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I recently filled up my iPod with podfics. I often take a chance on what I'm dl'ing - readers I don't know, writers I don't know, fics I'm not sure about. Sadly I gave up listening to 3 fics because they just weren't my thing (one because I find POV changes every paragraph really hard to connect with). But there were a few I can highly recommend:

Story: And Indeed There Will be Time
Author: [ profile] gretazreta
Reader: [ profile] painted_pain

Readers are artists and this reading is a very fine example of that artistry. She understand the poetry in a story and her voice matches this particular story perfectly. I got completely lost in the telling of this fic. Seriously, when you can actually see the ocean rather than the park you are walking in you know the reader is doing a great job.

And the story itself is beautiful. I adored Dean's voice and the underlying pain is palpable. It's mild Sam/Dean - but don't let that put you off - be it that you're not into Sam/Dean or want something more than "mild". This fic seems to work either way. It's curtain fic ... without the curtains. I adored it.

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I love that there's so much going on during this dreadfully long hiatus. <3


Feb. 21st, 2012 06:42 am
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OMG! This vid...

Always Find me Here by [ profile] secretlytodream

I don't often gush to this extent over a vid but I absolutely have to with this one. It spoke directly to me and I have an urge to share that. (I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek, but I had nothing, whatsoever, to do with it).

gushing about the vid and some podfic recs... )

I'm tacking on some awards I got recently- 'cause they're shiny and I was pleased to received them. :D

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I've decided this is a good way for me to remember the podfics I've loved. For bizarrely anal reasons I delete the fics once I've listened to them so this is a good way for me to find them again if I need to. (though seriously, I need to find a good bookmarking site).

If it means you get to find a podifc you haven't listened to then double bonus. And if I can convince you that podfics are the best thing EVER then triple bonus!

the recent batch I listened to and loved )

Also, if you want to give podfics a go but not sure how to go about it, here's some easy steps. (well, the way I go about it *g*)

podfics 101 )

Feel free to share any you've loved with me. I'm running out! (though I noticed a new J2 posted today so that's on my list. ;D)


Nov. 4th, 2011 10:01 pm
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Time for some recs.

A rather random mixed (big) bag of stuff... )


SHOW TOMORROW!! \o/ I get that little thrill of happiness when I think another ep from this awesome season awaits me. Catch ya on the flip side. *bounces*
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1. School holidays started today! (2 week break.. YAY!)

2. SUPERNATURAL DAY! How awesome to have another ep so soon. I'm SO excited for this one (and I haven't peeked at any footage. Go me!)

3. Hubby got notification that he was successful in his application for a photography exhibition. This is kinda a big deal as he has been wanting to exhibit for ages and this place is the place to do it. I'm so proud of him. (double woot!)

4. After this discussion about non con comfort, this fic was recc'd to me: Names of Collision In The Dark by [ profile] obstinatrix THIS! It captures that level of Luci's creepiness and juxtaposes it with real Dean comfort. And it' gen-cest. New to me (the term), but wow... totally works. So if you like the boys all cuddly without the wincest, this is your fic. :D (it works on all sorts of schmoopy levels too)

5. PODFICS!! God I love LOVE 'em! I have recently enjoyed these and thought I'd share.

podfic recs )

6. Did I mention SUPERNATURAL DAY?! Yep that. WOOT!!!


Sep. 1st, 2011 09:13 pm
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I have to start by going....

Squeeeee! Remember a vid I made a little while back called No Bravery? Well, [ profile] stillwaters01 has written an amazing story inspired by the vid. (And I'm not just saying this because of the vid connection). It's also called No Bravery and it's an incredibly beautiful and heart wrenching story. It left me numb with the feeling of overwhelming grief. It's Bobby's POV and it takes place immediately after Sam's death in S2. I challenge you to read it and not be brushing away the tears. It's simply wonderful.

Speaking of which...

community and podfic recs )
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Well, not really... but see, it takes me ages to figure out how a site works and just when I was kinda getting used to You Tube it went and changed everything.

It's looking very swish and all's have the profile comments gone? /o\ I feel so lame now. I like to respond when peeps say nice things... and I don't know how to!

And, um... I've also just noticed a Sam vid I made a while back has a ridiculous amount of vids and I'm not sure why. As in... I'm wondering if it's been posted somewhere that it generate views because it's improportionate to my other views. *shrugs* It doesn't matter, but it's made me *head scratch*

And next time I mention making a vid using convention footage remind me NOT TO! It's damn hard. Though I am getting very familiar with the different conventions around the place. I wonder if they ever get sick of doing them. They do a remarkable job. (though Jensen is pretty scary sometimes I've noticed. And protective. Especially of Jared *hearts him* but I think I would be way too scared of asking him a question. Though he'd be awesome to have a genuine conversation with I reckon (as in late night D&M's *dreams*. And Jared... well, I just want to pounce on him).

Blah, blah. Clearly I am chatty tonight. Time to search out some podfics. I've just finished all the ones I recently listened to. And god damn! Listening to [ profile] juice817 read [ profile] thenyxie's Homework 'verse *GUH* That needs to come with a combustion warning. Hottest damn thing ever.

ETA: Comment Vid Meme is still on my mind and once I've cleared the decks I would really like to try and get that happening. Hmmm... before show starts again might be good....
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Further to getting some encouraging feedback to this idea yesterday, I thought I'd conduct a formal poll to really gauge interest. If you have a sec I'd love to know what you think.

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Jul. 15th, 2011 09:55 pm
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A mixed bag of recs..

picspam, art, comms, podfics and vid rec...oh my )
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* Being on holidays means spending 1.5 hours at the hairdressers. Joy. I like not being able to do anything except sit back, relax and read/listen to fanfic. Great chance to catch up. (And [ profile] missyjack... I have the issue of the porn covered. *g* I listen when the hairdresser is over my shoulder and open the iPad to read when they set the timer.... ;) )

better put it under a cut )
*hugs*. wow.. that was indeed random..

Also... meant to ask. What goes with LJ's new header? What a strange mix of....what exactly is that? There's a lollypop on my user name...
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but now I'm just feeling too sorry for myself. *mopes*

I'm sick of being sick. I thought I was over this cold on Wednesday so went back to school and then wham! Full on! Stupid nose.. :(


The upside of being sick is getting to read stuff. Long stuff. So a couple of recs..

2 fics and a podfic )

I also caught a couple of movies this week. (I know. Should have been in bed, but sitting in the cinema is just as restful... and less boring.)

LOVED Source Code and really liked X-Men. Debating whether to see Super 8 next?

Also... I keep seeing Game of Thrones mentioned on my flist. Yes? No? Should I be checking this out? (I am being needy tonight aren't I?? /o\)

Oh. And I came to an end in the vidding Tourney, (as I suspected I would). But I was pleased to get where I did and the fact that so many awesome vidders bowed out at the same time makes me not feel so bad.

*smish*... luckily a virtual one..
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My interest in Twitter has been renewed for some not so strange reason *g*

Jared has a Twitter (which has been confirmed).

I therefore had to fire up my Twitter account, brush off the cobwebs and take a look. (did I get a Twitter app for my iPad?! just maybe../o\)

blab on that and a fic / podfic rec... )

Hope you are all doing well. It's Monday tomorrow and no work! YAY.

ETA: Seriously?! Jared's hair at Nashcon...<33
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You know when you have an awesome idea for a vid and you'd love someone to make it? Well, over at [ profile] spn_sceneit we have streamlined our Inspiration Posts so it should be easier to leave a prompt anytime you like.

We have created a One Stop Inspiration Post. You can pop over any time and leave your idea or song in the comments.

Vidders - if you are stuck for an idea or your muse is needing a little push a visit to the OSIP might give it the kick you need. Past Inspiration Posts are also linked there.

My guilty pleasure comm is [ profile] ohsam They are currently running a h/c comment fic meme. Lots of delicious prompts to be filled.... (yay!). And ok.. I am slightly embarrassed by my prompt, but hey.. we all have our own kinks.. ;)

Podfic rec

Podfic: Deadline on Love or Story on LJ

Author: [ profile] lycaness
Reader: [ profile] juice817

God. I adored this fic more than I can say. Seven hours of absolute listening pleasure. As always [ profile] juice817 delivers with the wonderful variety of voices, pacing, inflection, emotion... just... everything. I cannot fault any of her recordings.

But the story..*guh*... I think I found my perfect J2 combination - first time bottom!Jared, troubled, sexy as hell Jensen, a mystery, a wonderful, wonderful love story, awesome OC's... just.. everything. I love the way this story is structured. A perfect combination of angst, tension, heartache, warm fuzzies, hot, hot sex, schmoop. It made me cry and whoop with joy (which is kinda embarrassing in the middle of a park...).

(If anyone has similar type podfic recs I am all ears!)
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Holy crap. I've just written a 2,300 word sorta!meta thing. How the hell did that happen? No one will read that many words. Time to do some serious editing methinks. Though it will be accompanied by some very pretty pics (not by me) so at least there will be those to look at. :)

In the meantime, some recs I have been meaning to do for a while:

Podfics, fics, art, vid and vid commentary )

*phew* I'm sure I've forgotten stuff, but that will do for now. :) I haven't done nearly as much actual reading as I would like to do. Hoping to remedy that after my holidays... WHICH START IN 1 DAY! \o/
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My god there are some talented people around. I adore looking at artworks. Here's some that I've seen recently that I love:

Dean, can you see something? by the incredible [ profile] petite_madam. I love everything she does. This is adorable and yet... there's this little hint of menace. (make sure to enlarge it to read the text *g*) Wonderful.

The Winchester Brothers by [ profile] becc_j. Wow! Look at those boys! How much do they suit a Western? Love the detail in this painting. Striking.

BB art for The Hollow Valley Seriously creepy, intense and evocative. Love it.

I'm listening to [ profile] veronamay's priest!fic have you seen him whom my soul loves (finally! I've had it bookmarked forever) and I'm loving it. I worried at first because I wasn't sure how I would go listening to a New Zealand accent but the reader, [ profile] nu_breed, reads so well I've been swept up in it. She has such a lovely comforting manner (you can almost see her smiling as she reads it) that the accent doesn't matter.

I have, unfortunately, not been able to listen to some podfics because of either a very strong accent (Sam and Dean with cockney type accents just hasn't been able to work for me) or a speech pattern that's, um... annoying. I absolutely hate to criticise podfic readers because what they do is wonderful and amazing. But I suppose not everybody's voice will suit every listener.

I've discovered that I love being read to. I wonder if this is because I was read to a lot as a child? There's something innately comforting about it.

We're seeing Inception tonight! \o/ (Everybody has raved about it so I'm a little worried I'm going in with very high expectations... and then will be disappointed. But I'm sure it will as awesome as everyone is claiming).

Hope you are all having a great weekend. :)
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Before I start with some podfic recs I HAVE to rec [ profile] ash_carpenter's Anti-Kink series of fics. I have honestly never laughed out loud so much as when I am reading these. They are absolutely hilarious and ridiculously hot (though hee! not all the time *g*). The link is to her memories where she has them all listed. It's a good idea to read them in order. Fabulous.

Ok. Podfics. What a brilliant invention. Better still, are the wonderful fans who read, record and post them. *hugs* podficcers. I can consume a lot more fic by listening rather than waiting for an opportunity to sit down and it helps motivate me to actually get on the treadmill. It's also a great way to cut off the world for a while.

I started off listening to podfics from recs, so some of these have been recced quite a bit in other places. So sorry to double up. Here we go:

Podfics I have enjoyed )
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...I have the perfect opportunity to vid but just can't face it.. *sigh* (Yes, I am pathetic when I am sick).

Anyway, speaking of vidding...

I've shelved another completed vid. Which is a little bit of a bummer but I'd rather that then post something that needs a lot more work and something that I would be unhappy with. Not that it was meant to be any great shakes, more a visual essay, but *meh* didn't really work.

But, all wasn't lost I suppose because something nice happened. To start the tale I need to mentioned that in a previous post about the music in the final moments in the final episode, [ profile] zimshan linked me to her post on the music they often play for Dean's more tragic moments in the show. The ones where they want to tug on your heart strings just that bit more. "Dean's Theme" as it were. Annnnyway. I decided that I'd like to use that piece of music for the vid. And went searching. And searching. I thought maybe a score might exist for the show. Well, if it does I couldn't find it. I was on the verge of giving up when I thought I'd try You Tube. I typed in "dean's theme" and would you believe someone had actually arranged the music, recorded it and posted it.

I contacted the owner and asked if she'd mind me using it for a vid and she was more than happy to (and yes, I know she doesn't hold the copyright, but I thought it was polite to ask as it was her playing it).

I made the vid but then informed her that I wasn't going to post it, which saddened her but then she said "If you ever what to use it please feel free. I can even do another arrangement for you if you'd like it done differently".. !!!! How awesome is that?! Now I want to make a vid JUST so I can take her up on the offer. :D

People are nice. Well, mostly. My curiosity got the better of me and I checked out that anon (hate) meme thread that seems to do so much harm. Honestly, the flisters I see being hurt by that just makes me want to shake something. I get that peeps might want to say something anonymously about the show. But to pick on actual fans?! *sigh* It makes no sense to spend that kind of energy bitching about someone. I suppose they see it as entertaining. :(((

Now, on a positive note. I've mentioned listening to podfic before. I love 'em. It's kinda the busy persons way to read. I've just listened to [ profile] candle_beck read her own fic and WOW! Not only awesome story writing, but her voice. *guh* Amazing how well her voice suits her style of fic. Fantastic.

If you are at all interested in having a go at podfic, here's a great site: audiofic. You can search by pairings, fandom, reader - all sorts. There are links back to the original fic, so you can check out the ratings, summary etc. Also, links to leave comments to the reader and the author.

Readers I recommend: [ profile] emeraldsedei, [ profile] chemm80, [ profile] pandarus (FayJay) and of course [ profile] candle_beck and I almost forgot [ profile] sadcypress She's amazing too.

There's nothing quite like listening to filthy hot porn on a plane and then (and this happened flying both ways) the person next to you takes out the bible and starts reading. Hmmm.

Now I think I'll just curl up and die. Argh. I hate being achy and sick.


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