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Hey. I wanted to share a short conversation I had with bookdal on Twitter because I think she made some interesting observations on the boys and Mary (posted with her permission).

I posted this comment:

In response to this pic:

and this exchange happened )
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I was actually sad to hear that Robbie Thompson is leaving the show. Even though I have major issues with the last episode he wrote (which actually make some sense now in light of the news) I have always enjoyed his episodes. I thought he brought some interesting ideas and characters into the Supernatural universe. He gave us some wonderful brother moments and always found ways of telling an interesting, inventive story. Sure, he liked to fan service and I have very mixed feelings about that, but I do think he genuinely liked the show.

On that note, I want/need to say more about the last episode. With that clarification I can (hopefully) articulate things a bit better. It's still negative so please be warned.

Also, thanks to those who chatted with me about the last episode (and don't feel you need to with this! I'm mostly writing this to help me ;D). I am always appreciative that people are happy to discuss an ep, even when my reaction is completely different to theirs. I do respect that we view episodes differently.

Oops, this got quite long.

11.20, fan servicing and why some stuff annoyed me )
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It's been a while since I've posted anything visual or meta-ish, so I thought I'd put together a little pic-spam. It's possibly grasping at straws a little bit (ok, maybe a lot), but *shrugs*, I enjoy examining the visual elements on the show and it always looks so pretty anyway.

Visual Clues to Soulless!Sam in Season Six )


Jun. 28th, 2014 08:36 pm
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Ok guys. I seriously need some intervention. I NEED to see and understand Dean's side of the story in S9. I need to start feeling sorry for him like so many others seem to. I actually mean this. By the end of S9 I was so god damn pissed off with him I can't even find it in my heart to feel bad that he's "become the very thing he hunts". He HAS become the very thing he hunts and not just because he's a demon now. He's been heading toward this for a while. It's actually one part of the S9 story telling that makes a lot of sense to me. He's slowly been blurring those lines and the consequence is what we are seeing now. I know we can feel sympathy for what they are doing to their characters the fact that Dean's actions have lead him here, but I am still struggling (so much!) with why people are still blaming Sam for what's happening to him.

So what the am I missing? (I promise I will listen if you can shed some light).

(this is actually effecting how I am feeling about the show atm and how I react to gifs (etc) that are highlight how bad things are for Dean. I need to stop thinking "but he deserves it!" and start feeling sorry for him. And stop reacting to things being said against Sam.../o\. I just wish I could understand why people are still so hard on Sam. All he did was tell some truths - in ONE episode).
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My darling friend [ profile] redteekal (who is currently at the JiB con - lucky duck!) tweeted me something about one of Sam's lines in the finale that I'm not entirely sure what to do with.

Because clearly my attempt to not think about the show OR the finale is not working...

for those who are still in thinky mode... )

In other news fandom seems to have exploded over Jensen saying there's nothing more than friendship between Dean and Cas. I'm not venturing too far out there because, boy, emotions are high. I am, however, proud of Jensen for finally saying something that's clear about the relationship. I'm a little confused how this is any sort of deal breaker though. Nothing has changed. Not a thing. Fans can still read whatever they like in the relationship. Same way they do for Sam/Dean. Dean/Cas has never existed in the text, same way Sam/Dean hasn't. Don't mean you can't ship it! :)

Ooh, conventions do stir things up a bit (mostly by people not actually there it seems). :)
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There were some fabulous shots in this episode, which is not surprising as Serge Ladouceur directed it.

Here's a little appreciation pic spam. :)

Visuals can speak louder than words )

And how cool is this?!



This is freakin' awesome! I was curious why there was that "crown" outside of the apartment.
I knew I had seen that sign somewhere before and lo and behold it's from the "King's Lair Motel" (2.15 Tall Tales).

Ha! This is why I love this show!! :D
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Time for an update on the motel posts. :) Huge thanks to [ profile] galwithglasses for her assistance in helping me compile this. <33


Accommodations Master Post

Rock, Wallpaper, Sofas, (Part One) )
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I've mostly written this for me. I needed to do this as a way of trying to understand why I feel sympathy for Sam (at the moment and usually) when it seems much of fandom doesn't. It's puzzled me because even though I know we each see the show with certain goggles on I've struggled to understand how a few lines of dialogue seems to have removed all sympathy for Sam in S9. Even from Sam!girls.

I contemplated what's gone before and started to see a pattern.

Sam Winchester vs The Heart of the Show )
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I'm late to the party (camping with my class does that!), but I have things to say about this episode so I'm going to write some stuff.

This turned out to be more meta-ry than reaction/review. I've had time to digest and think things over. I've also read a few reactions and I suppose this incorporates some of that.

It's episodes like this that remind me how and why I feel in love with this show in the first place )
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I'm not going to lose sleep over it but still, being accused of it is not easy...

remember those gender stats? )
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This is for the [ profile] spn_littlebro [ profile] hc_bingo challenge. It fills the "parting ways" prompt.

I've always been interested in the separations and reunions of the Winchester brothers. That's not to say I like it when they separate, I just think it makes for fascinating tension and dynamics. It also makes for awesome reunion moments. :)

This gifspam primarily focuses the parting shots when Sam leaves Dean (I've also added a couple of reaction shots from Dean and one of my fav reunion moments).

Parting Shots )


Mar. 15th, 2013 01:17 pm
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I wonder if it's deliberate that Sam doesn't haven't any male friends.

I mean, I figure he had good friends at college (we know there was Zach and Brady), but we've never seen him with a male "buddy" like we have Dean. We see Dean bonding with other males - Bobby, Gordon, Frank, Cas, Garth, Benny and even John, but Sam is seen as either butting heads with them or being downright enemies of them (Lucifer, Walt, Roy, Gordon, Kubrick, Greedy).

I know that Sam was close to Bobby but not in the same way that Dean was. Same with Garth and Cas. Both Garth and Cas attached themselves to Dean first, then got to know Sam. I figure they are as close to "friends" as Sam has in the show, but they're not just his friends.

I wonder if that's because Dean fulfils that role completely? Maybe Sam doesn't need anyone else (whereas Dean possibly does?).

I'm sure not if this is because there's never been a story line that has allowed Sam to develop a male friendship or because they have deliberately made this part of Sam's character (like his disastrous relationships with women).

It's not a complaint - just an observation.

Hmmm. *hugs* Sam. Maybe books are his other companion.

This is what happens when I enjoy a day off (yay back to 4 days a week!) and get my hair done. :)

I had one other little thought )
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This was made for [ profile] de_nugis as a way of sending *heffa hug glomps* her way.<33

There just hasn't been enough deep discussion about why Sam didn't look for Dean. It's been glossed over and hardly anyone is talking about it (I'm surprised how unnoticed this has gone) so I've decided to give you some deep and very very serious meta and visual evidence about what's going on.

Brace yourself.

A Very Serious Examination of How the Visual Evidence Reveals Sam's State of Mind in S8 )

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Even to those who don't have it as a celebration (like us in Aus). Giving thanks can never be a bad thing. I'm thankful so many things. Not least...all of YOU LOT! <3
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Now that I've had a chance to digest that (and read all your thoughtful comments re 7.02- thank you <3) I have been pondering a few things...

Wherein I'm not quite so loud *g*. Spoilers are being a little thinky. )

(damn, that's a lot of questions. I'm mostly musing out loud. Don't mind me. *g*).


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