Aug. 7th, 2010

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My god there are some talented people around. I adore looking at artworks. Here's some that I've seen recently that I love:

Dean, can you see something? by the incredible [ profile] petite_madam. I love everything she does. This is adorable and yet... there's this little hint of menace. (make sure to enlarge it to read the text *g*) Wonderful.

The Winchester Brothers by [ profile] becc_j. Wow! Look at those boys! How much do they suit a Western? Love the detail in this painting. Striking.

BB art for The Hollow Valley Seriously creepy, intense and evocative. Love it.

I'm listening to [ profile] veronamay's priest!fic have you seen him whom my soul loves (finally! I've had it bookmarked forever) and I'm loving it. I worried at first because I wasn't sure how I would go listening to a New Zealand accent but the reader, [ profile] nu_breed, reads so well I've been swept up in it. She has such a lovely comforting manner (you can almost see her smiling as she reads it) that the accent doesn't matter.

I have, unfortunately, not been able to listen to some podfics because of either a very strong accent (Sam and Dean with cockney type accents just hasn't been able to work for me) or a speech pattern that's, um... annoying. I absolutely hate to criticise podfic readers because what they do is wonderful and amazing. But I suppose not everybody's voice will suit every listener.

I've discovered that I love being read to. I wonder if this is because I was read to a lot as a child? There's something innately comforting about it.

We're seeing Inception tonight! \o/ (Everybody has raved about it so I'm a little worried I'm going in with very high expectations... and then will be disappointed. But I'm sure it will as awesome as everyone is claiming).

Hope you are all having a great weekend. :)


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