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Meta Rec- if you haven't already seen [ profile] frozen_delight's meta Do I look like Paris Hilton? Dean as SPN's Cinematic Female Other I recommend you take a look. It's an in-depth look on the way Dean is filmed in the show. I confess some of it is a little over my head (the term "female-other" is something I haven't come across before), but there's certainly lots of pretty and some great observations.

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Mar. 16th, 2015 07:07 pm
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I haven't had a chance to check much out lately, but here's some wonderful things I have come across:

Gorgeous J2 vid:

from HERE (thanks to [ profile] redteekal for the heads up on this vid).

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Jan. 27th, 2014 06:58 pm
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'cause close up Sam does things to me. (also here on tumblr)

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[ profile] bertee has written a wonderful snap shot of Amelia from a little prompt I left. It's not only a great outsider POV of Sam, it provides a depth to Amelia that I was craving from the show.

[ profile] counteragent has written a beautiful and unique alternate ending to 8.23 - Catharsis. It works as a "fix-it" if you need one, or simply as a great visual journey as Sam and Dean find themselves on an alternate plane.

[ profile] cheebles has been hosting a lively, yet sane and surprisingly wank-free discussion on Dean's (bi)sexuality. Hosting something like this isn't for the faint hearted - it's a very controversial topic in fandom, but she's done a great job presenting arguments and remaining articulate (and sane!) in the course of the discussion. I really enjoyed reading the alternate points of view on the topic.
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WOW, wow. [ profile] galwithglasses has written a wonderful piece on Season 8. She investigates the connections between the characters and the overall driving themes of season 8. It's an absolute must read for those who are still feeling unsure about S8. It makes it clear that there WAS a strong structure and purpose from the first episode to the last. I've been gradually feeling better about S8 - this just makes it even better. :)
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[ profile] bardicvoice has written some great meta on why we see Sam and Dean differently: The Rainbow Connection, or Can You See What I See?

I like the ideas presented - it all makes perfect sense to me. It should help people realise that it's OK to see the show differently and arguing about it (read "being nasty") isn't going to achieve much. I think discussing is valuable because I think sharing the differing views can be interesting. Though, as [ profile] bardicvoice's put it - "You're going to believe what you believe no matter what I say, unless I happen upon an explanation that fits your emotional reality and both allows and persuades you to change your point of view. Trust me, those occasions are few and far between".

She also refers to an article written about why we connect to fictional characters in such a passionate way. This is fascinating also.

If you enjoy this type of analysis I highly recommend it.

She can't answer what it is in each of our personalities that makes us respond the way we do, unfortunately. I imagine such a study would be extraordinarily difficult.

However...I did wonder if we might be able to do a highly (un)scientific survey to see if there's anything we can pin down that make us either a Sam!person or a Dean!person or a both bro!person.

Something we might be able to eliminate at least... )

It's just for fun (and I'm curious...). In all honesty I imagine there are a number of factors dictating not only the way we sympathise with a particular character but also how we interpret story lines and "see" the show. I don't know how you'd ever find out what makes one person see it one way and other a different way. It would be quite a study I should imagine.
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[ profile] maenad's has written an excellent and fascinating meta on why Taxi Driver missed it's mark. Or rather, the difference between what makes a strong episode and a weak one. She doesn't bad mouth for the sake of doing so or rant about it being horrible - instead she looks at it critically and examines how the writing let down an idea.

On writing hell: a comparison

a snippet and some thoughts on that... )

While I'm here I do want to say that I think it's ok to rant and complain about the show. It doesn't mean we love it any less because we can see its faults. We love and connect to it in a way that's really hard to explain to anyone who doesn't. That's why we get upset when it doesn't meet our expectations or desires - or lets us down with poor writing or characterisations. Sometimes we need to get stuff off our chests and try and make sense of what they're doing (or not doing). I think it helps get past the problems and remember what it is we love about it. I'm pretty sure I'm in for the long haul (unless they permanently kill off one of the brothers or have them working separately all the time) so chatting and working it all out will help me make it through.
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YAY! Show is back this week! \o/ Even though I have been struggling a bit with this season I still miss my show when it's not on. I also miss the chat. :))

In the meantime...some things going on...

Check out [ profile] growyourwings post at [ profile] spnroundtable for a succinct guide to Tumblr and LJ. The Tumblr roundup has been added to the monthly roundups at this awesome community. If you are anything like me (um..still slightly bamboozled by Tumblr) then this will be a great intro. If you are a Tumblr pro it might just alert you to some peeps to follow.

I put the call out for voice artists today. Ideally I'm looking for a variety of accents to reflect the international nature of the OTW (and I'd love a male voice too!). This is an exciting project I am about to embark on. (What? Shuddup...I do not have too many things on my plate...;D)

Did you see [ profile] galwithglasses amusing PCA's color meta? We can find meta in color no matter where it is!! :D

Speaking of the matching colors at the PCAs. This wee fic explains perfectly why Jared had on a tie that matched Jensen's jacket perfectly and why that thing in his pocket didn't. I believe this!

(I seriously hope we get the story on these coordinating outfits. Next comm can someone PLEASE ASK THEM! In the meantime I'm sticking with this fic's explanation).

Oh and YAY everyone signing up for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang!!! Great to see fan works alive and kicking!! \o/

S8 Recs!!

Oct. 17th, 2012 09:20 pm
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RUN! Do not walk! [ profile] zimshan has written the most thorough and brilliant meta on S8 Sam and Dean. It's mostly about Sam but anything about Sam has to include Dean. Snippet because...THIS!:

For much of fandom, one of those questions is, 'What happened to Sam to make him not look for Dean?'

Here is where I'm going to go out on a limb and say, I don't need an answer for this. There might very well be one. Maybe he was under the influence of the angels or Crowley who had an interest in keeping Dean down in purg all year long. Maybe he really DID do something and he's playing it cool and hiding it from Dean. I look forward to the unraveling of Sam's flashback stories as the season progresses. But I don't feel like I need some big REASON. A "human story", as Carver has called it, will work just fine. Because a "human story" for this just makes so much sense.

I have been holding off my thoughts on what might be going on with Sam this season because we just haven't been given enough information yet. I have desperately wanted something to be up - something major to have influenced Sam's decision, but after reading this the something is no longer a "must have" for me. Mainly because it's already in plain sight.

I love it. I would love to think Show has been this thoughtful about the boys character arcs this season. After the first two episodes I have a feeling they just might have. (YAY!)

While I am here I've been meaning to rec a wonderful story written by [ profile] cherie_morte - Minotaurs Inside a Maze. It was posted before 8.01 aired but I didn't read it until after I saw that episode. What I love about it is how much it has STUCK WITH ME ever since I read it. It is such a refreshing, interesting and clever idea and it works on so many levels. It is also possibly responsible for my skewed look at the nature of monsters and purgatory now (which is good!). Go read!

And if you like looking at all the little details in an episode (like me!) check out [ profile] galwithglasses 8.02 picspam. I had no idea there was so much (well placed) red in that ep!

I'm really looking forward to the next ep. Jensen directing excites me and I am reeaally keen to see how they are going to be moving everything forward. I'm thinking this one has to be a good indicator.
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[ profile] maenad has written the most incredible meta on Supernatural and the Soul. It's wonderfully detailed and provides some plausible and interesting insights into the way the soul is used in Supernatural. It's one of those pieces where you need to set aside some time and absorb the thoughts. But do! It's well worth the time. ;)


[ profile] runedgirl recently wrote a piece addressing some of those S8 spoilers. Resurrection It's a fix it for spoilers. :) It's absolutely wonderful and makes sense of everything that has come out in the spoilers. Go read if you are feeling in any way worried. Even if you're not it's a fab read. (Wincest)


Have you discovered [ profile] badbastion yet? She draws all those things you imagine when you read porn. ;D Friggin' hot! Here's her latest - Look at yourself Sammy (totally NSFW!)


I know you have ALL seen the gag reel, but here's a link just in case. It's full of J2 love and I adore it but... why so short? There has to be hours of outtakes. Only 6 mins? Boo. I remember hearing an interview by Guy Bee saying that during Hello Cruel World there was enough gag reel material to run for ages. *grabby hands* I want it!! Anyway...the Js love, respect and trust each other SO much... (no tin hat required!).


[ profile] missyjack has written a great summing up of the show that could. Did! It made me a little teary and a little proud. It's a lovely reflection.

Fandom stuff:

This is an interesting article I snagged from a link provided by [ profile] yourlibrarian. It's something that I've been thinking about a lot lately. The various fandom platforms and the (perhaps) decline of LiveJournal.

It stresses me greatly that a forum like LJ might be in decline. I mean, I know it is, but what else or where else provides a platform like this one? Tumblr seems to be the fandom sweetheart at the moment but it just doesn't fulfill those connecting with "real" people needs that I have. I see pretty pics and I think WOW and I "like", but it just doesn't seem enough. I want to say that to the actual creator but figuring who that is seems to be a trial. I get that they receive the stats on who has liked and reblogged but, idk, seems impersonal. Also, reblogging just means that everyone who keeps seeing the same stuff over and over. Then there's all the pics you really don't want to keep seeing! Argh...nothing makes me feel my age more that not understanding something...

I will say that I didn't get twitter for ages either. But I do now, so maybe it's just a matter of spending some time there. Or not. ;)

Wow...that turned into a rant. Ooops.
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[ profile] purplehrdwonder has written a fabulous meta piece on the humanity of the Winchester brothers:

The Humanity of the Winchesters: Sam, Dean, and the Superhuman Bond between Brothers.

It is enlightening and ultimately up-lifting - particularly the observation about them being soul mates. It's beautifully constructed and the author makes some excellent points. GO READ!

If you haven't already seen this AMAZING work of art, Crossroad Blues by Kittrose, then RUN RUN and see it now!! Jaw droppingly good.

I've been doing a few things around the place ('cause I just can't help myself!):

Monthly vidding round-ups at [ profile] spnroundtable (with vid recs)

Weekly brother moments at [ profile] theheartofspn from each (and every!) episode. I'm working through each season by episode. So episode 1 of S1-S7, next will be ep 2 of all the seasons so far.

Reccing Classic SPN Vids at [ profile] spnvidrecs

The bi-monthly newsletter at [ profile] spn_littlebro has just been posted. Lots of hurt!Sam and hurt!Jared related fan works recced.

To Do:

- Update S5 motels at Superwiki.
- Start on S6 motels
- Get my head around a cracky, schmoopy, wincesty idea I have for BBB's "I am Human" (honestly! WTF!?! /o\)
- Get stuck into my Get Excited for S8 vid I've had started for about 2 months now.
- Continue to watch Teen Wolf in the hope that I can see what you are all so excited about.

Done! Have a great week everyone. <3
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A mess of recs.

recs and a wee bit of thinky on S7 )
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I'm off tomorrow. As in.. flying to the other side of the country. (Is it wrong that the thing I'm most concerned about is that all my electronic devices - phone, ipad, laptop, ipod -are charged? Oh lordy.../o\ I need a life...)

I hate flying. (ack...[ profile] redteekal more evidence I'm more like Dean than Sam!) I ALWAYS think this will be the last flight I'll take and the plane is going to ditch into the sea. Bring on teleportation. PLEASE!

Anyway. I'm in Sydney for a week visiting my little sis and my new nephew. Yay cuddles! (And handing him back when he cries..*g*)

I'm wanting to write some meta on the boys fighting (I've even prepped the screencaps) but I doubt I'll have time to do much while I'm away. (But watch me try!) I also have a Garth vid I want to do (hee... fat chance) and then there's the hell in Sam's brain vid, the ACDC vid, the [ profile] spn_bigpretzel challenge vid, and all those vid prompts... Oh and S5 motels AND a meta/picspam spoof on over-thinking in fandom (yeah.. I want to make fun of myself...) Yep!... my muse kills me...

Right. Enough about me. Here's some recs )

ETA.. meant to say. THANK YOU for the feed back on the cello vid. I was surprised and heart-warmed I have to say. *smishes* you all.
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If you haven't read Darry Jasper's How Supernatural Uses Death So Well (posted on then I recommend you do so. It's an excellent account of how Supernatural uses death. It also provides a great summing up of the deaths so far on the show.

Which gives me the chance to say this..... Spoilers to 7.10 )
Oooh Show. You do bring out the thinky. (that's what happens when you go on hiatus and I'm on holiday!).


**removing the preview button is not cool LJ! :( Other things have just changed I've just noticed too. :((( glitch it would seem *phew*


Nov. 4th, 2011 10:01 pm
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Time for some recs.

A rather random mixed (big) bag of stuff... )


SHOW TOMORROW!! \o/ I get that little thrill of happiness when I think another ep from this awesome season awaits me. Catch ya on the flip side. *bounces*
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I'm curious.

I guess when someone is squeeing about an ep no one likes to come in and harsh that. I get that. But I'm keen to know, those who didn't like it, what issues did they have with it? Not because I want to make anything of it or fight anyone on it (at all!), I am just curious.

So, if any one has links to less favourable reviews I would loved to be linked. (Or if you want to tell me what you didn't like about it I'm interested).

The reason I ask is because I am somewhat blinkered and not particularly objective when I watch my show. I'm not sure how to separate my passion for the boys from having a critical eye. Not that I feel I need to or even want to. I love loving this show. I don't venture outside of LJ so I have no idea other than what I've read from my flist. Which has mostly been positive.

I admit my curiosity has been piqued by this fabulous meta and supposition by [ profile] dodger_winslow. Reading this gave me insight into thoughts and ideas for the show that I have never even considered. This isn't at all negative, it basically looks at a direction that Show may take. But it made me realise that people have certain hopes for the Show that may never come to fruition and therefore could leave those fans disappointed (which I'm pretty sure has already happened for many looking at the recent ratings and watching fans on LJ disappear *sad face*).

For me, I'm simply happy to watch the boys on my screen. Sure, I have thinky thoughts about all sort of things connected with it, but I really don't have any hopes that will shatter my love for it if they don't happen (other than Sam and Dean leaving the show...).
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Slash--the homosexualization of a relationship between two characters who do not have a sexual relationship with one another in canon (taken from some interesting meta found here)

I would say that I should be ashamed not to know the actual meaning of the word, but really I came into fandom pretty naive in the ways of slash. Well, let's say completely innocent in fact. I mean, I know what I'm in for when I read slash, I just didn't know the "canon" part.

I remember my very first encounter with the notion that Sam and Dean could be written has having sex together as totally WTF! How dare anybody do that!! It didn't make a lot of sense to me and well, I did some reading and..., let's say I have been (deliciously) corrupted. *G*

Anyway... that's probably by the by, what is interesting is the linked meta. It's interesting to me that as much as I can read and enjoy slash I rarely view the actual show that way. I mean, sure there are moments that could be considered "slashy" and sometimes I think the producers chuck that in there to mess with us but for fans to begrudge either Sam or Dean a sexual relationship with someone (in the show) because it would mean they the couldn't have that with each other seems kinda strange. In the show they don't have that with each other. We can imagine they do (for those who wish to) but they are actually brothers who have a very special, loving, non-sexual relationship. (I know. Shock! *g*)

Anyway [ profile] cagedwriter61 makes some interesting points and I suspect it will be stir up some controversy. Especially why slashers slash (well, that bit did for me). I suspect (as with anything fandom), viewpoints will vary differently. But that's good. \o/

(You can tell I'm on holiday because I'm blabbing a lot - and probably not making much sense either).

Right, of to do some coaching.
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First up... Yo dudes! I'm too cool for school! Yep! I'm vidding a rap song. Who'd a thought?! That's the joy of auction vids. Never know what ya gonna get. Fun... but holy crap, probably the fastest beat editing I've ever done... I might go a bit crazy in the process. *koff* well, more crazy.. :)

Episode reactions: I'm probably going to post regular reactions to SPN episodes this season. I started doing it last season and found that I enjoyed the interaction. Having said that I make a HUGE disclaimer that I may well change my mind to anything I might say as my immediate reaction because I'm completely open to having my mind changed by reading well thought out meta or any arguments or points any one else makes. That's what I love about fandom and my gorgeous flist. I love discussion. I can be talked around. I knew I couldn't make my mind up about that last episode and you all helped me see some things I didn't pick up on on first viewing (though there are some episodes that my mind cannot be turned around on *koff* swap meat *koff*.)

The last episode is a perfect example.

6.01 spoliers if you haven't seen it yet )

Art rec! by [ profile] mini_shadow There are three works of art here. They are all wonderful, but Western Winchesters get me every time. *guh*

Fic rec! by [ profile] standing_fic This. This is perfect and just so right. It's helped make sense of so much in the Supernatural universe over the lasy 5 seasons. *hearts* it so much. And John is perfect. <33

Meta rec!" by [ profile] bardicvoice. This was rec'd to me and I have to pass it on. It makes SO much sense of 6.01. And it's one of the reasons for my change of heart toward this episode. It's absolutely terrific.

Change of topic..

I have now watched 2 episodes of Hawaii Five-0. And I LIKE!! Especially as wee!Sam made an appearance in the last one. How awesome is that child?! I'm totally warming to these characters. I'm loving the dynamic. And who can knock back some eye candy?! *g* But wow, Hawaii would be such a dangerous place to visit... (bit like Midsommer..)

Last thing. Just finished 3 seasons of The Sentinel. \o/ Can anyone point me in the direction of some gen h/c fics by any chance?

*hugs* I'm on holiday \o/, so I'm likely to spam you a bit over the next week or so.
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Still feeling discombobulated after the premiere? I liked [ profile] missyjack's take on it.

Also, a tiny question )
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I know this has been rec'd all around the place recently AND NO EFFING WONDER!!. Oh. My. God. I was in colour meta heaven reading this. It's incredibly detailed, well observed and well, just plain wonderful. (And to think I was contemplating writing some colour meta myself. *sheesh* This says it all And the post also links to some other wonderful colour meta discussions. AWESOME! It's by [ profile] zimshan, who I'm currently fan girling like whoa! :)

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