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Let's wrap this baby up because it's nearly SHOW TIME!! This time tomorrow I should be writing up a review/reaction...WOOT!

This has been fun. Thanks to everyone who has shared their answers with me and stopped by to chat. And to those who lurked..<33

Day 29: Meg 0.1 or 02
Day 30: Favourite season finale

last ones... )
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Day 26 - Character you'd most like to see return
Day 27 - Favourite Sam quote
Day 28 - Favourite Dean quote

Hmmmm..... )
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I'm going to put a few of these days together so this is done by the season premiere (3 more sleeps!)

Day 24: Funniest Episode

Day 25: Favourite Season Premiere

Two days in one... )
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Day 23: Favourite Winchester family member other than Sam or Dean

not many to choose from actually... )
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Day 22: Least Favourite Episode or Season

Two words... )
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Day 21: Favourite sex scene

*fans self* )
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Day 19: Favourite Gag Reel Moment

I love all the gag reel moments!!

but there is one scene I particularly love... )
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(No ruby icons, so it's gotta be Lilith...)

Day 14: Ruby 1 or 2?

nooooooooo )
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Day 13: Favourite Bobby Scene (told you I'd be spammy....)

I have two )
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Day Eight: Least Favourite Character

This was always going to controversial because disliking a character others love is not easy. I've picked two - but I hope to give sound reasons for choosing them.

disliking a character is not the same as hating on them )
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Day Seven: Favourite Angel (other than Cas)

Hmmmmm, the angels... )


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