respect - not using dramatic scores to "tell" us when we need to be feeling something. The Strain is the opposite end of the spectrum and totally tells us when we need to be feeling something - but it still manages to subvert our expectations to great effect. I am also on the edge of my seat when watching both of these shows.

I'm still catching up on both shows - so no spoilers if you're up to date!

And Teen Wolf, a show that is confusing (but not in a good way) is just so ridiculous I think I might be getting to the end of my patience with it. I still have the last episode to watch (4.11) but I'm feeling less inclined to do so after the non-sensical last episode. I just need Dylan O'Brien to leave so I have NO reason to keep watching (sorry TW fans, but wow - what the hell is that show?!?).

*hugs* to all.Hope you are hanging in there. This seems like a dreadfully long hiatus. I am both excited and full of some sort of despair for S10. I need it to happen so I can at least know!


Aug. 17th, 2014 07:02 pm
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Finally had a chance to look at some stuff, so here with a handful of recs.

[ profile] el1ie has posted a beautiful Musketeers vid Long Black Cloud. It's an AU about Athos, so even if you don't watch the show you can still enjoy the vid. :)

[ profile] sockkpuppett has created a crack vid to end all crack vids. Wrecking Ball (Warning: Hitler!) It's unique and brilliant constructed.

[ profile] amber1960 has created some wonderful hurt!Sam and hurt!Dean art. There's definitely a story behind this image (it just needs someone to write it! *bats eyelashes*).

[ profile] superkitte and created an AU vid about Sam saving demon!Dean, Slow Down. I have such admiration for people who can construct alternate realities videos.

[ profile] blackrabbit42 is a writing genius and has created a highly entertaining (and hot hot hot) fic! Jared Padalecki and the Kinky College Adventure- A Choose Your Porn Story. If you haven't already read do so! You can chose one adventure or ALL OF THEM!

[ profile] keep_waking_up's world building in her story Tails is fabulous. I got completely lost in the world of kitsunes and werecats. Kitsune!Jensen and werecat!jared are an absolute joy to read. There's action, adventure and awesome secondary characters. Even after over 67,000 words I didn't want to leave this world.

I have so many big bang stories and art to catch up on. Maybe that might happen this week. :)
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For some reason the GoT tag line to the last season "Winter is Coming" has been stuck in my head. I then had the urge to see the tag line tweaked for S10 of Supernatural. [ profile] quickreaver is super awesome and made it happen. *hugs her to pieces*

Give her some loving here.
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Has everyone seen this?


Isn't it beautiful?! It's by [ profile] quickreaver. The original post is here, A Deliberate Life.

I absolutely love the way it captures Sam. It makes me what to cry and smile at the same time. There's an inner peace that Sam struggles to find and I can see him taking this time out to heal his heart and soul. It's such a beautiful candid moment. And I love the beer by his side. I just want to sit and stare at this forever *guh* (and hence the icon I made - I want to see keep seeing it).

It's from a lovely prompt by [ profile] de_nugis for the [ profile] ohsam comment meme.

other recs from the meme )
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*DIES* Just saw this on tumblr. It's by the incredible [ profile] petite_madame. It's HERE over there but I needed it here too.

I just love how much story there is in this one image. *stares and stares*

And also these:

Might just be one of my fav Jared pics... )

My fav Musketeers pic )

Just needed me some pretty on my LJ tonight. That kinda mood...

Art rec...

Sep. 30th, 2013 08:07 pm
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[ profile] spn_littlebro held a header contest recently and it's now time to vote. The thing is...ALL the headers are amazing - I have no idea how any one will be able to choose (but we hope you do!). Even if you don't want to vote you really should check the entries. SPN fandom = <3
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[ profile] counteragent's amazing fan project The Other Side is now complete. There is an additional Gag reel part also!

I was privileged to see a lot of the raw footage and I can tell you that everyone seemed to have such great fun making this. The lead actresses have a natural chemistry and they have the same respect for each other that Jared and Jensen do. The casting couldn't have been better. They take their craft seriously, but didn't forget to have fun at the same time.

And [ profile] counteragent works like a boss!! She had a clear image of what she wanted and an excellent understanding of how to get it. It's no mean feat putting together a film like this. Be sure to stop by and shower her with all the love and hugs.

Also, check out the brilliant movie poster by [ profile] quickreaver. SO awesome.

Some other stuff...

[ profile] bertee has put together an awesome collection of Gods on Supernatural. I didn't realise there were so many.

[ profile] bertee has created some amazing picture posts over at [ profile] spnroundtable. My favourite is one that's close to my heart Show Some Restraint. BONDAGE! \o/ There's also - choking, plaid, ladies, boys getting dirty (not like that! sheeesh...) and many more. Who says Tumblr has all the pretty!?!

[ profile] galwithglasses has thrown in the towel! Check out the collection of towels used in SPN. Ha! I love collections...:D

Speaking of collections - I only recently discovered this one and it's SO COOL!

[ profile] cloex_brosluvr has a Sam and Dean Tie Collection from all the seasons! I love it.

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This seems to sum up the Sam pain inside me at the moment.

Bloody Sam )

I've been feeling the urge to make an angsty vid. The finale has left me with all the feels. I've had some awesome suggestions for end of season vids (<33 thank you!!), but I've been thinking about this one?. It's very Sam (though I picture lots of Dean in there too). So just hold me, Wrap me in your arms, Don't let me fall again..

Not sure. It's been forever since I've made an angsty vid. I feel like it'd be haaard.

I am working on a J2 vid atm - it's slow going - there's SO MUCH FOOTAGE!! /o\ But they are so gorgeous together. The OTW vid seems to be on indefinite hold (grrrr....). Just waiting to hear what they wanna do.
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I'll be back with more stuff on 8.02 but I couldn't help depositing this as that was one of my favorite moments...

8.02 spoilers )
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[ profile] purplehrdwonder has written a fabulous meta piece on the humanity of the Winchester brothers:

The Humanity of the Winchesters: Sam, Dean, and the Superhuman Bond between Brothers.

It is enlightening and ultimately up-lifting - particularly the observation about them being soul mates. It's beautifully constructed and the author makes some excellent points. GO READ!

If you haven't already seen this AMAZING work of art, Crossroad Blues by Kittrose, then RUN RUN and see it now!! Jaw droppingly good.

I've been doing a few things around the place ('cause I just can't help myself!):

Monthly vidding round-ups at [ profile] spnroundtable (with vid recs)

Weekly brother moments at [ profile] theheartofspn from each (and every!) episode. I'm working through each season by episode. So episode 1 of S1-S7, next will be ep 2 of all the seasons so far.

Reccing Classic SPN Vids at [ profile] spnvidrecs

The bi-monthly newsletter at [ profile] spn_littlebro has just been posted. Lots of hurt!Sam and hurt!Jared related fan works recced.

To Do:

- Update S5 motels at Superwiki.
- Start on S6 motels
- Get my head around a cracky, schmoopy, wincesty idea I have for BBB's "I am Human" (honestly! WTF!?! /o\)
- Get stuck into my Get Excited for S8 vid I've had started for about 2 months now.
- Continue to watch Teen Wolf in the hope that I can see what you are all so excited about.

Done! Have a great week everyone. <3


Jun. 21st, 2012 09:54 pm
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I was lucky enough to have a sneak peek at this vid a couple of days ago and it blew me away.

In Your Darkest Hour by [ profile] callme_k

It impressed me not only because it is so beautifully vidded but also because I didn't expect for ONE MINUTE that I would be as moved as I was about a Cas vid. This isn't JUST a vid about Castiel though, it's about how he is there, and has always been there for our boys. It's as much about the Winchesters as it is about Cas. It's an AU and the way [ profile] callme_k has manipulated the footage to look like Cas is watching over them is wonderful. It's also works as an outsider POV of the boys and I always love that.

Damn it. Just trust me on this. Whether you love, hate or are indifferent about Cas I recommend this vid. I can't remember the last time a vid with Cas in it has moved me so much. It adds another layer to the meaning of "Team Free Will". I also love it when Cas is represented as being there for both Sam and Dean.

Go. Go!... and tell [ profile] callme_k how awesome she is. <3

While I'm here I also have to rec the A-mazing [ profile] secretlytodream's latest vid - Lonely Souls.

*guh* This gal! Her skill just...well, leaves me breathless to be honest. If she could bottle that she'd make a fortune. The timing of the edits in the vid is INCREDIBLE and the theme encompasses so much of what Supernatural is.

I'll toss in another rec while I'm here....

Check out [ profile] missyjack's poem dedicated to [ profile] spnstoryfinders - Can You Rec Me?

It's HILARIOUS and very clever. Read the blurb to find out how this was constructed. OH FANDOM!!!

And now for some gorgeous art. There has been some wonderful art posted in the recent [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang postings and reccing all those would take another post. But this one you've got to check out NOW!!

Artwork for 143 Alice Grim Lane by [ profile] fanlay (Sam/Dean, probably nsfw). BEAUTIFUL AND YUM!!
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Wheeeee!! Dean keeping Sammy warm. Adoring the way Sam is clinging to Dean's (old!) jacket. *hearts*

Source: Here, though I originally saw it here. I am still so Tumblr illiterate. I figure the latter post was a reblog? No clue...

Also this. Jared as Thor )

I have a heap of recs I want to post. I had epic fail with everything fan related last night so I shall try again tonight.

I lost (most probably deleted) my entire S4 motels post for the SuperWiki Motels entry. All the coding, links and info. A huge amount of work just friggin' gone. Sucks big time. I just don't know when I'll have the motivation to do it all again. /o\ *sigh* Maybe in a few weeks.
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Oh this...*HEARTS*

Tangled in You by [ profile] letoist

This is absolute magic. I also adore the sheer size of it. :DDD This was made for [ profile] spn_cinema. The posting has recently started recently for this challenge. \o/ So exciting. :DD

And THIS! This captures everything I love in hurt!Sam and big brother!Dean:

Big Brother by [ profile] n4t4ss4

And for those who needed a little something extra after 7.07 (of the gen schmoopy variety) this is a MUST read:

We haven't had an earthquake lately by [ profile] killabeez. It's perfect! (There's also a fabulous observation in there with regards to Sam. It's now my personal fanon).

For a heap of other recent recs go here.



Nov. 4th, 2011 10:01 pm
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Time for some recs.

A rather random mixed (big) bag of stuff... )


SHOW TOMORROW!! \o/ I get that little thrill of happiness when I think another ep from this awesome season awaits me. Catch ya on the flip side. *bounces*
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Hey guys! last night I mentioned to [ profile] cherry916 (after seeing all the art she finds to make her personal art recs) it might be worthwhile thinking about opening up an art reccing community. it is. Just like that. (man, if only things can happen this fast tin RL *g*)

Hey everyone, a new [ profile] spn_artrecs community is now open and we'd love to see some recs from you! Just click on the pic.

So, if you have any art you love and want to share please do stop by.

(my thinking was if you, like me, often miss great art because you're not around the nets as much as some, this would be a great way to enjoy stuff. Also, nice for artists to be recognised for their work).



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