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Motel update! Huge thanks to [ profile] galwithglasses for her wonderful help. <3


Season 8's accommodation is significant because it is the season that introduced the Men of Letters bunker (episode 8.13, Everybody Hates Hitler). It grounded the boys and gave the show its second longest permanent set (second to Bobby's house). Thankfully there are still lots of awesome motel sets to enjoy. :)

Supernatural Season 8 Motels Part One )
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As I've been prepping the Season 8 motels post I was admiring the motel sign in the show. So I put this together for tumblr. Thought I'd share it here also.

Motel sign - night
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Hey guys. I need some advice from anyone savvy with the technical aspects of LJ.

I was looking through my Motels and Accommodations posts and noticed that all the entires are messed up - in terms of the formatting. It's annoying because I remember when I posted them (all those years ago) they looked fine, but now the formatting is all over the place. When I made them I used tables so I could control where the images and text was (centred, neat, in block text etc). I think, when LJ went to their mobile version, everything got skewed.

The advice I need is on how to fix it. How do people go about formatting complicated image and text posts these days (though I suspect the answer is - nobody does!). I am thinking I probably need to create all the information in Photoshop and post as one big image (or several blocks of pre-formatted images)?? Or maybe there's a more basic form of formatting I could use? I have a mix of small and large pictures and text I want in blocks.

I am inspired to fix them (somehow) and hopefully update the resource to include Season 8-11. :)

Thanks if anyone has some ideas. <33

ETA: From the comments below it seems like it depends on the browser. Firefox is fine but maybe other browsers aren't? I use Safari and Google Chrome and they look yuk. Why the difference?! Stoopid technology...
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Last Friday I had some free time and wanted to make something I could finish in a day. This has been on my mind to do for ages - but I kept putting it off because I couldn't narrow down my choices. Then I figured it didn't really matter because it's about showcasing the fact that SPN has awesome motels.

Title: Top Ten Motels of Supernatural
Vidder: [ profile] ash48
Music by: Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones
Length: 3.04m Size: 56 (mp4)
Summary: The title says it all I think. :)

Watch/DL/reblog: You Tube || 4shared || tumblr

Thanks to [ profile] missyjack for checking it over.

(I'd be curious if you can't see this. YT tells be it won't play in some countries, but it no longer tells you which ones).
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There were some fabulous shots in this episode, which is not surprising as Serge Ladouceur directed it.

Here's a little appreciation pic spam. :)

Visuals can speak louder than words )

And how cool is this?!



This is freakin' awesome! I was curious why there was that "crown" outside of the apartment.
I knew I had seen that sign somewhere before and lo and behold it's from the "King's Lair Motel" (2.15 Tall Tales).

Ha! This is why I love this show!! :D
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Time for an update on the motel posts. :) Huge thanks to [ profile] galwithglasses for her assistance in helping me compile this. <33


Accommodations Master Post

Rock, Wallpaper, Sofas, (Part One) )


Dec. 28th, 2013 11:16 am
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I know I said I was going (and I am!) but I thought I'd sneak this in before I go. I am determined to get the S7 motel post done early in the year.

Does anyone have any insights (or, you know, contacts higher up in the SPN world :D) as to what these motel names might be called? They were obviously given names, but the camera never captured them clearly.

fairly large images under cut )


Nov. 22nd, 2013 08:59 pm
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Just curious (even though posting it on LJ will skew any sort of "real" results. Though I am hoping to entice some tumblrites to answer also).

I'm thinking about this because I have noticed a lot of LJians migrating to tumblr and it makes me wonder if that's because it offers a more rewarding fandom experience than LJ. For me, it's LJ. I enjoy tumblr but I can (and did!) go days without visiting it, but I can't go a day without checking into LJ.

[Poll #1944482]

I consider "rewarding" to mean where you get the most pleasure. Perhaps your "go to" fandom place. The one that is most satisfying as a fandom hangout. The one you feel most at home or perhaps the place you feel you belong.
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Dean's Movie and TV List has been updated on the Super Wiki now to include the year it was released and the genre/s. It also includes a bonus section on Star Wars references. ;)

After 9.03 I wanted to see if there were other instances when Dean didn't know a movie referenced. There are only two - in 3.08 when he doesn't understand a reference to Mary Poppins and more recently with It's A Wonderful Life. Personally, I think these are writer slip ups but it's canon now so we can draw what we want (need) from this. There are no musicals on the list and very few pre 1960's films so we can conclude the Dean isn't into musicals or older films.

Interestingly the era he quotes most movies from at the 1980s (62 of the 150+ listed). He quotes equally from the 70s, 90, and 00's (about 29 references each era). It probably says more about the writers than Dean, but I also think there's something in the fact that he would have watched a lot of 80s movies as "first time on television" while he was growing up (presumably first airing in the 90s). He might have even borrowed a lot of videos to watch because I figure a hunting life might be pretty boring when there's no hunt. And we know Dean gets bored easily.

It's no surprise that he watches a lot of horror, adventure, action and thrillers. But his list is dotted with comedies, drama, romance and family movies also. For all his badassery, he's a softy at heart.

I love all the movie/tv references in the show and it's great to see the consistency of it over the seasons. Sam does make a few references (as do many other characters), but Dean certainly gets the most. This list is only references Dean actually makes himself.

Many thanks to [ profile] cassiopeia7, [ profile] zebra363, [ profile] celtic_forest and [ profile] novakev for the awesome help with the research. *HUGS*

Stay tuned for a long (but hopefully fun) meme on Dean's movies. :D


Nov. 2nd, 2013 04:49 pm
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Anyone have any ideas on how I could create a list of movies that could be checked of if (and when) they are seen?

what I'm playing with )
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Just a little graphic I felt compelled to post for some reason.

fly by bus )
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I updated the green cooler entry.

[ profile] smalltrolven and [ profile] arliss pointed out that the green cooler appeared in season 8. When I investigated I was surprised to see that it does appear, but they are two different models. The one that appears in Torn and Frayed is doing by head in because I figure it's meant to be their original cooler but it's a slightly different model. Ack! I suspect this means the original cooler is missing and they tried to sneak in a look-a-like (ha! little did they know their fans geek out over these things...).

The one in Benny's camp (Citizen Fang) is also very very similar to the original one - so I wonder if we are meant to believe that Dean gave it to him? I mean, why not use a completely different one if it's meant to be Benny's. He's seen with a blue one in an early episode, so why not just re-used that? (I know, it's just a prop - but it a significant prop so I'm surprised by their choices).

[ profile] counteragent used a similar green cooler in her awesome film The Other Side (in fact, it's VERY similar to the one they use in Torn and Frayed).

Of course, I wanna know where the original one is!

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... you know the one where you can zoom in on a photo and can suddenly read very fine text.

Anyone got magic equipment like that? Or can make out what the name on this motel card says? It's from 6.08 All Dogs Go To Heaven.

"Over the Rainbow" maybe? Not sure the pyramid design supports that, but the stripy colours might (which, on second thought, is probably a prism and therefore supports "rainbow" even more...hmmmmm). Also the episode is about a dog looking for a home...just like Toto. (stretch...?)

6.08 motel name card
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This started because I wanted to see how many time large flowers were used in the wallpapers. I then started collecting some recurring themes in wallpapers and then I got carried away and ended up collecting (pretty much) all the wallpapers and murals from seasons 1 to 7.../o\

I have only collected motel wallpapers. I know there are some awesome wallpapers used on other sets but researching that was going to be just tooooo time consuming.

This is mostly a visual catalogue - a companion post to the motel information. Though I have made some comments on some of them. ;)

They are categorised in themes and then in chronological order within the theme.

(Go here for Murals of Supernatural)

Supernatural Wallpapers  )


Feb. 9th, 2013 09:14 pm
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(I need an icon that says..."geeking out". I'd make good use of that one. ;D)

Thought I'd share this for those who may not have seen it. I know a few of you geek over the design of the show like I do. Thanks to [ profile] growyourwings for giving me the heads up. <3 (I have a twitter, but there are days I'm not on and miss lots of good stuff...)

Jerry Wanek is the Production Designer on SPN. I think he might just be my all time hero - especially for the stunning work on The Batcave. (The Wincave? The Letters Library? The Bunker 'o Love?)

He tweeted this recently:

Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 8.02.12 PM

Isn't that great?! I'm sure he's speaking to me!! (hee...of course I don't but I am definitely one of those people he's referring to...;D)

And this is the wallpaper he's referring to (from 8.12 As Time Goes By)

Like sands through the hour glass.... )


I've been working on the S6 motel post today and I got a little side tracked by the wallpapers. I want to make a collection of all the ones that have flowers in them. I've made a good start but with homeofthenutty down it makes progress much slower...:(

I'm also collecting all the murals. I love the murals!!! I've found, er..5 so far.

I'm still on a high after that last ep. Well, the last three actually. It's also nice to see fans bouncing about the place. I wonder if it's enough to bring some fans back...

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Banner by [ profile] maichan <33

Following on from Wherever I Lay My Hat - Motels and Accommodations of SPN, Season 4, I now bring you Season 5 motels and accommodations. Part picspam, part meta, part trivia fest. :)

I'm doing these not only because I love the motel rooms but because I've been creating a catalogue of accommodation at Super Wiki. It's slowly getting there...;)

Season 5 Motels - Part One )

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Back to Part One

You Can Check Out Anytime You Like

Motels and Accommodations of Supernatural - Season 5

Part Two

Season 5 Motels - Part Two )


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