Date: 2017-01-28 12:09 pm (UTC)
I *just* this second finished watching the episode, and everything you said here rings very true for me too. The sense of understanding between the boys is finally coming to the fore. No back biting or bitching overshadowing what is and can be a very effective, extremely clever team of Hunters.

Mary and Cas were indeed a good pairing, and possibly the only two who could have called each other on their bullshit over the last few months.

I also loved Crowley saying he pities the fool who has Sam and Dean. Saying out loud that they are to a certain extent unkillable as far as the big bads of the Supernatural world go. He doesn't give praise and that was a bass-ackwards way of doing it, but he acknowledged out loud they are really very f*cking good at their jobs.

As for you, my dearest Ash, I love the rose tint I see this fandom, and fandom in general, through, but safe to say I've been in fandoms where my drive to participate has waned and eventually disappeared all together. It would be naive to think that no one ever wants to leave the SPN world, because it's been happening for years all around us.

My only sadness will be that if you do stop posting the reactions and also your Meta pieces, the fandom itself and I will be missing out on some truly intelligent pieces of writing with a depth to them that is somewhat lacking in other areas of this world we inhabit.

I know that if I ask to keep in contact, you'll do so, I hope anyway, so I'm not afraid to lose you as a great person in my life, but the fandom will be missing a part it won't be able to replace.

Thank you for being here when I finally came out into the SPN light, and for being such a good influence on my confidence in the fandom. You will always have a place in *my* fandom and my heart :) ♥
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